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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top Pampering Products

top pampering products
Hello hello hello! After a long week I thought I'd post a nice top pampering products post. Who doesn't love a good pamper? Christmas is over, things seem a little bit crazy at the moment so I really think it's always good to take some time out to yourself and just pamper. I wanted to put together some of my favourite products for a good old pamper, so get your cosy slippers, grab a hot chocolate, run a bath and let's talk...
aromatherapy associates

Aromatherapy Associates Bath And Shower Oil - I think this was one of the first beauty products I ever reviewed and it's stood the test of time because I still swear by this product. If you want a beautiful, relaxing spa experience at home I highly recommend the Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oils - they are truly incredible and they make your body feel so soft and moisturised whilst infusing the bath or shower with incredible smells. 

ThisWorks Sleep Spray
This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray - You might remember this from my 2014 favourites post and going into 2015 it's still a firm favourite. If you really can't sleep - that's me... then you need this in your life. I have been a very big fan of the ThisWorks brand for a long time now and I can vouch for them and say their products aren't fads, they actually work, after all, the brand is called 'ThisWorks'. The sleep spray smells incredible (think calming soothing lavender), you spray it on your bed clothes, bed, whatever really before you sleep and it's clinically proven to make you sleep better. Go on, try it, I dare you. 

The Body Shop
The Body Shop Body Lotions - If anyone can find me a better moisturiser than The Body Shop I will give you an award. I just don't think you can beat The Body Shop when it comes to feeling unbelievably pampered and incredible. I literally pour their products over me when I get out of the bath/shower, they make me smell good, feel great and they smooth my skin so nicely too. I love The Body Shop too because I know their products are packed with kind ingredients. Their new poppy range is so incredible too.

Bomb cosmetics
Bomb Cosmetics - If you're having a bath and looking for a nice little treat, I love Bomb Cosmetics. I've featured them on quite a lot of my blog posts, their products smell amazing and are so so cute. They make me feel so soft when I'm in the bath, this little cutie above just melts right into my warm bath creating a moisturiser all around me. I always leave the bath feeling pampered when I've used Bomb Cosmetics treats! I am such a sucker for pretty bath things.

bodhi and birch
Bodhi & Birch - I was introduced to this brand when Bodhi & Birch sent me some beautiful products to try. Whilst this isn't soothing and pampering, I've included it because it's so refreshing and energising - also, Bodhi & Birch do so many different smells so I'm sure one of them will be relaxing too for a mid-week pamper! I think this particular one is perfect if you want to freshen up and feel alive. Bodhi & Birch products smell amazing and look amazing in the bathroom too - I basically want their whole range. 

Face Masks - We all know a good face mask in a nice steamy bath is such a quick and easy pick me up. I am loving Liz Earle's Deep cleansing mask - Liz Earle is one of the few skincare brands I really trust - a beautiful, natural brand. This mask in particular has so much goodness in it, it purifies and regulars oiliness and doesn't make me break out like most masks do, it just brightens and hydrates my skin. I also love S5 face masks - I'm never going to be able to get enough of S5, easily one of my favourite brands of all time and then GlamGlow is also an incredible face mask, I reviewed this years ago - I might do an updated review actually! 

rico london streetwise coco spritz

Orico London Streetwise Coco Spritz - Orico London's Streetwise Coco Spritz is the most amazing toning spritzer, I carry it in my bag at all times - not just for the beautiful smell but because it freshens my face instantly with a light, gentle mist (it doesn't wet it and destroy my make up). I apply this over my make up in the day when I need to feel more hydrated and I spritz this on my face after I've cleansed in the evening too. If you want to feel pampered but don't have the time, grab some of this and make sure it's always in your bag. I love The Body Shop's Vitamin E face mist too! 

Hair Masks - If you read my best products to grow hair post you'll know that I am forever looking for products which will strengthen and grow my hair - These are two of the best I have found and I have included them in my top pampering products post because I feel like they just make me feel so fresh, calm and pampered. You should all know by now just how much I adore SuperFoodLX Intelligence hair mask - it makes my hair feel insanely good and then you may remember this Kerastaste anti-breakage treatment from my FeelUnique haul video - a really amazing hair mask, one of my favourites. There's nothing better than lying in a hot steamy bath with a hair mask on, the steam from the bath means the mask works into your hair better too! Try and leave it on for at least an hour  - I try to sleep in hair masks when I really want to feel pampered. Don't forget to read my top beauty secrets post if you're looking for some more beauty hacks! 

Lavender and lime by lily-flame

Light a candle - You can't beat a nice candle. I love this Lavender + Lime candle by Lily-Flame, mainly because it's got lavender in it and lavender is my favourite! You just cannot beat candles, they instantly relax me and make me feel pampered. 

So there we have it, some of my top products when it comes to pampering - I think it's so important to take some me time once a week, even if it's just in your morning shower - just relax, light a candle, use a nice smelly moisturiser and stick a hair mask on! You'll feel amazing for it, I promise! 

What are your favourite pampering products? If you want to feel super pampered, what do you reach for? Have you used any of these? How do you pamper and relax? 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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