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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Foundation; Tried and Tested

Tuesday Evening - Hello everyone! So today I went shopping. See my purchases soon when my phone lets me upload them! Apparently I've used up my blogger photo allowances?! I got a maxi skirt, a few crop tops and the most incredible dress EVER! Now onto the theme of today which is FOUNDATION. 

Foundation is needed in everyones life. I didn't start wearing it until year ten! Even though now girls wear it when they are like twelve! I think I was about 15 when I started wearing it! Whooops! I've used lots of foundations so here I am going to show you my regulars as well as giving them abit of a review.


The amazing foundation as worn by Kim Kardashian. Click on that link to see my previous article about how to do your make up like Kim Kardashian.

This is an amazing foundation, seriously. It was expensive, around 40 euros if I recall correctly but it's just so light even though it's a medium-full coverage foundation.
What they say; 'The MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion products use innovative formulas to create a new generation of make up which is both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye. The HD Foundation is an oil-free medium-to-full coverage liquid foundation which covers skin imperfections, while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life. Its extremely fine texture is supple and easy to apply. Enriched with moisturizing agents, it leaves the skin soft and radiant. It is available in a wide range of shades to suit all skin tones. '

Even though it looks heavy, It doesnt feel heavy which Is what I like. It feels like it's helping your skin and its really moisturising. It gives it a nice glow. I reaaaally love it! I wish I bought some more as its only available abroad sorry Uk girlies xxxx


My favourite brand in the world. if you dont use Mac cosmetics, then sorry but what is wrong with you. My whole make up bag is mac, seriously. I pretty much have every item! I spend FAR too much money in the concession in Harvey Nichols. So, out of the large amount of foundations I have tried from them; here are my faveees!

 What they say; 'A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium-

buildable coverage

 with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15. Comfortable and long-wearing: lasts for up to eight 

hours. Applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily. Contains specially treated 

micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize 

the appearance of imperfections. Absorbs and disperses oil. Contains special skin-

conditioning ingredients. Oil free.' 

I do like this foundation however I dont undertstand how it's oil free as it is quite oily, 

naturally it has to be oily as it is a liquid. It does minimize imperfections and makes you look

 extremely 'make upped', not caked but just immaculate.

 However, if you do have imperfections I think it tends to make them more visible as it's oily

 and therefore they stand out more. I only wear this when i'm not having a bad skin day.

What they say; 'A creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium 

buildable to high

 coverage with a natural satin finish. Hydrating, instantly revitalizes the skin while 

keeping it looking smooth, soft and plush. Long-wearing, water-resistant.'

Now this is definately my favourite Mac foundation. Because it isn't oily it does work well with my skin, it makes it look quite flawless really. It also brightens the skin. I didn't realise it was water resistant and have allways wondered why it doesn't come off fully in the shower, this is a perk of it I suppose! I'd seriously try this if you want a good coverage, it's really worth the extra money.


Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup FPS 25 SPF - PA +++

A new generation of fusional wear, fluid foundation

I actually got this in a magazine, not the fully bottle of course, but just a little sample. I have never actually bought this foundation but have promised myself that one day I will do. It generally was incredible. If you want to look flawless, this is really it. It's actually perfect. Obviously the swab wasn't that big so I didn't wear it for long I just remember thinking oh my god, I need to get this. However, I do worry about Dior as I think that it is very heavy and perfumed, whether this is true or not I don't know but the foundation did seem incredible and is definitely one that I will be buying.

What they say; 'Its ultra-sensorial texture, bursting with made-to-measure perfecting skin care ingredients, melts into the skin for an absolutely perfect complexion that lasts all day long. The foundation blends seamlessly with the skin for a smoother, more even complexion day after day.'


Perfectly Real Makeup
I used to wear this foundation when I was younger, from what I remember it was incredible. Seriously! To say it's for sensitive skin and it's weightless it really is thick and creamy! It gives a brilliant coverage but doesn't feel like you're been naughty and wearing too much! It's sooo good for your skin too! Buy yourself this and see it as an investment! I also used to use it on my lips as a base, it was really nice because it's so thick on the lips.

What they say; 'Perfectly Real Makeup is a weightless foundation that provides the perfect match and a natural finish. Skin looks real but better. More even, perfected, healthy. It neutralizes redness, ruddiness and imperfections with just enough coverage that feels weightless on skin.'
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse foundation

What they say; 'Give your skin a powder-soft finish with this dreamy soft mousse colour. It glides on effortlessly for a barely there feel, and keeps the skin shine free all day long with a soft, natural-looking finish. Light-diffusing particles soften the appearance of fine lines for a luminous look, indoor or out. Fragrance free, this clever mousse not only provides beautiful coverage but knows where the skin needs to hold onto moisture, and where it needs to work on holiday back shine.'
I buy this foundation as an essential in my makeup bag. I have it for my 'bad skin days' if It's the time of thhe month or my skin is just not looking up to scratch I put this on, you generally cannot see through it. It's soo nice. It feels so light and airy. It is quite drying, but unlike MAC, it isn't oily at all, and if you put oily foundation over spots it just makes them look sooo much worse and so much more poignant. Thereforeeee, a moose just seems to get rid of imperfections completely; I dont know why but this foundation is just perfect!


What they say; 'Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup.

15-hour staying power. Flawless all day.

This worry-free, long-wearing foundation makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity. 

Won't change colour, smudge or come off on clothes. 

Feels lightweight and comfortable.

Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.'

I bought this because it was reccommended to me, and what a mistake that was. Okay so it's good and depends on what your skin is like, but I found that it just fell off my face, really badly. For example, i'd just be at school and i'd look in the mirror and it had actuaally SLID off my face. Hmm not a good look. I may revisit this foundation though and see if because my skin type has changed, maybe it'll work better with my skin now. We shall see- Watch this space!


What foundations do you reccommend?

YOU CAN'T HAVE A FOUNDATION WITHOUT A GOOD PRIMER AND A GOOD POWDER; I will write about these soon, watch this space!

Comments? I follow back.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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