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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Valentines Gift Ideas For Him & Her

valentines gifts
Wow, it's that time again. It only feels like yesterday I was writing my Christmas gift guides! I do love Valentines though because it feels like Spring is coming! Turn away now if you're anti-Valentines day. I personally love Valentines day (consumers dream) more of a way to show my love towards everyone - not just a partner. If you are doing Valentines day this year, here a few gift ideas for you - for him and her and you can order them all online so don't worry if you leave it until last minute either! 

For Her:
Jewellery: A pretty easy option and a safe option but I know most girls would be so happy with a gorgeous little piece/pieces of jewellery. I am extremely biased but I personally think LVNDR is the best store when it comes to jewellery for Valentines day, from beautiful little giraffes, to gorgeous elephants, to tortoises to gorgeous heart rings. The best thing? Items start from just £1.99 - the prices are great, the shipping is fast and the items are adorable. Need another reason to choose LVNDR this year? All items come beautifully hand gift wrapped in a lavender themed parcel. Job. Done. Buy me anything from LVNDR and I would probably cry with happiness and excitement. You can shop online here.

For Him:
Male Jewellery: I have personally never been with anyone who likes jewellery but I know a lot of guys do like a nice, sentimental silver ring for example or even some gorgeous cuff links for his suit. You can get a great range of jewellery and cuff links etc on ASOS here - a great range of prices too.

Personalised Gifts: You can't beat a lovely personalised gift for Valentines day - this goes for both her and him. I love this spoon which was kindly sent to me by the Cutlery Commission. 

For Her: 

Make Up Brushes: I was with my brother and his girlfriend the other day talking about lovely make up brushes and she explained how much she would love the new Real Techniques make up brushes. You're a pretty cool boyfriend if you buy your girlfriend essential make up brushes if you ask me. You can buy a wide range of make up brushes here - and if you need a tip, Charlotte Tilbury and MAC are always amazing. If you're looking for more affordable make up brushes, head here and pick up some RealTechniques ones (this set here is the best set EVER!). 

For Him:
Toiletries/Wash Bag: If you want to go down the nice smelly route, you could always get him some nice smelly things or a lovely wash bag which he can keep forever. ASOS have an amazing selection of washbags online at the moment here

For Her: 

Make Up: An obvious one but one which you may find hard because make up is a pretty specific thing to buy for people. I'm loving the bright, pretty things from The Body Shop at the moment and you can't go wrong with anything from The Body Shop really. If in doubt, head to FeelUnique for the best beauty bits - you're bound to find an amazing gift set on there!

For Him:
Toiletries: More toiletries - grab him some beautiful smelling shower gel or some nice moisturiser online here - there's so much to choose from. 

For him/her: Moving in together? Already live together? Get each other some playful homeware like this mug from Cornishware (you can even personalise them too!) I love Next for homeware too, always have always will! Selfridges also have a pretty gorgeous home section online here too! 

skinnydip london headphones

For him/her:
Technology: Who doesn't love technology? For her? Some pretty headphones from Skinny Dip London or a beautiful Skinny-dip phone case (they're amazing - check them all out here). You could always get her an iPod or an iPad if you're feeling generous - they're on sale at the moment here too (not that I'm trying to tempt you or anything). For him, an Xbox Live voucher (coolest girlfriend ever), an Xbox game, or some nice new speakers - I am in love with this cool guy speaker! If you're feeling generous, you could always just get him an Xbox haha. I love the Selfridges technology section for competitively priced techno bits and bobs. 

For him/her: You can't go wrong with perfume. I love Fragrance Direct for affordable perfumes and aftershaves. You can also get some amazing fragrance sets online here - lots of them are in the sale too.

A Beauty Box Subscription:
For him/her: I love this idea for a gift so much. How about buying her a one off subscription for a beauty box? You can sign up to Birchbox for £50 here and she will get 6 boxes (a 6 month subscription) delivered to her door - one every month. These beauty boxes are brimming with beautiful, new samples every month and girls love them. I think this is such a nice thoughtful gift and it's a gift that keeps on giving! A must for any beauty fans. 

Good news, Birchbox now do mens boxes too! Online here

Leather Goods:
For him/her: You can't go wrong with leather goods, nothing beats a nice wallet, briefcase or bag for him and a nice purse, handbag or make up bag for her. ASOS have a great range of leather goods here girls, here boys and my favourite brand for him and her, is Aspinal which you can buy online here (I would like it all please!). This gorgeous Heart Keyring by Aspinal is a personal favourite.  

Never forget how beautiful flowers are! You can order them online or, you're best just picking fresh ones up from a local market or a supermarket! I always get such pretty flowers from supermarkets! I think people underestimate just how much a bouquet of flowers can brighten someones day. I have pretty much fallen in love with all the incredible bouquets online here, oh my gosh.

An Experience: 
I always think buying someone (or even making someone) an experience is a lovely Valentines gift, whether that's baking a cake, making a picnic, making healthy home-made pizzas together. You could always pay for your favourite person to get done something they've always wanted like teeth whitening or a skin-peel treatment - then it really will last forever. I've been recommended the Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London for some good treatments which could make a lovely gift. It completely depends who you're buying for and how much you're wanting to spend.

fleur of england

For him/her: Beautiful underwear is such a nice gift, my favourite brand ever at the moment is Fleur Of England - you can get 10% off all orders with promo code EMTALKS10 at the moment too. If you're looking for something a little more affordable, Wonderbra do some beautiful Valentines bits too. For him, you can't go wrong with some nice CK boxers. ASOS do an amazing range of male underwear online for both him here and her here. Whilst you're at it, you could always grab her some gorgeous pyjamas, always a winner! 

For Him: General clothes, you can't beat buying someone a nice new wardrobe! I love Engelbert Strauss for nice clothes to keep you warm in Winter (I know I'll be getting my boyfriend some ski friendly bits) and even workwear! Obviously you can't go wrong with ASOS either. 

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy

Bath/Pamper Bits:
For him/her: You can get lovely bath bits for both him and her, my favourite place is obviously The Body Shop. I just can't get enough, it's my favourite shop for bath things (Lush comes second place). Their new Smoky Poppy range is perfect for her whilst the White Musk is amazing for him. They have a HUGE sale online too at the moment so get on that here and save some money!

Still not feeling inspired?

Check out these:

Selfridges Valentines Section - <- Please check this out, everything is incredible.
Topshop Valentines Section - I am so impressed with it this year! 
ASOS Valentines Section - It never disappoints!

Remember, Valentines day doesn't have to be about spending money - I think it's about showing love. - you could always just make a lovely home-made scrap book or photo memories book! Don't worry, be happy. 

Do you like Valentines day? What do you usually do/buy? I'd love to hear! 

Lots of love, Em x

*I worked with Cosmetic Surgery Care on some of this post but obviously it's always 100% my honest opinion!

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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