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Friday, 17 January 2014

Fazenda Restaurant Review: Meat Meat Meat

I haven't done any food reviews for a while so here's one for the boys (and girls if you like cocktails and delicious meat). Just before Christmas I ate at Fazenda, now if you're interested in all-you-can-eat high quality meat, then this is for you. When someone says 'all you can eat' I usually assume that the foods going to be really rubbish quality, but not at Fazenda, everything is cooked perfectly (and tastes incredible) and they really pride themselves on the quality of the meat - read on to see how it works...

The signs above should explain it a little bit more, but as you can see, this Brazilian restaurant is a sophisticated take on an all you can eat restaurant, with 15 cuts of meat which come to you at your table.

The decor is really quirky, it reminded me of my favourite steak restaurant, Gaucho. Love the cow-hind theme in the bar section.

Fazenda is situated in the Granary Wharf area of Leeds, we chose a window seat deliberately so that we could look out onto the fairy lights and the water. It also means that you've got the Sky Lounge at the Hilton Doubletree next door to grab a cocktail at after if you haven't filled up on enough meat. 

We were seated at our table and given empandanas to start and Fazenda's traditional cheese bread, it was really nice to be given something to nibble on, as when you're going to a buffet style restaurant you really don't expect it, but the service at Fazenda was impeccable throughout our meal. 

The general idea is that you are given a card, one side is red and one side is green, if you're full and don't want anymore meat yet, turn your card to red, if you're ready for more - turn it to green. You then fill up your plate with items from the buffet to compliment the meat - don't do what I did though and fill up on the incredible buffet items.

The pesto cherry tomatoes were delicious. At the buffet, you can pretty much get any sides that you want, we're talking olives, salad, fish, potatoes, pasta, rice, mozzarella and more.

My card was turned green for the majority of the meal: more meat please.

These chips were just incredible, and they kept getting refilled every time we ate them. Oops, dangerous for a girl trying to be healthy.

Wearing a velvet green wrap dress from MissGuided (link here).

It was really hard to get photos of the waiters coming round with the meat as they literally fly round but as you can see, they just carve it right in front of you. Fazenda pride themselves on only serving the finest meats, they're carefully sourced by their experienced chefs and cooked to perfection in their traditional brazilian grill. It doesn't get much more authentic than this. On a lunch time, for a cheaper price of £16.70 - including everything but drinks, you can try 7 cuts of meat (as many times as you like) and on an evening you can experience 15 cuts of meat, for £25.90 on a weekday or £27.90 on a weekend. This is actually fairly cheap when you consider how many pieces of quality steak you get to eat, with unlimited sides too.  

Naturally I got a mojito, it most definitely compliments the meat.

My photos are quite bad as the lighting was bad in the restaurant so I've had to edit them so you can actually see the meat being carved!

The meat was gurrrrd.

I piled my plate with nachos, guac, pasta and basically sampled everything from the buffet - my stomach was huge by the time we left.

My nail varnish is Nails Inc special effects foil polish - it's so cool.

Jack turned his card to red after a bit of a meat overload.

My card was still facing green, I think I'm the big eater in this relationship.

It's really exciting seeing all the meat come round, my favourite was the fillet mignon. You can more information and see the list of meats that they serve here.

I put this grana padano on pretty much everything, the buffet even included parma ham which is my favourite meat.

Lots of olives for the ladies.

This cold beef at the buffet was delicious - the buffet seriously has such an incredible variety of food on it, with vegetarian dishes, cold meats, fish, vegetables and even more.

1 mojito down.

After a short breather, it was time to grab more food from the buffet.

Somehow, we both managed to squeeze a desert in too. I opted for the light chocolate mousse option. 

Jack went for the creme caramel...

Me thoroughly enjoying my chocolate desert, after all, the dessert stomach is another stomach - I always have room for dessert. 

 My outfit of the night (in my horrible uni room oops):
MissGuided Velvet Dress / Emu Australia Scarf / Dorothy Perkins Leather Jacket

 My new hair colour!
Wearing my Estee Lauder lipstick in brilliant bare - I love it for a natural sheen.

All in all, I am thoroughly impressed with Fazenda, it's perfect for the fussy eater as there really is something for everyone - the meat is just divine and the service beat all of my expectations. I will certainly be revisiting Fazenda a few more times as it's the perfect excuse to get dressed up, have a cocktail or three and tuck into some quality meat (and outrageously good sides). I love the atmosphere, location and interior and I guess the food is pretty great too. I can now see why everyone raves about Fazenda so much. Find out more about Fazenda on their website here.

Have you ever eaten anywhere with 'unlimited meat'? There is a similar restaurant in Manchester on Deansgate called Bembrazil, it's the same kind of idea but personally I found Fazenda more of an upper-class, smaller version. If you're in Manchester though I'd highly recommend trying it out as the meat is just as delicious. There is another Fazenda in Liverpool for anyone who isn't from Leeds that wants to try it out. Do you like the concept of this restaurant or have you ever eaten anywhere similar?
P.S if you enjoy my food reviews, there are plenty more here.

Love Em x

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  1. it could be awesome! you looked so cute! (◕‿◕)✿

  2. Looks lovely of not a little dangerous though....*waistline!! ;)

    1. Haha , very dangerous for the waistline, oh well! you only live once eek! x

  3. What a great sounding experience! Loved all the photos, too!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. It really was, so glad you like the photos! x

  4. looks like such a cute place, lovely pictures :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  5. i've heard so much about this place & i really want to go! how could anyone say no to all the meat?! xx

  6. That sounds like an amazing place to eat, I want to visit now!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥ HUGE Giveaway Now on!

    1. Eeek you should def visit it and let me know what you think! x

  7. This looks amazing, I wish I was nearer! I'm hungry now haha x

    Sweet Dreams

  8. That food looks delicious and you look SO gorgeous xx

    Emma from

    1. Awww Emma, making me blush - thank you so much :) xx

  9. that made me hungry so much nice foods! Yummy

  10. You just made me really hungry... and homesick! hha I'm Brazilian and I gotta say this all looks incredible! I've been to a couple Brazilian restaurants here in England and this one looks VERY good! xx

    1. Haha awww no haha, eeek i love hearing from Brazilian people that the restaurants in England are genuinely authentic! x

  11. You are beautiful ;* !!!

    Please klik <3


  12. This looks fab, I wish there was something similar close to me! I love your hair as well, it's a lovely colour & length!


    1. Aww where abouts are you from?! There probably will be, something similar I guess! Aw thank you so much, its hard not being long anymore as I loveee long hair but im getting used to it eek! xx

  13. I've eaten at Fazenda before and loved it. Definitely ate too much buffet and not enough meat though haha me and my boyfriend are going for our anniversary next week. That dress looks lovely on you Em!

    1. Ahh its so good to hear of someone else who's been and loved it! Hahah couldn't agree more, heavy on the buffet food - must be a girl thing! Aw thank you xx

  14. Wow that place looks amazing, I need to go!

    Sophie x

  15. Replies
    1. was yummmmyy but so was the one in Manchester :) xx



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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