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Monday, 9 March 2015

Top Products For Growing Hair; Hair Growth Tips

top hair growth products
Hello hello! Today I thought I'd do a blog post about my updated hair care routine and my favourite products for strengthening and growing the hair. My hair has grown so much over the past few months and I really do believe that amazing products play a part huge part in growing the hair. I spent last year really unhappy with my hair and when I look back at photos, it was awful, weak and damaged - it literally looked so thin and weak! My hair is now back to life, it's thick, full and it's really really growing. Here are my top hair growth tips and my favourite hair care products.

Before I start, I just want to say that growing hair is really about strengthening it first, you need good foundations for it to grow, when I kept bleaching my hair or putting damaging extensions in, it just made my hair even worse. Just like a flower bed needs to be well maintained and looked after for flowers to grow, so does your scalp. See your scalp as a flower bed, look after it, feed it nice nutritious things (good hair products) and be gentle, don't use too much heat, don't put it under too much stress - it's really that easy. Hair growth is not quick, trust me, I know but if you make a few changes to your routine or add some nice products in they really could help speed up the hair growing process. 
argan beauty shampooArgan Beauty - Everyone knows that argan oil is amazing for so many different things and after hearing Argan Beauty's story I decided to try their products out. It's safe to say that these products make your hair feel soft, strengthened and beautiful. This shampoo (and the conditioner) are packed with good things for the hair and I really do think washing my hair with this and putting their pure organ oil treatment (which is amazing) on my hair after washing has helped make it stronger. You can buy these online or at Liberty London, it's definitely worth looking at Argan Oil when it comes to strengthening the hair. 

John Frieda Kelp Help Deep Conditioning Masque

John Frieda Kelp Help Deep Conditioning Masque - Firstly, this product smells incredible, you can almost feel it awakening your hair follicles! I've put this in here as my favourite high-street hair strengthening product. I love John Frieda because it's an affordable brand (you can usually pick it up at the supermarket for a real good price) and I wouldn't actually usually recommend them as my go to for hair growth and strength as they're not usually strong enough but actually, my hair feels amazing after using this - it's designed for hair damaged by the sun so I think it's perfect for strengthening it. I am loving John Frieda's new ranges at the moment! 

Ogario London - I've been loving Ogario London's hydrating range too, you may remember it from my Mexico post as put their hair mask on when I was by the beach every day. It's all natural and is packed with lovely nourishing things like mooring seed and honey. I also love the smell. 

hairfinity review

HAIRFINITY tablets - I have never believed in taking tablets for hair growth (they usually just make the ends really thin and weak) but I cannot rave about these enough as basically all they'r made up of is hair growing ingredients. I am on my second bottle now (you take 2 per day for 30 days) and most people seem to see a huge difference after 2 bottles I think. I am half way through my second bottle and have seen such a change in my hair growth, the tablets are full of hair-growing natural nutrients like biotin, which is known for growing the hair. I never want these to run out and I am pretty sure my hair growth at the moment has something to do with these babies! 

lush hair conditioner

Lush Hair Masks - I really love Lush because it's all natural and I think one of the most important things when it comes to hair growth and hair strength is using natural products which won't add more anymore damage to the hair. I don't want to put any nasty ingredients on my flower garden now do I?! I fully trust Lush and really love their hair masks. 

Kerastase - I love Kerastase more than anything when it comes to hair growth. Another thing I would love a full time supply of. Their resistance range which can be bought online here (I used to think it was really expensive then found it online so cheap) is literally amazing. It's designed to restructure and fix the hair and I really rate this, if you buy one thing for hair growth and hair strength, make sure it is this. 

SuperFoodLX - I rave about this so so much because I think it's just incredible, again it's all natural and it's just a phenomenal hair mask. I don't think I'll ever stop writing about this! 

