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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Why We Should Love Mondays! Extending My Weekend With An Exciting Monday Morning!

When Lipton Ice Tea invited me to extend my weekend, I could hardly say no. It actually really made me love Mondays and has inspired me to kick start my Mondays with a little more love, a little more energy and a little more fun. I feel like Mondays should be positive, exciting days and this event only made me more aware of that. Take this Monday for example, at home, I kicked it off with a one hour hot yoga class followed by a personal trainer in my new gym (David Lloyd). I'm really trying to start Monday with a boom because Mondays get way too much hate and actually, they should signify a new, exciting week full of opportunities! Let's start loving Monday!

I headed over to their little pop up for the morning (bright and early, bright enough for me to watch the sunrise which was amazing), it was time to try out some virtual reality art. Stepping into this little room made my little creative mind pop with excitement! The idea behind the Extend Your Weekend campaign really is what it says on the tin, to extend your weekend. Lipton Ice Tea have put on various Monday morning activities throughout London, so that people are now screaming is it Monday yet?! Rather than dreading the start of the week. I think it's an amazing, positive movement and as mentioned, it's totally inspired me, it's a movement I've always wanted to get on board with - a Monday loving movement. Nothing beats starting the week on a high and last Monday, that's exactly what I was able to do.

The studio itself was incredible, with doodles everywhere, drawn on by an artist who was at the event. I didn't see one person not smiling, even though it was so early on a Monday morning. It was amazing to see everyone kicking back, relaxing and having a good morning - just like you see on a Friday evening! 

Art is something I'm not 'conventionally' good at, but, I do love it. I love being creative, getting stuck in and making a mess. I'm a very messy artist, as a child, I painted loads of cardboard red, cut it into an umbrella and took it out into the rain. Needless to say my Mum came home to a very messy house with red paint everywhere. Whilst I'm not the tidiest of painters, that's actually okay. At school, I did really bad in art because I wasn't neat, but look at my job now, I am a creator! You don't have to be neat, stick in the lines and keep things tidy to be 'creative' and artsy anymore and that's another reason why I loved this event with Lipton Ice Tea - creativity was well and truly embraced, with random doodles everywhere. 

After refreshing ourselves with the range of ice teas, (I love the peach flavoured one) myself and Oscar (check him out for amazing photography) played around with the VR sets. This was seriously cool. I've never done anything with virtual reality before but you completely lose yourself in it. It's the most random sensation, once you're inside the headset, you feel like you're in space and everything around you is blocked out. You get the chance to draw and just feel free for a couple of minutes. I certainly needed that! It gave me the chance to take my new dress for a spin too (and my new sunglasses) , although it felt a little weird doing V/R in such a cute little dress! 

We refuelled from the giggles with some super healthy snacks, these protein pots were incredible. They set me up perfectly for a long day of meetings ahead!

I was so sad when I had to leave, it really goes to show, I did feel like I completely extended my weekend! This is coming from someone who hates early mornings too!  You can find out about more of their events online here. I've officially booked myself onto different classes at my gym every Monday now at 9am sharp as because of this, I'm really trying to make sure every Monday starts off in the nicest way possible! Let's love Mondays!

How do you feel about Mondays? Do you think we should embrace them?

*I worked with Lipton Ice Tea on this and feel honoured that I was able to work on such an amazing campaign. I officially love Monday!

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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