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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

MAC TRENDS; What i'm reading

Monday evening - A lovely friend of mine passed this incredible style guide down to me. This month, it's going to be my guide to doing my make up. I'm so greaful that she passed it down to me, not only  does it look gorgeous in my bedroom, it's packed full of tips and trends. I wish I could say that MAC cosmetics gave me it and paid me to post about how incredible their products are, but sadly they didn't. MAC is my favourite brand (one of them) and if you are a regular reader I'm sure you're sick of me going on about the company! 
Anyway, enjoy looking at a few cheeky pictures from inside my guide to perfect trends!

Although it is the SS11 book, I think that it still applies this Spring. I'm sure you'll agree, be sure to take note of this inspiration.

'One bronzer, without sparkle.'
Got it. I actually use the mineralize one so i'm one step ahead ;)

Incredible skin effects = Studio sculpt foundation. Like in my review of this product, I explained how gelly it is. Here, they discuss why this is amazing and helps give you 'incredible skin effects'. They describe it as a 'gel-cream formula that's flawless but feels real and beautifully picks up light'. It 'instantly gives you that photo-shopped skin' and this is what we all want isn't it girlies?
I use this foundation and completely agree, it's outstanding.

I love this look ^ so pretty and neutral.

Play around with it.

Look at how her eyes pop. Wow.

Another one of my neutral faves.

Colours that make your eyes 'wow'

Be bold, don't be afraid.

Or this Spring, stay neutral and still look flawless.

Some of the many products that they used in the book;
Mac Gloss is amazing!
I use the mineralize skinfinish natural in shade medium-dark as my powder
I'd like to use the brow set and I have heard incredible things about the face and body foundation, great for when you need to blend your face with your chest, no one likes that pale face to tanned chest look, or vice versa!

 What I'd like for Easter, this big Mac brush please! They always sweep over my face with it in the shop and it gives a flawless finish.

I hope you've all enjoyed seeing a glimpse of what i'm reading this week.
I've got some exciting products to review for you all extremely soon!

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  1. Some great inspirations here xx



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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