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Sunday 24 July 2016

A Romantic Weekend In London; Picnic In The Park!

When the opportunity for a romantic weekend in the UK comes up, well, a romantic weekend anywhere, I can never resist. As much as I adore travelling, I also adore the UK. I work in London all the time but actually, love nothing more than playing tourist in the city on weekends and exploring a little bit more. Recently, I did just that thanks to NESCAFE Azera Coffee To Go. I really hope you'll enjoy reading about this one as it'd honestly one of the best weekends I've had in a long time!

We checked into the beautiful SACO apartments on Cannon Street, you may remember these from when I stayed in Manchester. SACO apartments are my absolute go-to when it comes to swanky apartments in pretty much every city, and country. They're serviced apartments with incredible service and they're always in the best location, when I knew I was going to have a weekend in London last minute, SACO obviously sprang to mind first. NESCAFE Azera Coffee To Go basically came to me with a challenge and I can never turn down a challenge, particularly when it's this nice. They challenged me to spend a day exploring life on my own terms so I decided to do just that and organised a weekend of fun with Matt. I know that sounds really easy, but actually, I'm a total workaholic and find it really hard to switch off. Switching off isn't really  my thing, even when I'm getting my hair done, I'm sat on my laptop working or on my phone editing photos. I have to be doing something, once my to-do list is done, I add on another thousand things so actually, the idea of exploring and doing my own thing, scares me a little!

We checked into our apartment late on Friday evening and I instantly littered it with my essentials. Of course my favourite KMS hair treats came with me (you may remember them from my blow dry post).

We got ready the following morning for a fun day ahead. 

Armed with the new NESCAFE Azera Coffee To Go, it was time to make the most of our day. I love the idea of the new NESCAFE Azera Coffee To Go, it is for those who need that extra hour in their day, they are high achievers, always busy and always craving new and fun experiences. I couldn't believe in a brand or concept more. They basically asked me to see what I can do in my day when I have that extra hour. The coffee is so quick and easy to make (you can see on my video at the end of this blog post!) and really woke me up and made me feel ready and rearing to explore but mainly, do my own fun things which I don't usually make time for.

First we headed to Aveda's wellness salon for the blow dry and massage of dreams. I am all for clean, natural things and the wellness salon represents just that. Imagine beautiful natural scents, neck and shoulder massages and incredibly talented hair dressers. I honestly left feeling a million dollars, a quick hour and I was feeling ready to take on the day. My job looks like it's fun and it is, I wouldn't change it for the world but full-time blogging doesn't come without A LOT of work so actually, my normal day usually consists of me sat at my desk working hard, I wish my normal day consisted of me having blow dries every day, having that extra hour in my day thanks to NESCAFE azera Coffee To Go made me realise I need to make more time for me actually! Relaxation and down time in so important. 

Next we headed to Dukes in London, where we were going to be having a picnic with our own butlers. This is hands down one of the most incredible experiences I've had to date and I know I'll be organising to do this again sometime. I'd highly recommend it if you're in London over Summer.

Off we walked to Green Park as the picnic was set out for us.

and just like magic, we were ready to eat.

There was enough food and champagne for six of us but me and Matt did our best shot at getting through it. The food was delicious, fresh and healthy too which is always a bonus. We sat and giggled away, laughing over bubbles and me enjoying way too many scotch eggs - the perfect picnic snack. If you read my picnic post you'll know just how much I adore picnics but I never have the time for them.

With my coffee in one hand, my new jacket on and my fresh hair, I was all smiles. You can get the jacket online here.

I fell in love with the packaging. 

To top it all off, Dukes gave me my own little cute dog as a gift. I'll be keeping this forever. My Chanel espadrilles sat there proudly as I ran around on the grass having fun.

I never turn down dessert and the chocolate mousse was divine.

The creme brûlée was pretty nice too. 

We ended with a cheese board and left feeling so happy and stuffed.

The butlers were incredible, they gave us a number and told them to call them if we needed anything at all or to let them know when to clear away for us. It was honestly one of the most amazing experiences in my life, sat, watching the world go by with my favourite person, eating delicious, fresh food with epic service. I am so glad I made the time to do this and honestly cannot recommend this experience enough. I don't often have that little bit of extra time to actually sit and relax, I'm usually counting the clock in-between back to back meetings and running around like a mad woman so to have that extra time in my day to actually enjoy getting my hair done and not feel guilty for it and sit in the park relaxing with a picnic was pretty perfect.

After lots of shopping, we headed to see some sights. It's not like me to actually sight see in London so it was nice to make the time for it. London is a beautiful place and I'm always so busy running around that I sometimes forget to look up! All in all, I had the most magical weekend, from sight-seeing, to eating delicious bits and resting our heads in the beautiful SACO apartments (I definitely wish I could just rent that place out for life! It's perfect). All topped off with the new NESCAFE Azera Coffee To Go who made this possible by giving me more time to explore life on my terms and seize the day without compromising on my lifestyle or fave drink! What a lovely concept and a lovely campaign to be a part of.
I really had the best weekend - thank you!

You guys can follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NescafeAzera - this was sponsored by Nescafe but as always is 100% my honest opinion. You can buy NESCAFE Azera To Go online here. 

Do you like coffee? Have you ever seen a picnic like this before?! What does your dream weekend look like?

Lots of love, Em x

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