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Monday, 15 July 2019

What Is A Menstrual Cup? Intimina Lily Cup Menstrual Cup Review

Advertorial paid post - I’ll never forget the day I first got my period, I sobbed uncontrollably in my bathroom as my Mum was out at work and we had a childminder round, I was way too scared to tell her what had happened even though it’s very normal. I then remember teaching a friend how to use tampons when she got her period as obviously you need someone to help you out with these things… periods are a part of life, they’re Mother Nature and actually, I wish there was someone back then to tell me that they’re normal, healthy and I don’t have anything to be scared about. I started with pads then moved onto tampons and even writing this, it feels like some people will think this is a taboo but it’s not, it’s something females go through and it is completely normal. I actually tweeted a while back about being scared of toxic shock syndrome (I’ve been wearing tampons for years with no problems) and whilst I know it is rare, I was recommended a menstrual cup. I was always a little scared, particularly from a hygiene point of view but today I wanted to write a full review of INTIMINA, the brand behind innovative menstrual cups (perfect for first time cup wearers) if you’re thinking of trying one. I personally still do wear tampons some months, but if you are thinking of trying out a menstrual cup or just wondering what they are, I really hope this review of a menstrual cup will help you.
intimina lily cup compact
INTIMINA has a great range of menstrual cups but let’s start with their Lily Cup One. It’s designed especially for first time cup wearers, teens and young women aged between 18 and 24 years. The size of it, ease of use and convenience make it a perfect starter cup. It’s apparently the most comfortable cup to help beginners break the tampon habit and one size fits all flows and body types. I had no idea HOW but the bubble shape and double rim means it fits snugly and securely. It then has a unique, looped stem to facilitate easy removal and something I love, a compact carry case. So to summarise, it's basically a cup that comfortably fits inside your cervix and essentially captures the period inside, rather than it going into a tampon.

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk of menstrual cups recently as they’re reusable and therefore, the eco-friendly option for period protection. I have noticed a lot of girls discussing them from a sustainable and also, money saving point of view.

intimina lily cup compact menstrual cup

They say the Lily cup is the easiest to use so this is one I have personally trialed, it’s 21ml and is perfect for a normal flow (if you’re scared you could try it on the final day of your period to see what it’s like) and yes, it is leak proof because this was something I was scared about. It’s designed to fit snugly inside the body and it forms a secure vacuum seal with the vaginal wall. I know it sounds crazy because when someone first recommended it to me I was like 'ummm, what???'... because I've only ever known and trusted tampons. It's pretty magic how it fits.

menstrual cup

To be honest, I was petrified and didn’t really think it would work but it basically just easily ‘slots in’ and you really can’t feel it. I know that many people are concerned about the removal, but the looped stem makes it super easy to remove, so don’t worry, you wont forget (my Mum once did that with a tampon and had to go to hospital to get it removed, oops haa so it happens to the best of us!). How do you get it out? Well you literally pull it out with the looped stem, empty, rinse and then reinsert it. I did think it's kind of unhygienic to get it out but you just pull it out, then tip it down the toilet and then give it a proper clean.
intimina menstrual cup

I was a little concerned about putting something that looks like a bright pink toy into may body but it’s made from body-safe, hygienic, medical-grade silicone and it’s also hypoallergenic so it wont make you itch. It’s also made without any chemicals, fibres or bleach. With tampons I change mine every 4 hours but you can wear the Lily Cup One up to 12 hours at a time.

So my opinion? It definitely saves money because buying tampons is basically the bane of my life, imagine how many actual important things or bills one could buy/pay if they didn’t have too buy tampons haha but sadly we do. One investment of the Lily Cup One and you’re good. I personally started off using my tampon for day one as I get super heavy (blaming my pill) then trialled this on the lighter days as honestly, I was scared but it’s absolutely fine. My main thing was finding something body-safe, rather than just sticking anything up there (lol) and something that is super hygienic, comfortable (sometimes I find tampons feel like they’re stabbing me in a spin class if not in properly!!!)

So to conclude? Yes it takes a while to get used to, particularly after wearing tampons for years but it's definitely comfortable, easy and obviously much cheaper. It's an eco-friendly, affordable option if you no longer want to wear tampons. I personally will continue to switch between the two as I don't have any major issues with tampons but this is great to put in your bag every day as well just incase you come on and you didn't realise, it beats having tampons at the bottom of your bag all the time *just incase* as it will sit in your bag in it's nice little case.

Pick yours up on Amazon Prime Day online here and get 15% off today.

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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