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Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Favourites

Hooray! It feels so so good to be writing this post for two reasons, number 1 - it's not a wishlist or a gift guide (Christmas is seriously taking over at the moment). Number 2, a November favourites post means it's the end November which means it's almost Christmas, hooray! I just absolutely love Christmas - it's so embarrassing. But also, I have really missed writing about beauty this week so I am super duper excited to share my November favourites post with you! Let's do this...

First up, some special favourites in my new video - I'd love it if you would subscribe to me here! I'm still new to YouTube but I'd love to do it more and more for you!

Now let's take a look at those products...pureology strength cure restorative masque

- Pureology Strength Care Hair Masque - I got these pretty much as soon as I arrived in Canada (they sell Pureology everywhere here) and I've got to say I am so impressed. You might remember me talking about this on my New York haul video too. This masque (and the shampoo too) has totally restored my colour - I haven't dyed it since August and it really doesn't look that bad, my colour hasn't faded as much as I thought it would, it actually looks so bright every time I wash it using this - it just restores the strength of my hair and the vibrancy. It is available in the UK on FeelUnique here too, so you're not missing out!  There's 15% off everything on Feelunique this weekend as well, just use code CYBER15 - thank me later! Hello fabulous hair. 

nip and fab bee sting ice fix
- Nip and Fab Bee Venom Range Ah you may remember me featuring this range on my August Favourites post, but it deserves another mention. I love the whole Bee Sting range so let's dedicate this little paragraph to the whole range. The products use bee venom to increase circulation - hello plump, yummy skin. I've used the whole collection up now and I'm so sad, I'm actually hoping to restock this weekend because you can buy it online from ASOS with 20% off at the moment (code CYBERWKND20 - I am loving all these sales). The reason I love this range is because of the bee venom in it, at first, I was scared but actually, it's so beneficial for the eyes (and the body too) so why on earth not! It's natural and it just gets rid of puffiness, my under eyes were truly awful before I started using this and now they're bright and not puffy. Nip and Fab are one of my favourite brands, I adore their body circulation scrub (the best £10 you will ever spend, top of my Christmas list) and just want an endless supply of their amazing products. It's only £25 for the full bee venom set online which I think is pretty amazing! 

pamplemousse bourjois lipstick

- Bourjois 12 Hour Lipstick - I did a review of the whole Bourjois 12 Hour Lipstick range recently and I feel these lipsticks deserve a place on my monthly favourites post. They're hydrating, the colours are gorgeous, the packaging is beautiful and they're affordable. Need I say more?  Pamplemousse is my particular favourite and can be bought online in the FeelUnique sale here for just £5.99!!!

lanolips balm

- Lanolips Balm - There's no way I couldn't feature this little pot of magic in my monthly favourites, it hasn't left my bag this month (blame cold Canada!) Dry skin, dry lips - this saves the day, every time. I just wish the tin was easier to open as it always gets stuck so I've had a bit of a fall out with it this week - it's actually jammed. The weird on and off weather at the moment has just not got on with my lips and this actually keeps them hydrated all day unlike most balms which just hydrate for a few minutes. I think this tastes (not that you're meant to eat it!) and smells delicious too, plus it's all natural AND you can use it on your skin also. There's a reason I called it a little pot of magic! 

urban decay pulp fiction lipstick mia wallace- Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Lipstick, Mia Wallace - I'm a little late to the party with this one, okay, a lottle late but wow, better late than never. At first, this lipstick looked quite dull but as soon as I applied it to my lips, I fell in love. Watch my November favourites video at the bottom of this post to see how amazing the colour of this is. It's actually such a beautiful, vibrant red. I was so excited when I applied it and actually pranced around showing my room-mate just how amazing it is. Add the lipliner to the mix too and you've got the perfect combination - it's not half as vampy as I thought it was going to be and I think it's quickly become my favourite red. It goes to show, you can't judge a book by it's cover, it's always worth swatching a product first! You can still grab some of the range online at Selfridges here. 

