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Monday, 17 November 2014

A Weekend In Washington D.C, Part 2

The prospect of my Washington D.C trip ending wasn't a good thought. If you missed my first Washington D.C post, make sure you go and read that here so you can update yourself on part 1 of my time in D.C. The next morning, we headed to The Fairmont Hotel which is closer to the Georgetown area of Washington D.C. I have always wanted to stay in a Fairmont hotel, everyone talks about how incredible they are and honestly, my experience at the Fairmont is something I will never forget, it was an experience in itself. Let's talk about amazing food and an amazing shopping trip in my second and final Washington D.C post... (sobs - I miss you already Washington D.C!) 
fairmont washington d.c

We arrived at The Fairmont pretty early in the morning because we wanted to start our day from that end of town as we'd spent the previous day in the Dupont area. Upon arrival, our bags were taken, doors were opened for us and friendly smiles greeted us on every corner - little details like this really made the Fairmont a first class hotel. We went up to the 9th floor which is the golden floor - I would 100% recommend upgrading to Fairmont gold if you stay in a Fairmont - it means that you get special access to lots of amazing things.

fairmont hotel washington d.c
We walked into our room, which was actually more like a suite and it was fit for a princess. Truly. It had such a nice, British theme to it and actually reminded me of London.

fairmont washington d.c

The room was so calm and clean but still so comfortable and plush. 

juniper washington d,c

fairmont washington d.c

We managed to drag ourselves away from the gorgeous hotel and headed for breakfast. We asked the concierge where she would recommend (I always tend to go off recommendations as I find that word of mouth is the best when it comes to eating good food!)

bread and chocolate washington d.c

She pointed us in the direction of Bread + Chocolate, the cutest little brunch place. After this,  we headed to the museums... we had a busy day ahead.

All the museums in Washington D.C are free which is great, so we had a look round the Natural History museum to begin with...

I found Nemo

and some bears along the way.

The walk between museum to museum was so nice, so many gorgeous buildings to see. I was snap happy and couldn't stop taking photographs of D.C's beauty. 

national gallery of art washington D.C

Our next stop was the national gallery of art.

national gallery of art washington D.C

The design of the building itself was insanely gorgeous.

national gallery of art washington D.C

national gallery of art washington D.C

We saw some really famous paintings

national gallery of art washington D.C

and spent an hour wandering from room to room.

uk fashion blogger

national gallery of art washington D.C Da Vinci

We also saw the Da Vinci painting which was heavily protected by security - they weren't too pleased when I got too close to it that's for sure.

Once we were done in the art gallery, we headed to the Newseum - I was so excited to visit but it was quite expensive so we just had a little read outside...

newseum washington d.c

washington d.c newseum

Every single morning they put the headlines from papers around the world in front of the museum. 

capitol building washington d.c

After this, we walked to the Capitol building - D.C is surprisingly walkable. 

We sat with the ducks for a while

capitol building washington d.c

and then headed for some lunch.

Trousers: C/O Missguided / Shoes: Simmi Shoes / Coat: H&M but identical & cheaper here and here

old washington d.c bank

On the walk, we came across a cute little bank

dunkin donuts

oh and I ate my first ever Dunkin' Donuts - I'm afraid to say I much prefer Tim Hortons! 

the fairmont washington dc

We got back to The Fairmont and I devoured these beautiful chocolates. A quick change and it was time to head for dinner. The Fairmont offer gold guests a free chauffeur between locations on an evening so we booked the chauffeur to take us to dinner (very handy and again, incredible service) 

ping pong washington dc

We asked the concierge again for a good place to eat and she recommended we go to this quirky Chinese restaurant called Ping Pong, the food was delicious and it was a great recommendation. It was tapas style and I ate it most of it before I got the chance to photograph it... 

ping pong restaurant washington d.c

We ate up quickly and then crossed the road and headed to an ice hockey match. 

washington d.c capitals hockey

washington d.c capitals hockey

It was so much fun to watch the Washington D.C Capitals play ice hockey, the atmosphere was amazing and we were the only people not wearing red. 

Once the game was over, I literally crawled into bed and never wanted to get out. I've never been so cosy. My favourite thing about the Fairmont is the fact that when they do their nightly turn down service, they put slippers at each side of the bed for you, such a nice touch. 

breakfast juniper fairmont

We made our way down to the restaurant for breakfast. I absolutely adore hotels which serve healthy meals rather than just waffles and pancakes. As much as I love waffles and pancakes, I needed something healthy after an unhealthy few days in New York. I had poached eggs with spinach and enjoyed every single bite.

I also had a spinach juice too which was delicious. Little things like this again just make me want to re-book a room in the Fairmont tomorrow, they genuinely care about your health and well-being.

