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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Boohoo Festival Style, Win Festival Tickets

When I was contacted by Boohoo to make my own festival outfit (and tell you all how to win some festival tickets this Summer) I was ridiculously excited. I love festivals, hopefully I’ll be doing Creamfields this year and if I ever pluck up the courage, I hope to go to something exciting abroad one day. I’m thinking Tomorrowland if I can ever get my hands on a ticket. For as long as I can remember I have gone to Leeds Festival, since I was in year 7 I think, that’s like 6 years or something crazy. I just love the atmosphere of festivals and the fact that I can wear nice pretty festival outfits. So now is your chance to see me try my hands at DIY(and maybe get your hands on some festival tickets), lets just say, I’m not the tidiest of people…

So Boohoo sent me a pretty plain over sized tee. To be honest, I wanted to keep it how it was and not decorate it. It fits me like a dress as it’s a size 12 so I  ripped it a little bit on the shoulder so that I can wear it as an off the shoulder dress at a festival.


I was sent lots of pretty little things to play around with, it felt like Christmas again. First, I thought I’d cover the neckline in studs and go for the grungy look, but I gave up when I realised how difficult it was to clip these studs on with my fingers. I’m not the most patient of people and I quickly gave up.

It did look quite cool, but I got bored and gave up and pulled most of them off. It wouldn’t be cool going to a festival and these falling off would it? Nope, back to the drawing board…

When I first saw these sparkly bead like sequins I thought, no I wont use any of them, ew not cool, but, once I got sticking, I was left wishing that I had enough of these to cover the whole shirt (soon to be dress).  I went for a yellow and red pattern to begin with, then kind of played around and just stuck them in random lines until it created some kind of pattern, only because I ran out of the colours boo.

I did one of the shoulders, just along the arm. Cute huh? It wasn't how I wanted it, but I worked with what I was given...


I got a bit carried away with the fabric paint and drew a massive sparkly blue line all the way around the dress. It’s never going to dry. I kind of gave up on making an outfit that i'd wear and just got carried away with the glitter and the beads. I felt like I was in nursery again.

I was surprised at how nice the sequins actually looked on the 'dress'. The colours are so vibrant. Probably too vibrant for Leeds Festival, definitely more Cochella.

The finished product? Well I suppose this off the shoulder dress looks a bit like it has a large sequined bib covering the front of it. It's quite cool and a bit River Island. I’d like to see what this would look like fully covered in these beads though, very All Saints. I don’t think I’ll be a dress designer anytime soon.

You can win concert tickets by entering the competition here: good luck!

Are you going to any festivals this year? Whats your favourite festival style? This year, i'm thinking denim shorts, and over sized lace tops and make up? I'll be going for the neutral BB cream look.
Lots of love, Em x

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  1. This looks really good, I love the gemstones! I'm going to Wireless, Lovebox and EDC so I'm thinking neon but it depends on the weather as it rained at Wireless last year. Enjoy Leeds festival x

    1. Aw thanks glad you like it. They;re gorgeous aren't they. Aahhh so jealous! xxx

  2. I agree completely, such a nice idea for a blog post xoxox

  3. so cute! this is so cute! I wish I could do this! hahaha

  4. Looks really cute - I am not brave enough to DIY my clothing but maybe I should :) x

  5. This is such a great DIY! You're such a crafty person, I love it!

    Verena xx

  6. That looks sooooo great!
    Cute Idea! :)




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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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