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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Shopping In New York & The Best New York Food Tour!

new york street style
Ah I'm sad to say this is my final New York blog post (for now anyway! - NYC, I'll be back) I think this is the one I am most excited about sharing with you though and I really hope you've been enjoying this crazy adventure with me. Everyone knows that New York is famous for it's shopping so naturally, the beauty and fashion blogger inside me had to do a post about shopping in New York city! If you read my blog often or follow me on Instagram (@emshelx), you'll know I am a huge food lover so I also needed to share a pretty exciting food tour I went on whilst in New York with you. Let's talk shopping and food - what more could you want?!

macy's new york

Our hotel was ridiculously close to 5th Avenue which made shopping extremely easy and dangerous, as we walked down a little further, we found Macy's - It's a pretty famous NYC department store and I was so excited to enter.

macy's new york

I was left so disappointed by Macy's - the staff were rude and uninterested and the shop itself really wasn't actually that nice inside. It was a huge shame as I was really looking forward to shopping there. 

shopping in new york

victoria's secret new york

Opposite Macy's we came across the largest Victoria's Secret I've ever seen. Underwear heaven.

new york street style

I wore my new leather shorts, from Missguided online here, I paired them with my tropical print crop top, available online here. It was quite chilly so I wore black tights and my trusty leather All Saints boots, super old but similar here. My sunglasses are from the Sunglasses Shop online here.

We stumbled across so many different shops...

sephora 5th avenuesephora 5th avenue
and I couldn't resist a photograph outside the amazing Sephora on 5th Avenue. This was the dreamiest Sephora ever.

the archer hotel new york 

Throughout the day it got really really warm, so I quickly popped back to the hotel to put something a little cooler on. I put the crop top with the matching trousers. Easily my favourite outfit of the whole trip. 

5th avenue new york

We continued to walk down 5th Avenue... stopping at numerous shops as we walked...

yellow taxis new york

we actually found this beautiful little area amongst the hustle of 5th Avenue and stopped for a little lunch break.

trump tower

After this we headed into Trump Tower,

Tiffany & Co too...

bloomingdales new york

and then, headed to Bloomingdales. 

Magnolia Bakery bloomingdales

Bloomingdales was amazing, you could get lost in there. When we exited, we noticed a Magnolia Bakery and obviously, I couldn't resist...

Magnolia Bakerybloomingdales cupcake

Magnolia Bakery new york

Magnolia Bakery new york

magnolia bakery cupcake

I went for a mini cupcake and it was devoured within seconds. Shopping wise in New York, Saks 5th Avenue was by far my favourite department store, Soho was my favourite area to shop in and you have to visit Times Square to see the crazy big high-street stores. Not forgetting Bloomingdales too of course. 


We headed back to the hotel for one final outfit change, it was time to go on a food tour.  Before we started the food tour though, we headed to Washington Square Park for a little walk around and also ended up in Soho for some more shopping. 

My leather skirt is C/O MissGuided and it's part of the new Nicole range, available online here (I love it). 

washington square park new yorkwashington square park

soho new york

soho new york
Soho was all kinds of beautiful, from amazing boutiques to incredible designer stores...

soho shops

soho new york

soho new york

soho new york

Soho is 100% worth visiting, your bank balance wont thank you though but every single shop is amazing.

We headed back to the park and it was time to eat our body weight in delicious food. I was lucky enough to do Famous Fat Dave's food tour and wow, it was the highlight of my trip. I did this with my boyfriend and his family and honestly, it was just incredible - I cannot recommend it enough. We were picked up in a car by probably the most knowledgable and friendly guy in New York. We were immediately given food to devour on the journey to Brooklyn, food in the form of a delicious selection of cakes just to start off the tour while we drove. Dave is a huge food lover and knows New York like the back of his hand, we did a 4 hour tour with him basically driving us around New York and taking us to all the best eateries, they were all absolute local hidden gems.

Ferdinando's Focacceria

Our first stop was Ferdinando's Focacceria - a family run Italian in the depths of Brooklyn. Leonardo Dicaprio has eaten here and a whole host of films were filmed here.

I know it doesn't look great on photos, but I promise, this was devoured within seconds. 

Our second stop was a traditional Mexican in Brooklyn 

We indulged in proper Mexican food.

We were then taken for some Chinese...

and then dropped off at an amazing Italian sandwich deli type place...

This veal sandwich was something I thought I'd never try but it was insanely good. The mozzarella just made it taste insane. We basically tried one amazing dish at each place and hopped from eatery to eatery... 

We then drove to Queen's to try New York's best pizza...

best pizza in new york

It doesn't look fancy, but I now see why everyone eats this pizza. The place was rammed, full of locals. The best thing about this food tour is that you get to eat where the locals eat, you get to speak to the locals and you get to speak to the owners of the restaurants. This isn't fancy, over-priced food, but good, hearty food that real New Yorkers eat.

brennan and carr

We even stopped at a place called Brennan And Carr to try some speciality roast beef...

Brennan And Carr new york

Brennan And Carr

It was basically beef, covered in a beef broth, so wrong yet so right. I'm not even a big meat lover but I ate this within seconds.

Brennan And Carr hot beef sandwich

spumoni gardens

We didn't stop there... we drove to another pizza place to sit outside in the fresh air and try a thick pizza this time. The Spumoni Gardens was full of New Yorkers after work, just popping in for their pizzas and ice cream - again, another thriving, family owned place. 

spumoni new york

The ice cream was to die for.  I felt like I was on a secret, undercover tour of all the best places to eat in the depths of New York, pretending to blend in with the locals - I felt like I was a real New Yorker for the night and my tastebuds were certainly okay with that. 

nathan's cony island

For our final stop, we were driven to Coney Island and tried a hot dog from Nathan's...

They host hot dog eating contests here, but my stomach was about to burst so it's a good job I just had half a hot dog...

with every bite, I was in heaven.

new york city lights

We finished the trip with a lovely ride through New York, I felt so satisfied and excited that I'd just been given basically a personal tour of all the coolest, local and yummiest places in New York. I also realised, I had fallen in love with pizza and Brooklyn. The best thing? Feeling like a local for the evening, I learnt so much on the tour, about New York, about food and I probably gained a few stone - I'd go back and do it all again though.

I would highly recommend that anyone who visits New York does Famous Fat Dave's food tour - this is in no way sponsored, I genuinely just had the time of my life and never wanted it to end. If you like food and you like culture, it will be a dream come true for you. I'm already planning my next trip. Shoppingwise? Get yourself to Soho, immediately! 

Have you ever done a food tour? Have you visited Brooklyn or Queens? Do you want to visit? Have you shopped in New York?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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