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Friday, 29 April 2016

Favourite Top Things In April; Best New Beauty Launches & Products

Hello hello hello! I feel so bad for not updating you with all my favourite beauty things recently but I've had so much to get through, better late than never though! Finally, I am back with a huge update brimming with my favourite new launches/things this month. The good news? This is just one of many and I have a few more exciting beauty posts coming your way over the next few weeks. Mainly though, I can't believe it's already almost May. That's pretty crazy. Let's discuss my favourite things this month! 

Jo Malone rare teas
magnetic golden needle tea

Jo Malone Rare Teas Fragrance - As most of you will know by now, Jo Malone is just my ultimate fragrance brand, I say fragrance but they're so much more than just fragrance brand. I never actually know how to describe them; luxurious, beautiful, heavenly - you basically need to check out my pamper experience at Jo Malone post to understand more. Jo Malone just keeps surprising us this year, with beautiful launch after launch. Rare Teas is my favourite yet though. Rare Teas is a new luxury tier of six colognes with a new bottle design, a fragrance industry first actually. They're infused straight from the leaf and then into the cologne. At first, I was a bit like, whutttt, tea? But trust me, they smell incredible so just had to make it into my favourites. I can't put the gorgeous bottle down. The bottle design is sleek, sexy and luxurious but you get so much scent inside it. I'm ridiculously impressed. My favourite (so far) is the magnetic golden needle tea, with notes of leather and spice it leaves a sensual, date-night ready smell but something you can also wear in the day time. I'm a lover of sensual smells. It's designed to smell like the warm wooden interior of Chinese tea houses in the cloud-veiled mountains, a deep burning gold. I think I love it because it has sandalwood in it, leaving a dark and mysterious fragrance. It really does take me back to my travels actually. Jo Malone does it again! You can find out more about the collection online here. I highly recommend going and checking these out.

self-tanning milky lotion clarins
Clarins Self Tanning Milky-Lotion - Another one of my favourite brands, Clarins. They can do no wrong in my eyes, their products always blow me away. I've wanted to try a Clarins tanner for a long time as so many of my friends rave about them for a natural glow. I was so excited to finally get my hands on this, a new lightweight self tan which is quickly absorbed (a must for me because I cannot stand feeling sticky!). This really does provide the lovelies natural tan, I personally like to put it on my face rather than my body as it gives the perfect glow and probably isn't dark enough for my body. I like using it because it's got aloe vera gel and dig extract in is meaning it's fruity, fresh but hydrates me naturally at the same time. It comes out in a lovely milky texture making it a genuine pleasure to apply. I feel like a new woman now I have a natural face glow, every day. You can get this online here. 

illamasqua beyond powder
illamasqua beyond powder

Illamasqua Beyond Powders -  Illamasqua always blow me away with their incredibly talented make up artists and beautiful new products. Their new Beyond Powders took things to a new level. I've never seen so much beauty. The highlighted look is definitely still on, particularly in the run up to Summer. I love a golden finish, think Kim Kardashian (I'm still not over how amazing her flawless base is) and this powder is the perfect way to get that gorgeous, highlighted look. Words can't even explain how beautiful it is, you just need to go and swatch it! Online here.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Eye Concealer - This is one of those products I need to stop raving about but I just can't. It's a beauty bag staple. I love it when skincare is mixed with make up and this is exactly what this product does, it combines make up and skincare technology to bring you a super eye concealer, helping to correct dark circles whilst concealing and adapting to your skin for tailor made coverage. It glides onto the under eyes effortlessly and leaves a radiant, concealed look whilst fixing your under-eyes at the same time. If I could have a lifetime supply of anything, it would be this. I am loving Armani make up so much at the moment, it really deserves more hype than it gets as it is incredible as is the technology that goes into it. Shop here. 

Sassoon Illuminating Hair Oil -  You may remember me raving about this on my Snapchat (emshelx) - but Sassoon's illuminating hair oil is not to be missed. As most of you know, I get my hair done at Sassoon Salons Leeds, the dream team as I like to call them. They've fixed my hair and given me new found confidence. It's safe to say their new Illuminating Hair Oil is a way to get your fix at home too. If you've read any of my hair growth tips and tricks you'll know that I swear by using good products. This oil is a multi protect primer for all hair types, I put it on towel dried hair before blow drying, it provides protection from heat, moisture and protein loss and it's full of vitamin E and sweet almond oil. I can't recommend this enough for smooth, soft, strong hair. 

fake bake flawless tan
fake bake flawless tan coconut tanning serum for body and face
 Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum For Face & Body - I love this product because it feels so good when it goes onto my skin, it isn't a skin drying, dirty feeling mousse, it's a skin loving, hydrating serum. It glides onto my skin leaving me instantly tanned (I sleep in it and wash it off and then any streaks etc go!), it's fast drying, hydrating, moisturising and honestly, I am hooked. It's full of natural nice things and looks SO nice on my face. I love the colour. Tanning lovets, you ned this in your life. Online here. 

Beyonce's Ivy Park Workout/Activewear Range - I couldn't not include Beyonce's new activewear range could I? Beyonce's Ivy Park is just incredible. I was expecting it to be a little bit of a publicity stunt but the products genuinely are epic, high quality, perfect to work out in and lounge around in. I wish I bought more! Online here.

Lastly, I finally signed for a beautiful new apartment this week - hooray! Which I'll be setting up a filming room in from July. It's time to really focus on my blog and YouTube from July so I needed the perfect space. Fingers crossed it all works out! I've been spending this month looking at new intro ideas and fell in love with these lamp shades from Moleta Munro which I've ordered. I'm a little bit in love with this site for Pinterest worthy pieces. Shop online here

So there we have it! What are you loving this month? Have you tried any of these products? Do you think any of them look good? 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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