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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Almost Famous Leeds Review

almost famous leeds
Burgers, burgers, burgers. You can pretty much get a burger everywhere nowadays, diners seem to be popping up everywhere and everyone seems to be doing the same thing. I am excited to bring you a review of one of the first big burger bars - this place did the whole crazy burger thing before anyone else did in the North. I am also proud to say that Almost Famous is a Northern brand, it started years ago in Manchester and today, we have one in Leeds. Yorkshire is officially on the burger map. I'm going to crown myself the burger queen because let's face it, I've eaten way too many burgers in my life. Let's talk about Almost Famous and if you haven't heard of this place, where have you been?
almost famous leeds

It was my brother who told me about Almost Famous to begin with, he used to spend a lot of time in Manchester and always used to visit AF. My boyfriend regularly used to go there too - I always knew Almost Famous as the original when it comes to crazy burgers - big, succulent and insane flavours.

If you know about Almost Famous, you'll know that they like to have discreet locations and generally people do queue outside to get a table - Leeds is no different, hidden away down Great George street, just off Cookridge street. If it wasn't for the flying burger banner or the little sign outside, you'd miss it. In fact, I know a lot of people don't even know Almost Famous in Leeds exists yet!

Throughout the venue, you'll notice quirky little signs...

and obviously you can follow the arrow of dreams into burger heaven...

ohmylove bambi top

When I moved to Canada, I finally tried out FiveGuys so I really do feel like I'm ticking some of the best burger joints off my bucket list. FiveGuys and AlmostFamous are very different, FiveGuys is just about the burger, AlmostFamous however go all out to make sure that burger is unique and crazily good. I wore my favourite deer top - you can get it online here

We sat down at our sweetie filled table (an instant winner for me) - little details like this make Almost Famous so quirky.

almost famous restaurant

We studied the menu - I literally couldn't decide what to go for - even though it was rammed no-one rushed us, we sat happily in our cosy booth (perfect for big groups!)

almostfamous cocktailsOur drinks came first... I love the playfulness of them all and of course they tasted incredible too.

I made sure I saved the bubblegum on top of mine for after my burger! 

My friend Katie loved the glowstick inside hers. 

The boys squeezed their limes

and we said cheers! 

We sipped and chatted the night away.

onion and chili fries almost famous

Our food arrived promptly - I would highly recommend the chili and onion fries and I went for the suicide burger, an extremely hot burger which totally tantalised my taste buds - I love all things hot and spicy. 

My brother went for the bacon and cheese fries, the fries taste so good - it's the seasoning that does it for me and they're cooked to perfection.

bacon and cheese fries

almost famous burger

and Katie's burger had pretty much everything you could dream of inside it.

suicide burger almost famous

The burgers are huge,

delicious and incredible to look at. My brother went for the America burger, complete with an Oreo on top - unbeatable. Don't worry if burgers aint your thing, they do chicken too and also lovely steak sandwiches! 

Taking that first bite was a brilliant moment...

Just as I was about to take a photo of my friends burger, the lights went out (doh!) so I apologise for the bad lighting in the rest of these photos. I wish you could see, but the above burger is like brunch in a burger, we're talking poached eggs, hash brows and more! 

Almost Famous don't just do burgers, the desserts are to die for too; including shakes, brownies and banoffee pie! If you've got room - you've got to do it! 

My brother went for a shake and I didn't hear from him once as he slurped away.

Katie demolished her brownie delight. I think it was cheat day for us all. Surprisingly, I didn't feel too heart attacky after - nothing was greasy, it was all nicely cooked and truly delicious. I spoke to a few friends afterwards who have been and they said it's the best burger they've ever had! 

The venue itself is buzzing (with a brand new bar underneath it too which I must check out sometime). Almost Famous have got it right, it could have been too dark and too night clubby but the ambience is perfect - it's alive, happy and friendly without being too loud - I love the quirky-not-taking-ourselves-too-seriousness of it too.

You can even go and have a selfie taken if you fancy it! 

All in all, I love AlmostFamous, the food was amazing, the venue and the atmosphere was amazing and it's certainly a great place to go to with friends for a burger and a shake (cocktails too if you fancy it!)

Have you heard of Almost Famous? Do you like burgers? What's the best burger you've ever had? Do you like the look of this place?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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