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Friday, 7 June 2013

Private Dining at The Pink Shed

The Pink Shed is a very exciting little thing. When I was invited here, I jumped at the chance to attend, but I was very confused, I was going to visit a pink shed yet wasn't allowed to know what food would be cooked for me or who the restaurant was who cooked for me. I would also be sat around one table with 7 other strangers. Risky,exciting and somewhat scary. Find out what it was like private dining in the heart of one of the busiest shopping centres, I'd like to introduce you to something that is revolutionary, scrumptious, glamorous yet relaxing all rolled into one; Come on in and experience the magic behind, The Pink Shed. Dining will never be the same again.
From above, passers by can see into the shed.

It literally is just a shed, in the middle of a shopping centre.
Yes, I was obviously excited to be here. It's pink and it serves food, whats not to love?
Mac; Zara | Dress; Zara | Bag; Zara | Belt;Topshop | Lipstick;Arbonne (Oops such a Zara Lover).

 The decor is every girls dream, glamorous, sophisticated yet bright and welcoming. We were taken aback when we walked inside, I didn't expect to see something so beautiful in such a small place.

Me and Jack were seated, our coats taken and our wine poured. In front of us was a menu. Flannels were cooking for us. Flannels is sort of like Harvey Nichols so I knew it would be top notch food. Small portion sizes, but perfect presentation and flavours. Around us were 6 other random people, that's the fun with the pink shed, you dine with total strangers. It was like a bloggers Come Dine With Me.

Wine on tap. 

 Starter, as delicious as it looks. Anything with chutney in it has a place in my heart.

Lamb for main. I ate a kidney and I didn't even realise. Yes! My tastebuds have reached new levels. 

Dessert, oh my.

I was very happy with my dessert.  
The main chef explained why he created the dishes that he did, this was a nice touch as in a restaurant you don't get to speak to the head chef. The price to eat in The Pink Shed is £20.00 per person but this is subsidised by Trinity Leeds, so you actually get so much more than the £20.00. A three course meal, great company and lots of drinks for £20.00, almost unheard of in todays climate.

Round 2, I liked the Pink Shed so much that I decided to force my family to book out all 8 seats for round 2. Me and Jack needed to go again. (Inside there is just one table with 8 seats on it, so I thought, hey fam, lets book the whole thing out and go crazy). I needed my family to experience the surreal world of the Pink Shed and so we did.

First it was cocktail hour and we got down to some tequila testing. I don't really like tequila (being a student, it just reminds me of dangerous nights out and horrible hangovers), part of me wishes thatit was actual cocktails, but it's the luck of the draw and you don't know what you're going to get when you book in the Pink Shed.

We got to make our own margaritas (I am now a pro when it comes to cocktail making), and to my pleasure, got to keep the cocktail shakers and the glasses. Hooray to lots of cocktail themed posts coming your way soon. I had far too much fun shaking the night away.

It was really fun, my Grandma was knocking the tequila shots back better than any fresher I've ever seen. Jack must think my family were crazy. Oh, lets go for a meal and tequila testing. Yeah,  I have a pretty cool family.

Next up, food. The main event. Carluccios were cooking for us and they made us an Italian tapas. 

There was more food than this, but I was thinking with my stomach and sort of forgot to photograph it all. But, from what you can see, yes, it was delicious. My perfect meal. Italian and tapas.

Happy Birthday Mummy. Seriously the best person ever.


I left the Pink Shed feeling a mixture of exhaustion, excitement and genuine disbelief that I had just been eating in such a sophisticated shed. I honestly felt like I'd been to Narnia through a magic wardrobe and back again in one night. The Pink Shed is like Mary Poppins bag, tiny, with everything you could never imagine and more inside it. It's electric, exciting and just unbelievable. It feels like a complete dream once you walk out of it, because it's such a surreal idea. I just wish that you could all experience it too. Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre and Chilled Events, Bravo. You've outdone yourselves. Dining, will never be the same again.
Lots of love, Em x
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  1. This place looks so cool and exciting!
    Lucia x

  2. This place looks absolutely amazing and I love the fact that it's pink! I wanna go to somewhere like that now!
    Sarah xxx

  3. The food looks absolute divine Em! Thanks for sharing :)

    XOXO Sade

  4. The food looks delicious! And loving the pink shed!


    Anyway, I wanted to personally invite you to enter my Sephora & Zoya giveaway!

    Xo, Michelle

    1. Me toooooo i want to go again! thanks lovely xxx

  5. This seems like such a cool idea - they should have these in London! x

    Raves 'nd Ramblings
    I'm also on bloglovin'.

  6. That concept sounds really cool! I've never really heard about anything like it, but I'd love to try it out. And £20 for a whole evening? That's just perfect! ;-) x

    1. It's so surreal i've never heard of it either, crazy really! Yeah aha, how fabulous! x

  7. This looks like a great concept, I'll definitely give it a go!

  8. It all looks so elegant

  9. oh my gosh! this is such a fab idea.

  10. That's such a cool idea! Not entirely sure I'd go regularly because I'm definitely a menu checker, haha, but it'd be nice for a bit of a surprise one evening :). Michaela xoxo

    1. Haha me too, but yeah it was sooo nice for a change xxx

  11. My boyfriend is a chef at Flannels and worked at The Pink Shed, such a proud moment reading such a great review!

  12. Aw Em, these pictures are lovely :) love the ones with your family! Food looks so yummy - wish I lived in Leeds so I could try it out!

    Scarlett xx



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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