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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Perfect Emphasized Natural Lip; Nars Rosebud Review

nars rosebud

Hello, so today as I am actually going to talk to you about one tiny item which has revolutionised my life. I've always wanted bigger lips, I've tried lots of lip glosses and lipsticks but I've never really liked the effect as much as this. Plus, I've missed writing beauty posts so much and it makes me so happy to write about beauty products. I've never been a lip liner wearer as such, this is a recent thing (and now I can't get enough, I'm hooked). After seeing everyone talk about Kylie Jenner's lips, I decided to try this lip liner trick and see if it does make my lips look bigger. My problem is that all of my lip pencils are quite 'out there colours' and more suited to night out make up, so I went into Nars the other day and asked for an every day lip liner and this ladies, is what I need to talk to you about...if you want yummy, bigger lips which look natural, then this is for you.

nars rosebud

nars rosebud lip pencil

So firstly, colour. I absolutely love the neutral colour of Rosebud. At first in the shop, I thought it was a little too dark to be neutral, but the darkness actually emphasises my lips instead of them looking too nude and naked. It's the perfect mix between too natural and coloured. This is an every day lip enhancer as I like to call it because of the neutral colour. This is actually an older colour by Nars so it was cheaper but I just love it, I feel like it compliments my complexion and if I rub it in and work with it, it just still looks very natural but it still emphasises my lips and makes them look bigger in a natural way.

nars rosebud on lips

nars rosebud lipliner

I like to use it as an actual lipstick too and paint my lips with it after I've defined the line of my lip with it.

nars rosebud swatch

Stayability? It stays on for probably half a day I'd say, I actually went for brunch and then went straight to the gym after and it was still on after the gym but I just feel like it does fade sometimes if you are only using the liner and not a lipstick too. I would say that my MAC lip pencils probably last a little bit longer - to the extent where my lipstick has worn off and I'm just left with the line, great stayability from MAC but I guess at least this naturally comes off. MAC lip pencils seem to be much stronger in terms of pigmentation but I do tend to do a thicker line with them as my MAC lipliners are more dramatic in colour.
nars rosebud

My main tip when it comes to faking bigger lips is to simply draw a little line underneath the middle of your bottom lip, it creates a shadow and creates the illusion of bigger lips, I tend to blend this in with a little brush - if you're not wanting a full liner effect I do find this still makes my lips look a lot bigger.

I also read somewhere if you draw a cross on the top of your lips, it means you'll get the perfect lip. I've been loving how my lips have looked at the moment and I actually put it all down to lip pencils. I just want to build my lip pencil collection now and I'm so happy I've finally got an everyday liner in my make up collection now - I don't think I'll ever put this down!   I'm all for enhancing 'natural' beauty at the moment and I feel like this just emphasises and finally makes my lips look bigger. It looks so natural so it's just perfect for an every day look. Ah Nars, thank you, thank you, thank you!

nars rosebud review
You can buy it online here and in the UK it costs only £14!

Have you used lipliner before? Do you like lipliner? How do you feel about Nars? Can you reccommend any lipliners?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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