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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Get a Summer glow, TOP TANS AND TOP TIPS

Friday Evening- The theme of today is FAKE TAN.
I think most people like the feeling of been tanned, I definitely do. Although, I much prefer a real tan to a fake tan. When I have a real tan it seems to last me ages and I always love how brown I go. I'm lucky that my family tan so well I think I have quite a good tanning gene. I'm sure some suntan creams tan me better than others though! I used Piz Buin this year and Im sure it just blocked the rays from tanning me!
Most people when they have gorgeous deep tans and I ask how? They say the same thing; sun beds. I've never used one and I never want to. Firstly they scare me and seem highly claustrophobic. Secondly I know i'd get addicted and thirdly, I do NOT want skin cancer so what's the point when I can just use fake tan.

Here are some inspirational images of beautiful tans, **warning**, they will make you want to go and put some tan on or go on holiday now!  Afterwards, I'll talk to you about the fake tans I rate and the fake tans that I hate!

i like my tan like this. The girl 3rd from the left and the girl 2nd from tthe right. Love it that deep and golden. They have enhanced it here by wearing white bikinis, white (a block colour) is renound for making you look more tanned.

Bright colours are also well known for making you look more tanned. Coral is a popular one, a lot of people choose coral nail varnish as it makes your tan pop out.

Here again she has a nail varnish which makes her tan stand out alot more. I love this girls tan but on me i'd look stupid because i'm bleach blonde, this goes really well because she's dark haired anyway.

This is the perfect tan, i'd love to move to australia so that I could get like this.


I love a healthy tan to the face.

This is perfect and golden.

Bright bikinis are really good for making your tan stand out more.

White is definately one of the best to make you look more tanned.

Coral once again, literally makes her tan look incredible!

Bright colours again! 

Love this outfit and tan!

I used to use St. Tropez, I used it because it was recommended to me by most of my friends. From what I can remember it was extocionate, it was around £15-20+ a bottle. This didn’t used to seem too bad but it’s the fact that I used a full can of it for one application and for that price I can pay for a spray tan which is more even and lasts longer.

Then we all discovered St. Moriz, obviously a mockery of the above. However, this ranges from £2.99 to £4.99 and mark my words, It is the best fake tan ever invented. Apart from the horrid fake tan smell, as long as you wash it off the next morning youll be fine. It looks dirty and not very even when I put it on, but everytime I wash it off it looks perfect. I love it! It’s perfectly deep the colour is gorgeous. *BEST BUY* *MUST HAVE*

In St Moriz I prefer to use the spray can version because it seems more moisturizing,I stand in my shower and literally drench myself in it, like a spray tan and it always goes so golden!

Fake Bake is another high end fake tan range, I used to buy it from Harvey Nichols. However, it is very good. It’s moisturising too as it’s a nice lotion.

***TIP*** After I’ve washed my fake tan off, to keep it dark I always put a tanning moisturiser over the top for the next few days. My faves are;

Dove Summer Glow

Garnier Summer Body

These two are really good and have the moisturising effect that Fake Bake has. They only gradually tan but they tend to make the fake tan underneath look more glowing and golden, which I really like.Also, they keep the tan topped up and stop it from flaking. They're only a couple of quid as well!

Tanning the face; I use the two above to do my face as well because I feel really dirty if I put actual fake tan on my face, I think with these been moisturising they give you the right amount of glow on your face and don't cause blemishes.

I use a tanning mit to apply my fake tan and have a quick exfoliation in the shower before hand.

Hope this has inspired you all to either get a holiday booked or put some fake tan on! Comments are more than welcome I love hearing from you all.



  1. i loveeeee bikinis!! they are so very gorgeous for beach time!!

    Dont miss my 4 HARVEY PRINCE PERFUMES Worldwide giveaway :)

  2. Lovely blog! New follower :D

  3. thank you :)
    btw i've bought it in a OVS store, in the Essence stand :)

  4. I really wish i naturally tanned, but for now i will just e using these to trick everybody! Thanks for the great blog post :) xx

  5. That is such a nice post!! I looove the pictures and I love to be tanned unless it isn't harmful for my body :) I like your blog!! greetings

  6. The best tan you can get its in mi country...came to Portugal and follow mi blog
    Passa no meu blog pois há novidades este fim de semana
    Beijos charmosos

  7. Interesting post! I've never used a tanning bed either, but luckily for me my skin is already very tan! But I agree with you, stay away from the beds, who needs them when you have all the fake tans!

  8. i have to tan i love it! :) st moriz is amazing and such a good price!! i allways stock up on it!:)

    check out my blog -

    love from a new follower xoxo

  9. I love all of this!


  10. I use the dark St Moriz mousse and wouldn't bother using anything else really because it is that GOOD !

    Great post , makes me miss my natural tan though : [

    x .

  11. Hi baby i love your blog
    İ join your log
    Pls join my blog too

  12. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! def have always wanted to go to a tanning place and ask to get a tan! just to see what the ladies at the front desk say...LoL

  13. me gusto mucho tu blog!!!! :D Muy bonito te espero por el mio :D Saluditos! te sigo ;)

  14. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. I enjoy having a tan and feel better about myself. I tan and also self tan. One of my favorite self tanners is beautisol. :)

  15. Vem para o Brazil, onde moro se bronzear é fácil - olha minha cidade (Salvador -

    meu email - [email protected]

  16. Oh wow I've been using St. Tropez for over a year now, so ready to try some new ones out! I think I'll try to find the St. Moriz :)



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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