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Friday, 28 June 2013

Favourite Things in June

It’s that time again, time to tell you all about my June favourites. I love doing these posts because as a beauty blogger, I try out so many new products and review them, that it’s difficult to convey which ones I love the most. So, this is my time to show you which products have really shined this month. These things got 5 stars. I’m quite excited, there are some really good things featured here…

Barry M Natural Dazzle Powder - It looks terrifyingly dark but it looks so soo good on the cheeks. I absolutely love the glow that I get from this, it's not too shimmery though which is where most powders go wrong. You'd think that it would be with it being called 'dazzle powder' but it's got a perfect little glow to it. I actually prefer this more than my MAC bronzer, which is very similar but I think this shade is just slightly nicer.

Aromatherapy Associates Morning Shower and Bath Oil - This so deserved a place on the top spot this month. I actually enjoy showers when washing myself using this. As you can see, half of the bottle has gone. It smells absolutely delicious, it really does wake me up and get me ready for the day. You just tip a little bit on your dry body and then step into the shower. You can smell it on your body all day. It's like a perfumed body oil, only better. I did a review of the Aromatherapy Associates range here if you want to read up on how amazing all their products are.

Daniel Sadler Quad Shadows - Ah this packaging absolutely blew me away and the the colours?! erm, perfect. Could they possibly look any nicer? I put this in my favourites because how gorgeous can eye shadows possibly get?! Perfectly sparkly and the perfect assortment of colours to take you from day to night on holiday in Summer. I love the lilac for Summer days and the silver for a more sultry look on Summer nights. These colours really work well with each other, they're so complimentary, which means that you'll get use out of all of them. This should have been called the midsummer nights dream palette, it's what the colours remind me of. Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll be wearing this on some photos very soon.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Illuminator - This is a water-based moisturiser with  light-diffusing particles of shimmer. It's designed to create instant radiance and vitality and reduce imperfections. And yes, it does, it really does its job. My friend tried this on her hand the other day and she was like, what, oh my! It's so shimmery. I love the highlighted look at the moment, I've been just applying this on my cheeks or if my foundation gives a matte finish and I want more of a natural and radiant look, I add a drop of this into my foundation and mix it. Hello radiance.

Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour in pink - Ah I am obsessed with this. Like a Clinique Chubby stick but half the price (£9.50) who'd have thought that this would be found in Marks and Spencer. I am Autograph's new biggest fan. I want to try their bronzing range, it all looks incredible and the prices are student friendly yet the products act like high end ones. This lip shine gives a lovely pink colour, rather than just giving a gloss, it does change the colour of your lips but also it gives a beautiful shine, it's light and it stays on but it also leaves a glossy look too. I feel like this actually plumps my lips and I have no idea how, maybe it's the light shimmer in it, but it makes my lips look good anyway. I want to try one of the goldy/nude tones next. I love this for a natural look and I have a red one for an evening which I'll show you soon. 

S5 Neutralise Cleanser – I am loving this cleanser at the moment. You’ll have seen me raving about the S5 illuminate serum last month and again, another S5 product has been featured this month because it's just such a great brand. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the S5 brand and I can’t believe I’ve never come across it before. I have been using this neutralise cleanser which is designed for normal, oily and sensitive skin types. As with their other products and the reason why I love them so much, they're formulated with marine and Arctic bioactives which soothe and reduce the appearance of redness. This also is 99.6% natural which is great for those of you who love natural skincare. 

Concoction, Mixology Shampyou and Conditioner - This is brand new, it's described as 'hair care where you call the shots'. Interesting huh?! With so many hair care products on the market, it's important that new things bring something unique to the table and boy does this do precisely that. On Concoction's website you can 'mix' your own shampoo. You simply 'concoct' and make your own shampoo. It's like you're making a cocktail, but for your hair, no calories ey. You choose the fragrance, then choose shots to add into it and then you mix it and shake. It's the first shampoo that you can customise, this is seriously cool. It puts the fun back into hair care. Plus, these ones above smell absolutely delicious. My hair smells and looks amazing.

Alphabet lights from Out There Interiors - I had to feature these gorgeous lights which have been featured on a few blog posts recently as so many of you asked about them when I uploaded a photograph to instagram. Yes they’ve been blended into the background on a lot of my previous posts but look how gorgeous they are, they can blend or stand out, it's up to you. They even light up. I have plans to do a bedroom post soon but I’m getting my whole house renovated at the moment so as soon as my bedroom looks good enough for you, I’ll show you them again, I think I may put them up on my wall as they’ll look cool. They were kindly given to me by OutThereInteriors who stock the most beautiful modern furniture and I absolutely love the site. I’ve just also found out that they’re the official supplier of furniture in the Big Brother House, which is so cool. I absolutely hate Big Brother (sorry!) but the house is incredible, so quirky and cool.  These are £75.00 per letter,  they’re made of fine porcelain and they’re so big, they really give your room the WOW factor. So excited to have these in my life and can't wait to show you them when I've styled them up. 

Mallzee Personal Online Shopping - Last but certainly not least, something a bit different, but I've seen that Tanya Burr includes her favourite iphone apps and things on her favourite lists, so I thought I'd do the same. Laptops are a huge part of every day life, especially if you have a blog, and so many of us are turning to online shopping now. That's why I've decided that Mallzee is my favourite website in June. Mallzee is described as 'shopping built just for you'. They believe that shopping should be as unique as you and that's why they put you through a short quiz to suss out your style (a bit like a personal shopper that doesn't cost you thousands). You then build your own mall by choosing your favourite retailers, it's your own virtual and tidy wardrobe. As if this isn't good enough, their stylist also recommends clothes to go with your choices. As well as this, you can shop with your friends in real-time so you won't feel bad for adding that extra dress to your bag. There is so much more about Mallzee that I can't even list it all, so because I love it so much, they're giving my readers free VIP membership to use the website - just click on the link and they'll sign you up for VIP. Aren't we lucky?! You can thank me later. 

What are you loving this month? Have you used any of these products?
Lots of love, Em x

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  1. Love the letters!, But they're so expensive.. :( Also is that new packaging for Barry M?, I didn't think it was a product from that brand at first! xx

    1. Yeah they are gorgeousss. I guess it must be! Never seen it before but I like it! xxxx

  2. AWESOME review! The Barry M blush is so pretty!! I also love the quad!

    1. Thanks so much, yeaaaaah i love the blush! xxx

  3. that shampoo and condition is soo cool, is it an online website and how much are they roughly/ xoxoox

    1. Hey yeah it is, about £9.00 from what i can remember:) launching in Selfridges soon! xxxx

  4. Oh those letters are cool but not in my budget haha! Also love the sound of making your own shampoo and going to check out that website now!

    1. They're really cool! yeah loveee the shampoo soo much! xx

  5. I am loving it all but mostly your pictures

  6. wow!i absolutely LOVE your blog design and posts! Keep up the GREAT work!!<3 xx peach

  7. thanks for sharing. great post.

  8. Em I do love your blog,it's gorgeous. I always read every post!

  9. Some great picks! :)

    Kelly x

  10. Love the letters! Might get some for when I move into Uni halls at the end of the year!!

    Check out my June favourites :)

  11. great tips, thank you :)



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