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Monday 23 July 2018

Mid-Year Reflections + Thoughts

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How is it July already? 2018 is flying by and you might not wanna hear this right now but umm it's basically Christmas. Okay, I may be telling a little white lie but we are already past half way through the year and that is pretty crazy. If you read my 23 things I’ve learnt blog post, you’ll probably know I enjoy reflecting, making goals and planning for the future. With it being 2018 already, I thought I’d write a blog post with a little look at what 2018 has taught me so far in the hopes that this inspires you. 
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Life is too short - I already knew this after seeing so many innocent people lose their lives to violence and vile illnesses but this year more than anything, I’ve truly realised just how short life is. Make the most of it. I know it's easier said than done but every day is a blessing.

No dream is too big -
We all have dreams and so often people are quick to shoot them down. I was ridiculed for starting my blog and I’m fortunate enough to call it part of my career now. I’m so glad I kept pushing and fighting for my dreams and I really do believe in the quote 'no dream is too big'. Every morning you have two choices, continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them!

Cutting out negativity really does work - At the start of the year, I decided to consciously remove the people who make me feel negative/anxious from my life. If you read my blog post about negativity you’ll probably be aware of this. Looking back, I feel so much happier now those people aren’t in my life. I have a zero tolerance rule now for people who make me feel unworthy or just pretty crappy about myself. Cut the cord, you don’t need that type of negativity in your life.  I know it's cliche but negativity breeds negativity and usually if someone doesn't have anything nice to say it's because they're fighting a battle with themselves, not you - which almost makes it harder as I personally don't want people to be fighting internal battles either. It’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to be negative, no-one is perfect and we all have bad days but it isn’t okay to make someone feel dreadful. If someone isn’t giving you good vibes and makes you feel anxious every time you see them on your timeline/open your phone then it might be time to block, remove and mute. 

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Stay in your lane - There’s a quote that says ‘work hard in silence and let success be your noise’ and I strongly believe in it. Often it's better to stay in your own lane, focus on you, your goals and your story rather than get too absorbed in what everyone else is doing.

Strength comes in all shapes and sizes - Strength is different for all of us, don’t put down someone else's achievements because they feel like nothing in comparison to yours. For some people, they feel strong because they lifted weights, for others, waking up every day is a strength in itself. I've really realised this year just how personal a goal is. Don't knock your own achievements at the side of someone elses, we are all just trying our best in life.

Be kind and considerate - I do always try to preach the idea of being kind. It’s such a simple thing and a smile or a compliment can easily make someone's day, it was only recently when I filmed a video about my top productivity hacks that I realised how many people can’t do certain things many take for granted, eg, exercising. It’s made me want to be more understanding, considerate and learn more about people who are facing battles we know nothing about. Invisible illnesses very much exist and whilst you may judge a seemingly young, fit and healthy teen for taking the lift, you have no idea what they're battling. A little kindness goes a long way. 

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Never take anything for granted - Following on from the above, it’s taught me to never take anything for granted. Seeing the person closest to me have the ability to exercise taken away from him made me realise that it’s important to be grateful for the little things in life, such as using my legs, going to the gym and being able to lift weights. So many people can’t do that. I no longer say 'I hate my body' I am kind to my body as it keeps me alive and keeps me strong and healthy.

Care for your elders - As my grandparents are getting older, I find myself declining weekend events to spend time with them. I never want to live life with any regrets and wish I saw them more. I sit and I listen to them and learn from them, they can be difficult at times but I love them with all my heart and would spend every day with them if I could.

You never know what battles someone is facing -
You really don’t know what battles people are facing so don’t ever judge. Be kind and gentle.

Listen - I’ve learnt to listen more. I am a talkaholic but by lending an ear to someone, you can learn so much. Everyone has a story and that’s what’s fascinating about our world. I sit on trains and want to ask people what their story is haha. I truly think we are so absorbed in our own lives (which is normal) but recently, for example, I put my phone down in the taxi and listened to the taxi driver and his incredible stories, adventures and life. He inspired me so much and I'm glad I took the time to talk to him rather than scroll on my phone. 

It's never too late to learn - It's definitely never too late to learn. I've always wanted to understand health and fitness more and finally took the leap and have started a personal training course (through TrainFitness) I am completely out of my comfort zone, it's so challenging but you know what? Our brains are clever little things and this year, I want to learn more, educate myself more on things I didn't study in the past and do more research on things. You only live once!

So there we have it, a quick little post about things I’ve learnt so far this year or things I’m continuing to learn. Do you agree with any of my points? Have you learnt anything that’s stood out to you this year?

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