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Friday, 27 March 2015

Visiting Riviera Maya; Part 3

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Hello lovelies, I am so sorry this is late, but hey, at least I can relive Mexico a little bit longer. I am currently in Chicago actually so thought I'd stick to the topic of travel today (keep up to date with my Chicago trip on my Instagram - emshelx!) After almost a week of getting up early and going on day trips exploring Mexico, we decided for the end of our trip to head to the calmer, Riviera Maya and just relax. I have always wanted to stay at a Hard Rock Hotel and I am so excited to share the final part of my Mexico trip with you however I've got a funny feeling I'll be going back to explore more in the near future...

...listening to good music and eating good food.

Our room was stocked with our own liquor bar,

and macaroons too which are always winner for me.
hard rock hotel riviera maya
The room was neat and clean, the beds and the room itself wasn't crazily luxurious but it was modern and fresh, more than adequate. The hot tub to the side of the room certainly made it incredible too.

Plus the bathroom was a pleasure to get ready in.

Little touches like the guitars on the bed covers and pillows screamed Hard Rock but in a nice subtle way. 

hard rock hotel riviera maya

By day we would snorkel with the free snorkeling equipment, lounge around, read and

hard rock cafe burger

by night, we made sure we sampled the room service menu. Everyone knows how amazing Hard Rock Cafe food is so to be able to get it delivered to your room for free well, we couldn't not have it as a pre-dinner snack. 

We wandered around the large resort every night, the resort was split into two, an adults only section which I hate to say, but it was so peaceful and lovely, and then a family section - we were allowed in both and usually ate in the family section as the restaurants there were amazing - it was crazy to see how calm the adults section was in comparison to the children area though, it was quite nice to get away from screaming children (I know I was once one so I feel awful saying that!).  

I instantly fell in love with Riviera Maya, it is a stunning place and well worth visiting even if you are staying in Cancun (you can read about my time in Cancun here). 

riviera maya

Riviera Maya mexico

There was an amazing atmosphere - it was so tranquil. I absolutely adored Riviera Maya and would go back immediately. There is so much to do and see nearby too and as mentioned in my first Mexico blog post, you can do so many day trips in Mexico! 

hard rock hotel riviera maya

I fell in love with this dress, C/O Lookbook store 

Watching the sun go down every night in such a perfect setting seriously never got boring...

and eating dinner as the sun set too was pretty perfect. Riviera Maya well and truly stole my heart.

uk travel blog

hard rock hotel riviera maya

Wandering around, I wondered how I could ever bring myself to leave?

As mentioned, there were so many restaurants in the resort, you'd have to eat at two per day to visit them all. We started at the Italian... 

shared a mini pizza and then made our way to the Brazilian restaurant - similar to Fazenda, they bring the meat around to you and carve it for you - this is all included with the hotel as it's all inclusive.

Pineapple with cinnamon went down a treat. 

There are hot tubs dotted around the resort too.

and bright lights everywhere but again, it's not too obtrusive, everything is Hard Rock but it's tasteful and luxurious rather than over-the-top glam. I so wish I visited the spa, it was absolutely incredible and so heavenly and luxurious!  

The adults section is called 'Heaven' and everything is designed to be heavenly, the lobby is so creative. One thing I adored about HRH is that they give you free wifi without any hassle, as soon as you get to the resort, wifi is yours - I do hate hotels which make you faff around to use the internet. 

hard rock hotel riviera maya

After dinner we watched amazing bands perform in the Heaven bar and trust me, they were so good - everyone was up and dancing and just enjoying the music. It felt so nostalgic listening to music from the same rock bands I used to listen to growing up. Of course I sang along! 

After that, we headed down to Hard Rock's night club, complete with pools and more hot tubs. It's safe to say, I didn't jump in! 

The next morning, I helped myself to pancakes piled with everything 

We'd play beach volley by day

dip our toes into the lagoon

triangl bikini

and I changed my bikini a few times too - from Triangl (similar here at Missguided now!)

I fell in love with my gorgeous white bikini. White top online here and bottoms online here

I am obsessed with this top from Motel too. It's the easiest crop top and so nice to wear around the beach.

Not wanting to leave, we stayed out right until the sun went down. 

On Valentines evening, we got back to our room and it was filled with love

apparently this is the most romantic hotel and area...

uk lifestyle blogger

I put my trusty red lipstick on (Urban Decay Pulp Fiction of course!).  

sampled some more room service (trust me, it was SO good!)

and then changed into my Valentines evening dress (from Motel here). 

We headed to the incredible Mexican restaurant for the most delicious meal (we were in Mexico after all!) 

It was authentic Mexican food - my favourite thing about Mexico (apart from the stunning beaches) is easily the food - I ate enough guac to last me a lifetime. 

hard rock hotel riviera maya

The following morning, we knew we had to say goodbye to Riviera Maya and this tranquil haven

I said goodbye to Mexico with some cactus juice (I told you the food was so good) 

and left the Riviera Maya feeling rejuvenated, happy and wanting to go straight back! 

The Hard Rock Hotel and Riviera Maya are beautiful, Playa Del Carmen is really close to it too, a really famous beach and well worth visiting. My Mexico trip was amazing and I would love to go back as soon as possible - everything is very close to whether you stay in Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum (my personal favourite area - read about it here) or Cancun, you can just get on an easy bus to other areas anyway! My top tip when visiting Mexico is to go out and do things, it is a beautiful country with so much to see and do - yes the hotels are amazing but make sure you make the most of the amazing nearby areas! 

That was it for my Mexico posts but if you want more, I've put together an exciting Mexico vlog for you! You can watch it below and pretty please click here to subscribe! I have loads more travel posts coming your way, next stop -> Chicago! I am really excited! 

If you want to find out more about my Mexico trips you can read my other posts below;

Have you ever visited Mexico? Have you ever stayed at a Hard Rock hotel? Do you like the sound of Mexico? Out of all my posts, which area do you like the sound of best?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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