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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ah Mother’s Day is just around the corner in the UK, it’s only a few days away but do not fear, my last minute Mother’s Day gift guide should give you some inspiration! You’ve still got a few days to pick up your gifts and to order all these bits online too! If you've already got gifts or you're not that interested in a Mother's Day gift guide (or if Mother's day isn't coming up in your country yet), maybe just use this as some inspiration to treat yourself!

lvndr rings

Jewellery - You cannot go wrong with pretty jewellery, particularly jewellery from LVNDR because it's affordable (prices from £1.99 but products go up to £15.99 if you're wanting to get something a little more expensive), everything comes beautifully hand wrapped in a lavender parcel and the pieces are just so so cute - my favourite at the moment is the lucky unicorn necklace and obviously you can't beat all the rings! Shipping only costs 89p too! 

hotel chocolat
Chocolates! - You can't beat chocolate can you? I think food is most definitely the way to my heart, if someone bought me some Hotel Chocolat chocolates (my favourite), some Lush bath stuff and some fresh flowers, that would be a very happy me. We all know that Hotel Chocolat do the most unbelievably delicious and luxurious chocolates and you can order them online too here which is good! I love their mother's day box and I also adore this gorgeous pink gift set, complete with champagne too! 

More Food - If you're not wanting to get high-street branded chocolate, Harrods and Selfridges do some amazing really special boxes, obviously they're more expensive but I understand everyone has different budgets. This gorgeous box (the box itself is beautiful) is from Delice at Harrods and is sure to make your Mum say WOW when she opens it up. Denice is a luxury confectioner and they specialise in premium quality Mediterranean sweets - these sweets are hand-made with the finest natural ingredients in the world, including white chocolate from Switzerland, fresh orange from France and Tunisian almonds. 

tea pigs every day brew
Teapigs - Every year me nand my brother get my Mum some teapigs as it's her favourite tea. If someone is a tea lover, get them teapigs, if they're not? Convert them! Their everyday brew will make you never want to go back to your normal tea again - I swear by teapigs. They do loads of fun flavours too if you're not into the everyday brew!

Cute Things! - For me, Mother's day really isn't about material things, my Mum prefers handmade cards and cute gestures. I love Asda's really affordable little bits and bobs like this 'best mummy in the world' badge and their breakfast in bed set. I don't think you can beat cheesy cute things on a day like Mother's day. Marks & Spencers always do really good things for Mother's day too. 

Toiletries - Generally women love pampering products and here are a few of my top picks. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is one of the best cleansers on the market I'd say, plus, it's fully natural, it's affordable and it comes in gorgeous sets. Asda sell a range of NSPA bits if you're just wanting to pop into your local supermarket and make a little beauty hamper or something too! Elemis' new Jasmine and Rose Hand & Nail Cream is a sure-fire winner with someone who loves hand creams, I've actually got my Grandma some and I know she will love it! You can't go wrong with candles either, I mentioned this Lily Flame one on my top pamper products blog post! Lastly, The Body Shop, one of my favourite brands, you just cannot go wrong with them, all natural, all delicious and there are way to many things to choose from on their site, they have 40% off everything on their site at the moment (here) too so what are you waiting for? I love how you don't even need to leave the house to buy presents anymore! 

Perfume! - I would love to buy my Mum perfume for Mother's day but her favourite perfume got discontinued years ago and she hasn't found a nice replacement ever since! My top perfumes at the moment are Liz Earle's Botanical Essence (I didn't even know Liz Earle did perfume but oh my gosh this is insanely nice) - I tweeted about this and OH MY GOD it is heaven, I cannot stop raving about this perfume! Me and my best friend sat on my bed sniffing each others wrists for about an hour because we could not believe how sexy but delicious this smells - I need an endless supply of this! Burberry Brit Rhythm - I have always adored Burberry perfume (and Burberry as a brand, you should all know by now how obsessed I am), as perfumers, Burbs are my favourite, they all smell so sultry but still quite sweet. I also am a huge FlowerBomb lover and this obsession is never going to end. This Nspa Bloom one is actually really nice too and it's super affordable from Asda. 

aspinal personalised leather wallet
Personalised Gifts!/Leather - Depending on how much you want to spend, personalised gifts are so special and beautiful and I also think leather bits are perfect gifts too. I bought my Mum an Aspinal heart keyring a few years ago and she still uses it to this day. I don't think you can beat getting people something practical like a diary but to get it personalised it just even lovelier. I am basically obsessed with all things Aspinal and think any of it would make an amazing present.

GHD eclipse

Splashing The Cash - If you don't really have a budget and your Mum loves hair (or if you're just wanting to treat her), you can't go wrong with the new GHD Eclipse. I got mine from LookFantastic and they actually wenre't that expensive (£145 for something beautiful and not as damaging on the hair!) My Mum does adore GHDs and these ones in particular are less damaging on the hair because of the plates and the heat they go up to - great for someone who loves straightening but is trying to get their hair in good condition! I think when I do go back to using heat on my hair, I'll be putting my trust in these! 

spring beauty products

Beauty - When it comes to beauty products there are so many beautiful Spring themed things on the market at the moment, I'm sure you could buy any of these and make someones day. I did write a Top Spring Make Up post if you're wanting some more inspiration but I am loving Chantecaille, an absolutely incredible brand (you can buy it online here) for basically everything, so pretty too. In an ideal world, I would have Chantecaille everything. I absolutely adore Fresh too (I actually started following them on Instagram the other day and I am pretty obsessed with their brand), their Sugar lip tint is amazing. Model's Own have the most amazing nail colours out at the moment too if your Mum likes pretty nail colours! Laura Mercier's lipglosses would make a really nice little gift (get yourself one too, they're amazing!) and then RMK's beautiful new Spring collection is unbeatable! You may remember it from my afternoon tea post!

Gift sets - If you're stuck for choice, there are so many amazing gift sets available at the moment. I am obsessed with this one from Fresh. Selfridges do so many really gorgeous affordable gift sets too! 

polar loop fitness

Fitness - If you Mum is wanting to get fit or is into fitness, how about some nice new gym clothes? Missguided Activewear range is insanely nice and is well priced, don't forget to read my blog post about it here. If she's all set with the gym kit, have a look at getting her a fitness band, this PolarLoop band tracks your activity for 24 hours! 

Flowers! - You cannot beat buying someone fresh, lovely flowers! I cannot believe how stunning the flowers are online here - can I have them all please?

Lingerie/Pyjamas - Just like flowers, gorgeous pyjamas and cosy socks etc are always a good idea. I am obsessed with the new Spring range from Next. Everything is absolutely stunning, time for me to revamp my lingerie and pyjama collection I think! 

A BirchBox or a hamper! - A really nice and different idea is to order your mum a Birchbox, they arrive once a month and are filled with gorgeous samples and products - you can pay £10 for one month here or get 6 months worth of boxes for a special price too. It's a gift that keeps on giving and something to brighten her day every month! I loved this months box, a really exciting collaboration with Habitat. I always love making my Mum little hampers too, I tend to buy her lots of little bits and bobs and put them all together in a big box and this reminded me of this! 

So there we have it, phew! Hopefully I've given you some ideas when it comes to gifts.
Are you all sorted for Mother's Day? Do you like any of these ideas? Do you have any cute ideas?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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