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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Cutest Spa Day, My Favourite Dress & Links Of London Narrative Pendant!

When Wahanda kindly sent me a voucher to book a spa trip/beauty appointment a few months ago I was pretty excited. I've not really taken time out or a day off in a long long time. Social media is constant, it's 24/7 and as much as I adore it (I would not change it/my job for the world), it's sometimes really nice to just switch off. My Mum is the most incredible woman in the world, she is my inspiration, my rock and my best friend so any opportunity to treat her makes me extremely happy - she deserves a break! It took me months to finally use the voucher as I just haven't really had a spare second but last week me and my Mum finally decided to log onto Wahanda (you basically can choose thousands of beauty appointments and spa trips all around the UK and book online - it's so easy) and book somewhere last minute. I'm excited to have a chat about my day!
We decided to head to Oulton Hall because it's not too far from home. I've heard really good things about Oulton Hall so was excited to finally properly visit.

oulton hall leeds
We booked ourselves in for a massage and a full body polish. Just what I needed because my tan from my Ibiza trip was fading massively and starting to peel. From the minute we arrived the service was amazing, we were handed our towels and robes and then it was time for some serious pampering. I was excited when I realised the pampering would be done using ESPA products, one of my favourite brands.

espa massage
After the loveliest massage and exfoliation (I just wish it went on longer as it went so quick!)

we were taking into the relaxation room to chill out some more.

After this we made full use of the sauna, steam room, jazucci and swimming pool. It was so nice to be out of service all day actually on my phone as it meant me and Mum could just chat, swim and relax. 

Afterwards we wandered through the grounds

oulton hall leeds

oulton hall
As much as I am an absolute sucker for all things modern, Oulton Hall itself is stunning and has such a lovely, traditional charm. 

We sat down in the champagne bar for some food

Unfortunately the service was ludicrously slow and as much as we didn't want to let it put a downer on our day, we were a little bit rushed at this point so unfortunately it did. It took over an hour to get a cold sandwich. Just as we were about to leave we met the nicest waiter called Vincent and he honestly saved the day - the service he gave us was epic and he truly is an asset to Oulton Hall. It's crazy how one person can totally enhance an experience somewhere but he really did. 

The sandwich finally arrived 

It was time for another quick walk before we left 

My favourite kind of day consists of wandering around pretty old fashioned houses, walking through the grounds and taking in some fresh British air.

I wore my favourite new dress ever (if you buy one go a size up because wow it is short!). It was only £24.99 and I am obsessed with it. You can get it online here plus the longer version here. You can also get similar here and here. I never thought I'd wear an all denim dress but I LOVE it and want to buy more now. You can see similar ones below too and just click to shop as there are so many amazing ones around at the moment!

I paired the easy-going dress with my gorgeous new Links of London engraved necklace from their new Narrative collection. I cannot explain how much I adore this, I really want the matching ring now (and the bracelet too - oh gosh I want it all ahhhh). You can check out the whole range online here but I'm warning you, you'll want it all (plus it can all be personalised!). This is the first piece of jewellery I own by Links Of London and I already want the whole site. I can see myself becoming a little bit of a collector! 

Links of London narrative collection
The necklace is truly one of the most stunning things I've ever seen. I've been looking for pendant I can wear every day for a long time but I'm quite fussy with jewellery. I went for rose gold as I am obsessed with it. 

Links of London narrative collection pendant

Me and Mum continued to chat, walk and just generally relax and it felt so so good to just take a day off. I got my hair cut the day before by my fave hair dresser Lee at Sassoon Salons Leeds and it really really is feeling thicker, stronger and I am finally getting my hair confidence back. I can't wait to see how long it gets by December, hopefully where I want it to be! 

Dress - ASOS / Bag - Burberry / Sandals - Birkenstock / Necklace - Links Of London 

A huge thanks to Wahanada for organising this lovely day for me and my Mum and a huge thanks to Links for the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen!

Have you ever used Wahanda? Do you like the sound of a nice spa day? Do you like denim dresses? Do you like my new necklace?! Have you ever visited Oulton Hall? 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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