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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My weekend - My outfit

Monday evening - I find it really hard to find time to post over the weekend as most of you are aware, I work pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday. When I get home I just sleep, then go out, then wake up and back to work! Then after work on a Sunday I have college work to do. It's a hard life! But seriously, the past week at 6th form has been horrendeous, i've done essay after essay. I think i'd much rather be in the working world. I finish on MAY 31ST FOREVER and cannot wait to start Uni and start living life!
Here are a couple of pictures to update you about what i've done this weekend!

On Saturday night it was my boyfriends best friends 21st.
I wore my cut out velvet maxi skirt with my H&M crop top. I actually straightened my hair for once. I haven't had it down for so long because i'm still trying to grow it like crazy and it has grown SO MUCH. I AM SO PROUD! I get it dyed again next week (thankgod) it's now been 12 months since I dyed the underneath, that's a record! I'm going blonde again but ccannntt wait to get it redone:)

Here is me and my boyfriend, he is in the white shirt:)
His friends messing around in the background.
Please note my sparkly wedges;)
Originally I put my fringe really far over and sweepy but then I bottled out and made it quite central.

Me and my bestie.
She wears my Quontom dress (available at Topshop and Selfridges)
It's backless, not that you can see on this photo but it's gorgeous.
I like my hair colour on this photo.
I have hardly any eye make up on though!

Here we are posing in the kitchen.

And one more shot of me and my boyfriend :)

What did you all do this weekend?
Is everyone excited for Easter?


  1. You look amazing x

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  2. I love the dress! It is very true that it is huge at the bust, and that is saying something as I am a D cup. Though it will need alterations to adjust for my body dimensions
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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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