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Monday 16 July 2018

Miami Beach Travel Diary + Nobu Hotel Miami Review

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I've been fortunate enough to visit Miami a few times now and I feel so happy every time I get to go back, not only because Miami is an amazing place, but also because one of my friends lives there and it's a pleasure to catch up with him too. I am fortunate enough to have friends dotted around in different places in the world meaning they can always give me the best tours of new places. If you're a long time EmTalks reader, you'll know I've already written up a Miami travel guide so if you are looking for a what to do in Miami style post, you need to read that first! Once again, I had such an epic time in Miami and thought it would only be right to do a little photo diary and talk to you about this trip and in my opinion the best hotel in Miami, Nobu Miami
Nobu hotel miami
nobu hotel miami beach

zen suite nobu
suite nobu hotel miami

nobu miami suite

It was Matt's first time in Miami and I wanted him to fall in love with this beautiful place as much as I did. We had 4 nights and 5 days so more than enough time to see a few sights and eat a few meals (the most important part in my opinion haha). Miami is a place where you can have a beach break and city break rolled into one. The majority of the hotels stretch along Collins Av and you've got the beach at one side and city at the other. This time I stayed in the Nobu hotel and I have to say, it was one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in. Last year I stayed at the adjoined Eden Roc which shares facilities and both are exceptional but the rooms at Nobu Miami are modern and quite frankly, breathtaking. From the moment we walked into the hotel we were taken care of and as you can see from the photos, you truly couldn't get a better room. I cannot recommend this hotel enough.

views from nobu miami

Miami Beach sunset

Miami Beach guide
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The view from our balcony was epic too and we spent most mornings relaxing and enjoying views of Miami from above, to be honest, after our trip to Dallas we were so exhausted we needed Miami afterwards as more of a chilled trip. That's what I'd say about Miami, it's really chilled. It's not like New York where you could see 10 new tourist attractions per day, it's just a fun place.

nobu Miami pool
 It goes without saying that the beach and pool area of the Nobu Miami beach is incredible and you walk straight out onto the beach so you really are in a prime position on Collins Av. We would walk down the boardwalk every morning but you can taxi around Miami too and it's not expensive to do so. My favourite part? They just built a Malibu Farm inside the hotel grounds meaning you can get delicious, healthy food every single day. Miami is exceptional for food anyway but now I don't have to go to Malibu for my Malibu Farm fix. If you've read any of my blog posts I'm sure you'll know I'm massively into healthy eating, but healthy food that tastes naughty. I don't want to eat a lettuce leaf. Malibu Farm do the yummiest, healthy pancakes, waffles, pizzas and more so I will most definitely be heading back to the Nobu Miami hotel as it means I can head there for a healthy breakfast every morning before starting my day in Miami. Oh, did I also mention you get to sit by the ocean whilst eating? When can I move in forever?

Malibu farm miami
malibu farmmiami Malibu farmwhite button up dress
white button dress

Miami travel diary

guide to miami

miami the betsy
Usually, on trips, I'm straight out of the hotel as soon as the sun rises and straight outside exploring but we struggled to leave the Nobu hotel as our room was so spectacular (oh and that bed was like a gigantic cloud hugging me every morning). Eventually, we headed for a stroll and Miami, you're still perfect. Most of the tourists stick to the Ocean Drive, Lincoln Mall and Collins Av parts. Just like anywhere, there are some quite sketchy parts to Miami so unless I'm with my friends who would drive me around if they wanted to show me somewhere, I stick to the safer tourist areas. There's a place in Miami called 'Wyndwood' and the first time I visited about 5 years ago it was very up and coming, I think it's a little bit safer now for tourists and it's definitely a cool artsy area worth checking out. 

asos stripe beach dress

miami beach
The best thing about staying at a good hotel in Miami is the fact that you get prime sun loungers included, otherwise, they will cost you so much money. This time around, we had a beach day and it was so nice to just relax. I'm a massive workaholic and let myself get overly stressed so it was gonna to just sit with a drink and soak up some Miami sun.

nobu hotel miami

We all know just how much I adore coconut water (Vita Coco, I'm looking at you) particularly in hot weather as it's full of electrolytes and helps to hydrate. Miami is incredibly humid so I always had one in my bag for extra hydration when we were walking. I did cheat on Vita and enjoyed a Nobu special coconut water cocktail! I'm definitely gonna try recreate this at home, coconut water isn't just for breakfast or post workout! 

This time, there were many outfit changes. This girl had to get those Instagram shots.

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topshop casual shirt

topshop green paper bag skirt
I mean, I'm just glad this shirt finally came back in stock, it's the perfect 'throw on with a bikini' 'throw on with a skirt' 'throw on with jeans' 'throw on with everything' shirt. Oh and look at how calm and perfect Miami beach is before dinner. It's well worth taking your sandals off and walking down the white sand on your way to dinner. Shirt online here. 

Miami museum of ice cream

topshop linen dress
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We were desperate to head into the famous Miami museum of ice cream but it was so expensive for entry so instead, we wandered to Lincoln Road mall to do some shopping. Note: It's way too hot and sweaty to do anything in Miami in the Summer heat other than drink coconut water by the pool/beach/in an air conned room so we quickly gave this up as a bad idea. I'd always suggest going to Lincoln Road at night when it's *a little* cooler. Make sure you check out Dylan's candy store, it's my fave. 

For our final night, we had the best meal ever. I just have to talk about the meal we had at Nobu. I didn't take photos as it didn't feel right snapping away in there (it's such a calm, sophisticated restaurant) so instead, you can watch my vlog at the end of this blog post to see exactly what we ate. As much as I'm a fan of 'getting out' of the hotel when I'm on trips, in Miami, the hotels are so good, you want to stay in them. Miami is the kind of place you'd go for a special weekend break, soak up the Nobu hotel for a whole weekend and leave feeling so zen. Our meal at Nobu was hands down one of the best meals I've had in a long time. I'm still dreaming of it. I love Japanese food anyway but Nobu do it in more of a relaxed, sharing way and it makes for the best meal. You can even get it delivered to your room but for the full menu, I'd recommend sitting in for the experience: make sure you order the vegetables, they're incredible. 

polka dot bardot dress

If you enjoy walking, you'll love Miami. Right outside the Nobu hotel is the Miami beach boardwalk, perfect for a morning stroll or a morning run. I think that's why I love Miami so much, it's so varied. You can be a total fitness lover and do beach yoga, head to the Nobu gym or just wander down the boardwalk. If that isn't your scene, you can sit in a bar on Collins Av and watch the world go by or, head to the city and hop on a boat tour and see the 'best houses in Miami'. Miami is a chilled place and I always leave feeling rejuvenated. Will I be back? Definitely. Am I still dreaming of the Nobu hotel? Of course. 

sweaty Betty England gym kit

So there we have it, I had the best time in Miami and wanted to show you a few photos. For more, read my Miami travel guide and watch my Miami vlog below. I hope you enjoyed!

Have you been to Miami? Would you like to go to Miami?

*I was a guest of the Nobu hotel Miami and recieved a discount but this is my honest opinion. 

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