I even got a fruit salad with my breakfast. Can I stay at the Fairmont forever? 

fairmont washington d.c

After breakfast it was time to walk to Georgetown. It literally took us 5 minutes to walk down to Georgetown from the hotel - the location was perfect.

washington d.c waterfront

We were told by the concierge to check out the waterfront and I'm so glad we did because it was a gorgeous day.

washington d.c waterfront

It was truly beautiful.

I wore my favourite baggy floral trousers with a plain black t-shirt and those sunglasses again (I can't take them off!) 

georgetown washington d.c

On our walk back up to the main shopping street, we came across a beautiful little canal

georgetown washington d.c

and some adorable houses. It's safe to say that Georgetown had a special place in my heart within minutes. 

georgetown cupcake

My friend lives in Washington D.C and told me not to leave without a Georgetown Cupcake. 

georgetown cupcake

This is a famous cupcake shop and I wouldn't say they were the best cupcakes I've ever had, but we felt we had to try them - I can never turn down a cupcake. 

georgetown cupcake

cupcakes in washington d.c

One bite and it was gone. I went for the birthday cake flavour and Jack went for the red velvet. After this we jumped on the subway and decided to visit Arlington Cemetery, a United States military cemetery. It was really emotional. 

jfk grave

We saw the grave of JFK

arlington cemetery

It was an extremely emotional place to visit but certainly visiting - it really puts life into perspective. 

On the way back to the hotel, we grabbed a burger - of course we did, you can't leave America without consuming a few burgers.

We had two hours or so free and we decided to spend that time in the pool and spa at the Fairmont. It was so nice to just relax and chill out. I did a few lengths and then spent the rest of my time in the sauna and steam room. It's so nice to just get away from the city sometimes, I felt like I was in complete paradise. 

juniper restaurant washington d.c

That evening we decided to book into the Juniper restaurant which is actually in the Fairmont. We decided to eat here because it has some great reviews and actually, we just wanted more of a relaxed evening in the spa and then we didn't want to have to rush to get to dinner.

 I was absolutely blown away by the food. The bread which they brought us to start was so delicious, it's their home-made honey bread with a honey butter and I wish I had the recipe so I could remake this at home - I can't stop dreaming about it. They have their own honey bee hives at the top of the hotel so lots of the menu is honey themed. 

the juniper restaurant washington d.c

I got soup to start and Jack went for butternut squash. I went for the steak as my main and it was cooked to perfection. The waiter was great, I asked him so many questions and explained that I probably wouldn't like the cheese but he put it to the side for me so I could still try it. 

krispy kale I got krispy kale to go with my steak - another recipe I wish I had. Again, it was such a pleasure to eat at the Fairmont because everything is actually nutritious and healthy but hearty at the same time. I've never seen kale on a menu for dinner. 

Jack went for the duck and again, it was cooked to perfection. 

I was so excited to tuck into my steak.

The restaurant was so tranquil, just what we needed to end a hectic weekend. 

We shared a beautiful desert, it was a mixture of meringue  lavender, mango, crumble and more and honestly, the flavours were simply amazing. Can I hire the chef for my house please?

beetinis fairmont hotel

We had cocktails after dinner, the beetini cocktail, again, made from the Fairmont honey bees. I couldn't have an alcoholic one because I'm not 21 - the one reason why I don't like America (I've been legally allowed to drink in England for 2 years, I can handle my alcohol) but the bar staff were so kind and just made us it without the alcohol - depressing for us both because obviously we're used to legally being allowed to drink alcohol but they still tasted incredible. 

We sat in the beautiful lounge and chatted the night away.

nicole x missguided cut out dress

nicole x missguided dress

I wore my beautiful new dress, C/O Missguided. It's part of the new Nicole collection and is available online here (I can't believe it's only £35!) I wrote about the Nicole collection recently (here) and I just can't get enough of it! 

the fairmont washington d.c

We sat outside for a little bit as it was a mild evening, and we watched the lights twinkle in the beautiful courtyard. I was and am more than in love with Washington D.C and the Fairmont hotel. It reminded me of a scene from a Cinderella Story with the twinkling lights.

We headed back to our room for a final nights sleep in my princess bed

washington dc fairmont hotel

I truly did feel like a princess. 


The next morning we had one last walk around Georgetown (the shopping is too good to miss!) 

georgetown houses

and I fell in love with Washington D.C all over again.

I am already dying to go back. Washington D.C is a beautiful, calm city (or at least it was calm when we visited) and my experience at the Fairmont Hotel made it even better, truly a trip I will never forget. I felt like I had the most relaxing, luxurious time and I cannot wait to go back here with my Mum.

I can only imagine how perfect D.C is during Christmas time.

Have you ever visited Washington D.C? Do you love cupcakes too? Have you stayed at a Fairmont before/heard of them? Have you visited Georgetown? 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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