Hair Oil - The best present someone could buy me right now would be a supply of Macadamia hair care products. I have always adored Macadamia as a brand (not their prices though) and they truly are my guilty pleasure. I adore Macadamia oil and all Macadamia products actually. I did manage to find their stuff for cheaper online here so if you want to stock up, you can usually get good offers there. Argan Beauty oil as mentioned at the start of this post is also phenomenal and Moroccan oil is one of my favourites too - a lot of my friends who have gorgeous hair swear by Moroccan oil. I really swear by putting an oil through damp hair and then leaving it to dry naturally - it strengthens and just makes your hair feel so amazing but it doesn't just feel amazing, it does actually seem to strengthen it too. 

The Right Hair Accessories - I am all for using the right hair accessories as so many things can snag and put extra pressure on the hair, my favourites are Invisibobbles which don't damage the hair at all, Heresheson's bobbles which are snag free and designed for weak and thing hair and then LVNDR's gorgeous hair ties which look beautiful and are so soft and leave the hair with no kinks, very affordable but a great and easy way to stop the hair from breaking. 

Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Range - This is one of my favourite ranges for hair growth and hair strength, you can get this from FeelUnique and it's not actually too expensive on there either. I recommended this in my last how to grow hair blog post and I am still recommending it now because I really love it. I am so sad that my supplies are running out! 

Top Hair Growth Tips;

So now to finish with my top hair growth tips and trust me I have learnt from very bad experiences. My hair was extremely damaged and extremely ruined from a really bad time with bonded extensions and far too much bleach, finally now, I don't get many split ends anymore and my hair has got like a new lease of life, this is what I've been doing;

- Not using any heat - This is the hardest bit and I feel fortunate to have naturally very curly and volumed hair but it wasn't always like this, the more care I've taken of it the nicer my curls have got because it's much thicker and stronger! I don't get any split ends really anymore because I just don't put any heat on my hair, I haven't put heat on my hair for over a year now and the difference I have seen is just incredible. If you do need to use heat, I recommend straighteners where you can change the heat, GHD Eclipse are pretty fantastic for this (my hairdresser uses them as does my Mum and they're great for not damaging the hair as much!) - you can get them from LookFantastic here.

- Tie your hair up when you sleep - People swear by putting their hair in plaits when they sleep to try and stop the hair getting knotty. I just make sure mine is tied up every night to avoid tangles.

- Let your hair get dirty - I have trained my hair so that I only need to wash it every other day now, go as long as you can without washing it and it'll do your hair the world of good! If you wash your hair too much it'll get rid of all the natural oils.

- Regular trims - Anyone who tells you you shouldn't have regular trims is wrong (sorry). I see lots of people giving this out as hair advice but the best thing to do if your hair is damaged is cut off all the damage and start fresh. I literally cut off all my hair when it got damaged and it absolutely killed me, I hated it and had no confidence but you need to start with healthy hair. If you don't cut the split ends off, they'll just get longer and eventually snap or just look awful and unhealthy - remember, you need good foundations for hair growth. Now I don't use heat, I rarely get split ends anyway so I rarely need to cut my hair, I just get it trimmed every 12 weeks. It is true that your hair seems to grow more once it's been cut and it's because it's way healthier.

- Sleep in hair masks - My biggest tip, sleep in hair masks, whenever you can! I always do this and now I do it at least once a week, my hairdresser once told me that using conditioners which only tell you to leave on for for 1-3 minutes just aren't strong enough, you want to find a nice strong hair mask or even put oil all over your hair for a super deep treatment and then wash it off the next day - I promise your hair will feel amazing and it'll really strengthen it.

If you must wear hair extensions whilst your hair is growing, remember, hair extensions are heavy no matter which type you get and the clips will put pressure on the scalp, I would recommend these ones by FoxyLocks if you must get some. You can read my full post about FoxyLocks here!

Personally for me, a mixture of no heat, less washing, more treatments, better products and lots of spinach in my diet has really helped my hair grow. I can't wait t see where my hair is in 6 months time! I still have a long way to go but I have really come a long long way from almost bald, ridiculously damaged, thin hair.

Are you trying to grow or strengthen your hair? Have you used any of these products? Do you have any hair growth tips?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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