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Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Dream Date Night - Bulgogi Grill Restauarant Korean Grill In Leeds Review

Oh hey foodie post, it's been a little while! Give me the excuse to dress up, eat yummy food and catch up with my favourite one and I'm a happy girl. You guys know by now that date night is my favourite night of all (I make sure we have date night at least once a week!) I think date nights are so important as they keep the spark alive and also, give me an excuse to dress up. Today I'm talking about something very exciting on the food scene, let's discuss!
bulgogi grill leeds When I lived in Canada, Korean food was everywhere. I never got the chance to try it though but fortunately, my own Korean grill has opened up in Leeds. Recently, we decided to go on date night here. Tucked away behind the Merrion centre, on maybe not the nicest street, is Bulgogi Grill. Aka, heaven. It's a plain, clean, no frills restaurant but it's all about the food and the experience is amazing.

You pay one price and are presented with delicious starters, give me all the sushi. If it was up to me, I'd have chosen more than one starter. 

Then, out comes the meat and the vegetables. 

You get a huge plate of meat, vegetables and sides (sides are refillable and delicious too). We refilled them so many times.

You get your own grill and it's time to cook! You cook the meat anyway you like and then wrap it in a lettuce leaf with all the sides inside too. I never knew lettuce and meat tasted so good together. This is the ultimate date night destination, it's fun, quirky and delicious. The meat tastes really high quality too.

We had so much fun and the food was so delicious. It doesn't look like you get much but honestly, we were stuffed by the end and the delicious refillable sides definitely helped. I've never tried so many tasty dips in my life. 

It's safe to say we spent all night there, grilling away and giggling over a bottle of wine. I wore my new top (online here but sold out but they have loads similar) and my fave All Saints jacket, I'd also just had a blow dry at my faves, Sassoon Salon. Lee really does give the best blow dries!

We finished the meal with a delicious and natural shot for good health, a Korean tradition and we met with the owner who told us that his travels inspired him to open up this restaurant. It's safe to say, I've told a lot of people to go and visit since I visited. I'll certainly be back over and over. Nothing beats quirky, fun and good food in one place plus, it's healthy so you don't need to feel guilty. Who knew lettuce tasted so good with meat?!

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Have you ever eaten Korean food before? Do you like the sound of this?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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