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Friday 20 September 2019

Quick And Easy Egg, Banana + Baking Soda Pancake recipe

Egg, Banana + Baking Soda Pancake recipe
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I saw the recipe for egg, banana and baking soda pancakes on Instagram and knew immediately I needed to make this recipe work for me. I consider myself fully influenced haha and I love anything tasty, healthy but easy too. I hate faffing and weighing things out and prefer to quickly throw things in and then eat. I love sharing my healthy recipes (my healthy banana bread recipe is the latest) and I know you guys love my original healthy easy vegan pancake recipe but thought today I’d blog the perfected egg, banana and baking soda pancake recipe. Apologies this pancake recipe isn’t vegan as it uses eggs but it’s a quick and easy pancake recipe and once you’ve got the knack it’s super tasty. I'm also aware it isn't the prettiest BUT they taste nice.

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healthy 3 ingredient pancake recipe

This is my 5th time making these pancakes now and I’ve done a lot of trial and errors with this recipe, I posted on Instagram about the recipe and everyone said they’d had difficulties getting it right to begin with, but once you persevere and get it right, it’s worth it. When I used 1 egg for this recipe and didn’t put the mixture in my blender this just tasted like an omelette, then it turned into scrambled eggs rather than pancakes and so on. But I feel like I’ve nailed this easy pancake recipe below.

Egg, Banana and Baking Soda Pancake recipe

You will need:

- 2x eggs (Clarence Court worked exceptionally well) - I personally found when trialling this recipe that 2x eggs work way better than 1

- Two heaped spoonfuls of oats (it isn’t in the original recipe but trust me, this makes it work way better) - you can definitely do it without, but I personally find a few oats works but kinda defeats the objective of the recipe needing no ingredients by adding them in!

- I use the 1 kcal oil spray for my pan

- Baking soda (I just put half a spoonful in and throw it in)

- 1x banana

- Optional... you can add in cinnamon or chocolate chips or whatever you fancy topping the pancakes with

1 egg banana and baking soda pancake mixture


Put the eggs, baking soda, banana and oats into a blender, I use a  Nutribullet

Blitz it all together. I originally tried this recipe without blitzing it together and just used and old school wooden spoon and trust me, it was basically a banana omelette. The pancakes come out perfect if you whizz it all up first, it creates the ideal think pancake batter.

healthy pancake batter

Once you’ve got a nice pancake batter, ensure your pan is hot but not too hot. I spray oil before each pancake and only do one pancake at a time.

I also tried doing one big pancake because it's way quicker but it was too hard to flip so instead it works better if you make a few small round pancakes.

Once you've got the knack, they'll be perfect and they're so quick to do! Literally throw the ingredients in your Nutribullet and then pancake them up. I'd say these pancakes are a little thicker than a crepe but they taste really good, no matter how ugly they may look. I'm getting better at making them look like perfect round little pancakes too and I have my instagram audience to thank for all sending me so many tips at perfecting this recipe! 2 eggs, a medium heat pan, smaller pancakes and some added oats definitely does the trick with this one!

Taaadaaa, enjoy!

Top your mini pancakes with honey (I love Manuka Dr honey) , Nutella, chocolate (you could always use a vegan refined sugar free chocolate such as Ombar or Cox & Co superfood delicious refined sugar free chocolate and instead if you're needing a drizzle of the good stuff on top) whatever you fancy but I actually find these ones taste lovely by themselves although I’m partial to some strawberries on top and then STACK THEM HIGH! I need at least 6 haha. 

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Lots of love, Em x

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