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Friday, 31 May 2013

Pamper Time: Aromatherapy Associates Review

As a beauty blogger I often come across new brands and just get super excited, and this week, I am guilty of this. I work next door to a Space NK so I have no idea why I have never come across Aromatherapy Associates before, I have heard about them, but not sure why I haven't ever used them. When these gorgeous products landed in my post box I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Not only is the packaging to die for, they smell luxurious but mainly, these products actually work. Hooray for good looking, extremely good products. If you’re in need of a pamper, whether that’s pre-holiday, pre-prom or just a cheeky little mid week pamper then read on…

Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil. It’s the packaging of these that does it for me, they come in beautiful little boxes and would make the most gorgeous gifts. I think I’ll be buying these for people at Christmas time (lets not think about that, it’s months away) but I must remember to get these as gifts, they just look so special. The bath and shower oils are not only attractive, but they are super special as oils because they smell so good and make your skin feel so good, not to mention how good they'll look in any bathroom. Ornamental and smelly. I think I may have to leave the lid off one to make my room smell nice.

First up is the Revive morning bath and shower oil. I love how these double up as bath and shower oil. It’s easy to find a bath oil but not so easy to find a shower oil. I’m always busy so rarely have the time to bathe anymore, I do love long showers though so these are perfect for me. When it says that this is refreshing, it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This really does wake you up on  tired mornings, it smells so strong, but not in a sickening way, it is a nice kinda strong and you will get used to it. You put it on your body before you get in the shower and then lather yourself. I promise you that you'll instantly feel clean and fresh. Ready to face any challenges.

If you’re doing exams or having a stressful week then this is the product for you. Aromatherapy Associates de-stress mind bath and shower oil is the kind of thing that you’d expect to see in a spa whilst having a massage. This is the ultimate pamper treat, ultimate tranquility should be this products new name. It smells good enough to eat and you just want to fall asleep after using it. I'm looking forward to having some free time and bathing with this beauty.

I am always told that my skin is dehydrated, so this is obviously the perfect face mask for me, anything that says 'hydrating' is what I need in my life. What more could someone with dehydrated skin want? The hydrating rose face mask. It's designed to be a deeply hydrating mask which restores vital moisture to dry skin. I noticed a change in my skin after using this once for ten minutes, I'm going to use it twice a week and then report back, but the radiance of my skin really has improved which is just what I want for Summer. Dull skin is out, bright skin is in. It was weird because my skin did actually 'drink' this. Must have been thirsty.

Relax, body wash. Funnily enough, I did feel imemditely relaxed when I used this body wash. I don’t understand how it works, but it does. It sort of turns my shower into a spa, it just smells delicious plus, it's so aesthetically pleasing and looks incredible on the shelf in my shower. It smells so good and relaxes me like never before, I never ever want it to run out. Why can’t all body washes look this pretty? It's so good to be able to recreate the spa feeling at home, it's easy to do that in a bath but much more difficult in a shower, this product gets 5 gold stars for making showering a better experience.

I put this on after I've used the face mask, it moisturises and renews my skin instantly. I have noticed a complete different in the radiance of my skin, the smoothness and just how bright and fresh it looks and feels. Talk about complimenting myself. I have felt so much more confident without make up since using this miracle oil. If you follow me on instagram you'll have seen me sporting my new BB creams with all the confidence in the world, well, that's thanks to this little pot. I feel like it gives me such a nice glow and even helps make up application because it makes the skin so smooth. I doubt I will ever run out of this as you only need the tiniest bit, your skin literally drinks it up.  At first, it feels so weird putting oil on your skin, but it hasn't made my skin oily in the slightest. It's great for travelling too as it easily slips into any bag, it's the perfect size. I recently took it on a trip to London for the Lipsy VIP Awards. I was so happy to have it with me after such a hectic late night.So overall, I am ridiculously impressed with all of my Aromatherapy Associates products. They look incredible, work well, smell insanely beautiful and would make the most perfect gifts for any lady (or they also do a mens range - parfait!) Have you ever used Aromatherapy Associates? Love Em xPS. It would be insane if you could nominate me as 'best new beauty blog' in the Cosmopolitan blog awards 2013 if you feel like it! I can't thank you enough. PSPS. My immensley talented big brother (Adam Sheldon) has been shortlisted to win MTV's Student Of The Year competition, if you could take one second to vote for him here then we'd be so grateful!

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  1. These look lovely products and such pretty bottles too!

    1. Gorgeous bottles! I love this branad:) xxx

  2. Hey my dear! you have a wonderful blog with great pictures! would you like to follow eachother? let me know by a comment on my blog :)


  3. These look lovely! I always find something I need to buy from reading your fab blog!

    Love Hanxxx

  4. I've never tried anything from the brand and now I want everything haha! You always make me wanna go shop! :) I will be definitely getting some of these goodies, fab post hun! <3

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. Haha, i'm the same, I love it all now. So excited. Thanks! Glad you like it xxx

  5. Love the green nailpolish, so pretty! :)
    (new blog post: 20 facts about me!)

  6. I've tried the aromatherapy line from Bath and Body works, and I love that so definitely interested in trying this!
    Penny Rose

    1. Aw that sounds interesting! Yeah it's really good! xxx

  7. could definitely do with that De-stress mind oil haha.
    Great post. :)

    Charlotte xx

  8. Great post! I'm a new follower, and IM OBSESSED! Thanks so much for sharing! It would mean the world to us if you checked out our blog! <3 Have a lovely day!



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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