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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Leeds Festival 2015 With Relentless Energy!

When an email dropped into my inbox inviting me to Leeds Festival over bank holiday weekend, I couldn't say no. I was sad that I hadn't visited any festivals this Summer (all I wanted to do was go to Coachella) and that I had to turn down V Fest the previous weekend so let's just say this email came at the right time. I was suffering from why-haven't-I-visited-a-festival-this-Summer blues but Relentless Energy Drinks came along and saved the day. I grabbed some new wellies, panicked over what to wear and then headed down to Leeds fest, let's see what I got up to... 

Outfit wise I really wanted to wear this suede two-piece from Missguided  (top online here / skirt online here) - you know me, I'm a sucker for suede and an even bigger sucker for co-ords. I was sold. Unfortunately though sometimes we've got to be practical in life and I realised that I would freeze (this isn't California Em, it's Leeds) so I opted for a black mesh dress instead (by the end of the night it was rain coats and jumpers all around anyway and I couldn't find a suitable jacket to go with this two-piece, absolute first world problems). 

I opted for short Hunters because I think they look nicer than the tall ones. I really wanted navy ones but unfortunately they were sold out so instead I went for the standard green ones - I actually really love them and don't think you can beat Hunters in any colour! Plus these ones went really nicely with my black dress. These are so so comfortable, I wish I could wear them more often. I got them from one of my favourite online shoe-shops (they do rapid delivery), Cloggs. I'd highly recommend them for shoes, the service was epic from placing the order to them arriving at my door the next day and they saved my last minute 'I-need-new-wellies' panic. 

I packed my Rains backpack which is honestly the most amazing backpack I've ever seen. Rains is the most stunning Danish fashion brand and I am obsessed with their jackets and bags at the moment They do male and female ranges and every item just looks so clean and nice. Safe to say this backpack came in handy, I crammed it with my camera, jumpers and obviously my portable phone charger... (not to mention my LVNDR daisy bralet - aka the cutest thing in the world). What more could a girl need? 

You can see my rains backpack (available online here) in action above along with the matching rain coat and the actual outfit I did wear to the festival.

Please note, some of these images are from the press section of the Leeds Festival site because I couldn't get my camera out too much without breaking it amongst the crowds. In true Leeds fest style, the atmosphere was amazing and for once, so was the weather. 
Unfortunately no-one would go on this with me.

My home isn't too far from Leeds Fest so I've been lucky enough to get guest tickets growing up and have been going since I was around 13. I feel like it's a bit of a second home for me so it was great to finally go back after not going for the past two years. I really have missed Leeds fest but couldn't go last year as I was in Canada

I love meeting random people at festivals, everyone is always so happy. Let's hope they don't mind appearing on my blog though...

Ray-Bans online here / similar here 

I left the main arena with a brand new cap... 

One of the best things about sitting in a field all day is watching the sunset. 

Mumford & Sons and Alt J were huge highlights for me, I'm so sad I ended up missing Bastille though, maybe next time...
By night we went to the Relentless stage - where the fun really happens, hidden deep in some woods I basically spent the whole night dancing on someones shoulders to DJ EZ.

In true me style, I lost my voice, a sign that it was clearly time to go home - but hey, it's not a good festival unless you leave feeling like you could sleep for weeks.

Have you ever visited Leeds Festival? Do you like festivals?

Big thanks to Relentless Energy Drinks for giving me tickets, I had the best weekend! 

Shop my outfits below:

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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