calvin klein my calvins

- Calvin Klein My Calvin's Set Basically every single person seems to own this set and I finally found it on my trip to New York! I actually wish I bought it in black, white and grey! It is hands down the comfiest set I own and I just cannot get enough of it. I wear them as pyjamas generally or to just lounge around the house in and dance in my room. I've never felt so cosy in so little clothes. I finally found them online too here (bottoms) (top), available worldwide as so many of you asked me on Instagram (@emshelx) where you can get them - thank me later! 

hair ties
- LVNDR Hair TiesSince we launched these on LVNDR about a month ago, they haven't left my hair or my wrist. These hair ties cost £5.99 for a set of 7 and will leave your hair with no kinks or snags (sign me up for life please!) They're great if you want to keep your blow dry looking fresh but have to tie your hair up between times (they're super soft and won't leave any bumps). The colours are gorgeous too and look much prettier on my wrist than boring brown Primark bobbles - I never want to go back to tight, ugly bobbles! I actually wear them as bracelets sometimes and co-ordinate them with my outfit, no more ugly bobbles ruining outfits by being around my wrist. The other great thing, particularly if you're wanting to grow your hair, is that these hair ties don't snag the hair at all because they're so soft! 

mac lip liner soar swatch
mac lip pencil in soar
- MAC Lip Pencil in Soar You may have seen me wearing this on my Autumn Get Ready With Me's probably my favourite purchase ever from my trip to New York. It only cost me $16 which is the equivalent of around £8 so what a bargain! I'd also be lying if I said I didn't buy this because it's the lip pencil that Kylie Jenner apparently uses to get those huge lips. I use this to fill in my lips as a lipstick (it makes them look huge, I didn't even have lips until I started wearing this!) and obviously to line my lips too. When using it as a liner I pair it with my favourite Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick as the two work amazingly together. As with all MAC products, the stayability of this product is just amazing too. So much so, that your lipstick will wear off and you'll be left with just the lip liner! My love for lip pencils is a fairly new thing, I actually blogged about how much I love lip liner (here) recently. I am officially hooked and can't wait to keep building my collection!

shavata brow stencil kit

- Shavata Brow Stencil Kit - Oh this is just a girls dream come true! I've seen brow stencils before but you have to hold them in place, these ones stick to you so you can get a really good shape with two hands! Shavata do the best tweezers and are the best in the business when it comes to brows I think (HD Brows are a close second) so it was so exiting to start using this this month!  

daniel wellington promo code

- Daniel Wellington WatchThe classiest, most beautiful watch I have ever seen. Thank you so much to DW for sending me such a gorgeous, wardrobe staple. I only learnt recently that DW watches have interchangeable straps so you can change it depending on your outfit, twit twoo! I don't know how I ever coped without my DW watch, they're so timeless and classy. I've loved this brand for years. You can get yours with 15% off here until December 31st using code holidayemtalks - go go go!

- Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer - sparkling berry- Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer - Ah so many people have asked me what nail varnish I've been wearing this month and it's this one! I love the colour (sparkling berry) of this gorgeous nail varnish by Max Factor. Unfortunately the stayability isn't that great but it's worth it for such a beautiful gel looking Christmas shade!

- Max Factor Skin Luminizer  Foundation - This seems to be in every magazine at the moment and I can see why. It's such a lovely, affordable, skin awakening foundation. It has great coverage, stays on all day and also, gives you a gorgeous Kim Kardashian golden glow. It doesn't matter what you think about Kim K, her make up is always perfect. You don't need highlighter with this foundation either as it's multi-tasking and I also find it hydrates my skin too - bonus! I'm sure you'll be able to get this on offer in Boots - they always have great Max Factor deals!

Don't forget to watch my other favourites in my new video!

What are you loving this month? Have you tried any of the above? Do you love monthly round ups?

 Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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