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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Little Things That Make Me Feel Good, Confident And Happy!

Hello hello. So today, I wanted to write a little post about things that make me feel good, confident and happy, female empowerment I guess. How to make yourself feel good! I've wanted to do a kind of updated empowerment/motivation post for quite some time and after the crazy, overwhelming feedback from my last personal post, how getting cheated on affected meI kind of wanted to do a little follow up post and just talk about a few things that make me feel good, happy and confident. There are so many things you can do for yourself that will boost your mood and make you feel fabulous, sometimes, it's the little things! So I guess what I'm trying to say is, you need to make more time (even though life is crazy busy) and do something for yourself once in a while, even if it does involve just tucking into that last Easter egg, hey, whatever makes you happy! Let's discuss.
I wanted to talk about the little things that make me feel confident/good today. I was inspired to write this after getting the loveliest delivery from SimplyUndies through my door, brimming with one of my favourite, guilty-pleasures in the world; new, fresh, gorgeous lingerie. SimplyUndies is easily my favourite lingerie website, I've never seen some much gorgeous lingerie in one place (you have to check them out if you're anything like me and pretty underwear is your guilty pleasure). Lingerie is an example of something I buy for me, that makes me feel really good about myself. It makes me feel empowered, sexy and confident and actually, it also weirdly motivates me to work out.

Things that make me feel confident/good about my self and things I vow to start doing more of!...

Exercising - I never regret working out! I try to force myself to book onto at least 3 spinning classes per week. If I book on, I have to go! Simple as. It forces me to work out. I feel incredible after spinning out all that negative energy and dancing away on a bike to my favourite upbeat tracks. It's painful and it's brutal but I always make it through. It's not to do with your body, it's actually a mind thing; you can do it, your mind just tries to tell you that you can't. I always feel great after a really sweaty work out so it's something I try add into my daily routine at least 4 times a week, without the gym I feel sluggish and rubbish about myself. It really is one of my biggest stress busters and mood boosters. When I work out, I feel energised, happy and ready to take on anything. I love feeling strong! I work out so I feel energised, happy and strong. I try to channel my negative energy into something like a tough work out and I promise, I always leave feeling happier and that negative energy seems to just disappear. You can read my top health and fitness tips here and my motivations for working out here

Eating well - Eating well is another thing that makes me feel incredible. One week of eating well and I already start to feel more glowy and confident. In fact, even after just a day of eating well I usually feel great. It's all about keeping that up and making it part of your lifestyle. I'll never deprive myself which is why on weekends, if I want a glass of wine (or a bottle), pizza or an Easter egg, that's totally okay as long as come Monday, I'm back on it! I believe in the 80/20 rule, you'll all know that by now if you read my health and fitness posts. I'm all about being as clean and good as possible 80% of the time but then not beating myself up for munching on some crisps the other 20% of the time. I don't believe in fad diets and if you don't deprive yourself in the first place, you wont binge so much! There are little changes you can make such as not drinking fizzy drinks, choosing brown bread over white bread and taking the stairs rather than the escalator that will all benefit you. It's little lifestyle changes like that will make you feel great. I know they make me feel great anyway! 

Wearing nice underwear - I once read somewhere about the importance of treating yourself, for you. Something I read once said that you should always wear nice underwear, just as a little treat for yourself so that underneath your clothes, you know you look fabulous, so whether that's your favourite silk number or a gorgeous lace number, wear that under your dress and wear it for you! This might just be me, but a little bit of luxury goes a long way and I do always feel better when I'm wearing gorgeous matching underwear for myself! There's something about matching underwear that makes me feel so happy. Just like my bikinis from SimplyBeach, I now get most of my lingerie from  SimplyUndies, lucky for us, SimplyUndies recently launched and they are the sister site of SimplyBeach. Their pieces are truly incredible and always make me feel amazing.

Doing things for me - Whether that's blowing my money on gorgeous new lingerie just because it makes ME feel good or going on a walk, having a slice of pizza or binge watching the Kardashians once in a while. Everyone has something that's a little guilty pleasure but makes them feel happy.  I only recently wrote a post about a pamper night in I had. When did you last do something for you? Take some time out every day and do something for you, whether it's going to that spin class, grabbing a yummy smoothie or sitting down and writing in a journal, or hey, getting extra cream on your Starbucks hot chocolate. You'll feel fabulous for it when you're in charge and do something for you! The way I see it, I work hard so if I want to spend an extra £5 on my lunch one day, I will do that! 

Smiling - We all know that smiling releases endorphins but how often do we actually try to smile and compliment people? Or actually, compliment ourselves! You might remember my blog post all about the importance of loving yourself, I really think you should compliment yourself and learn to love yourself first. I try force myself to smile when walking down the street as you never know, it could make someones day but also, it makes me feel great when I smile. I find in the UK particularly, we often walk with our heads down and never look around us. I make a conscious effort now to walk with my head high, phone down and try and take in the scenery and smile at people! It certainly makes me feel more confident and happy just by smiling. 

Eating chocolate - Another naughty one on my list, eating chocolate really does make me feel happy. They've proven it has endorphins in it so on my 20% day, yeh I'll have some chocolate! Nowadays, I try to move towards the 90% cocoa just because it's healthier (you need to make my healthy chocolate peanut butter cups if you haven't tried them) but if there's something little like eating chocolate that makes you feel happy, then go for it and have a little piece! It's all about being able to restrain yourself from doing that all day every day or, balancing it out with exercise. If I've had a really naughty binge weekend, I'll take control and force myself to spin maybe 5 times the following week rather than 4.

Spraying my fave perfume - Nothing makes me feel happier than laying out my outfit for the following day on my bed with the perfume I'm going to wear. I love spraying my favourite perfume, for that split second when I'm spraying it, I feel so beautiful! I love Jo Malone and Flowerbomb. 

Fresh bedsheets - Just like fresh, clean, crisp clothes, there's something about fresh bedsheets that makes me feel really happy. Kind of like the smell of freshly cut grass! 

Little luxuries - Just like making time for you, you should also make time for some little luxuries in life, whether that' buying the more expensive coffee in the supermarket one week or simply paginating your nails, having a bubble bath or singing at the top of your voice to Beyonce. It's the little things that count! (Pink dress online here for those asking!) 

Travelling - Whether it's heading to the Yorkshire dales, walking around London or jumping on a plane to the other side of the world, if you've read my travel blog section, followed my travel vlogs or followed the #EmTalksTravels hashtag on my Instagram, you'll know I'm a huge traveller. I'm a strong believer in the phrase: if we were meant to stay in the same place forever, we'd have roots instead of feet. I absolutely adore travel, it opens my eyes every single time. 

So there we have it, I'm going to buy some new lace lingerie from SimplyUndies, grab a new bikini, jump on a plane, listen to Beyonce the whole way and then eat the biggest bar of chocolate I can find? See, it's the little things. Haha! 

What makes you feel great? Do you do any of the above? What are your guilty pleasures? 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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