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Friday, 5 September 2014

Eating in Montreal & A Pretty Good View; Mont Royal

mont royal at night montreal
Hello! Another Canada post from me yippee, I'm so excited to share this one with you! If you're wondering why I'm in Canada, make sure you read this post first to get yourself up to date! So today I wanted to share some little bits from this week with you, and in true me style, lots of food was involved too of course. Let's explore this beautiful country a little bit more...


I visited a restaurant called Eggspectations twice this week because it really is just so good. I promised myself I'd never eat anywhere twice whilst here because I want to try different restaurants every time but I just couldn't resist. I actually read somewhere that in Montreal you can eat at a different place every night for 7 years or something ridiculous - I plan on trying at least 50% of the restaurants in the next month haha!

EggspectationsEggspectations serves eggs, eggs and more eggs, oh plus some pretty epic breakfast dishes too. Everything on the egg section is really healthy too which is nice, I was told that everything in Canada came with maple syrup so it's nice to see that people are health conscious here just like back home. 

eggspectations smoothie
Me and my friend decided to finally climb Mont Royal this week (a pretty epic mountain in Montreal) so we started off with breakfast at our favourite egg place - protein needed for the trek ahead of us!

eggspectation poached eggs fresh start
The dishes are erm, weird and very continental. You choose your eggs however you like them; fried, poached, scrambled, they then bring you lots of bread (wholegrain for me), your eggs in a little pot and then pile the plate high with potatoes and fruit - it's a weird mix, but weirdly, it works. Wash it down with a smoothie and you're ready to take on the day.

eggspectation omelette
My friend went for the omelette - probably not the most Instagram worthy meal I've ever seen but it tasted delicious. 
After a yummy breakfast it was soon time to take the walk up to Mont Royal. Mont Royal is literally 5 minutes from my flat but it's so steep so it takes a while to walk to the top. We could see the city peeking through and got a little bit excited...

mont royal montreal
We were teased with an even better view...

a little tree was still in the way...

mont royal montreal

but finally, we arrived at the top.

montreal mont royal

Top: C/O Fashion Union (favourite new baggy shirt ever and only £21!) / Shorts: Forever21, similar here on ASOS just £12! (wardrobe essential!) / Watch: C/O Daniel Wellington

The view was pretty breath-taking - it's amazing to see the whole of Montreal from so high up.

We lounged around for a while and discovered some beautiful grassy areas at the top of the mountain too.

montreal houses

On the walk back down we discovered some pretty beautiful houses too.

montreal houses

That evening we went to a local Japanese; Big In Japan

big in japan

big in japan montreal

spicy beef ramen noodles

My spicy beef and noodle dish was by far the best.

explore canadaWe told everyone about Mont Royal and asked them to come and see it again with us the following day.  This time though, we wanted to see an evening view of the city.

montreal yoga

We noticed a yoga class going on right at the top - something I'd love to join in with next time!

mont royal at night

But naturally, we couldn't ignore the view right in front of our eyes.

mont royal at night

It's so lovely and peaceful at the top of Mont Royal. I could stay there forever and just watch the world go by beneath me.

As it got darker, the city looked even more beautiful. It reminded me of my trip to Paris, but on a larger scale. 

Even with all this beauty in front of us, social media still exists though haha!

mont royal canada
I think I might come up here as a nice thinking spot, it's so calm and most definitely my 'happy place'.  My skirt is an old one from ASOS, one of my favourites.

After a tiring walk up to the top, we decided it was time to head for some food. We bumped into a local along the way who recommended that we eat at a famous smoked meat restaurant.

So we did just that.

schwartzs montreal
Schwartz's is like something from a film, super American (even though this is Canada) and honestly, it reminded me of the diner from A Cinderella Story - unfortunately without milk-shake, this is simply a no-frills, basic but delicious, meat lovers paradise. 

schwartz's montreal

Big portions, cheap prices, super meaty and friendly service; we all tucked into the same sandwich... their speciality... 

schwartz's montreal

The bread was piled high with meat and mustard, hardly Gaucho and most definitely something for cheat day only (goodbye diet) but worth it for the experience alone. 

montreal best restaurant

The queues at the door suggested that this place is a hit with the locals; the friendly and relaxed atmosphere certainly made me want to re-visit.

There is nothing fancy about Schwartz's, it's a proper place for proper grub but I duno, I kind of liked it this once - another thing ticked of the bucket list; Montreal's most famous smoked meat restaurant! 

dill pickle

I also tried my first ever dill pickle, a weird combination and not something I'd usually go for but it wasn't too bad after all and hey, you only live once don't you! 
mont royal at the top

And so a week of eating lots and lots was over - I wanted to leave you with my favourite photograph from this week - from my Instagram account (emshelx) - Next up? I'm visiting a pretty exciting national park, Toronto and then New York oh and I'm doing some pretty cool stuff in Montreal this weekend too! Not forgetting all the other exciting places I need to fit in! Oh and lots and lots of Sephora hauls... oops. I cannot wait to share more of my journey with you! If you missed my post about what I got up to last week in Canada, make sure you read that here - it might just make your mouth water a little bit (oops sorry!) 

Have you ever visited Canada? Have you ever eaten at any of the places I mentioned? Do you like the look of it? I hope you're liking my first few Canada posts! 

Lots of love, Em x

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  1. Wow what a breathtaking view! Stunning photos. I have always wanted to go to Canada and I feel like I am learning so much from your blog posts :) Can't wait to keep up with the rest of your travels,

    X Emma |

    1. Thank you! Glad you like them hehe! Aww yay lots of lots more to come! x

  2. Looks like you're having an amazing time Em!

  3. Your photographs are unbelievably beautiful, you must be having such an amazing time already over there! Looking forward to reading more posts about your experiences there, sounds like such an action packed city. xxx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

    1. Thank you so so much - I really am! x I can't wait to keep writing them! x

  4. Wow, look like an amazing place with lots of yummy food :) xx

  5. Your trip looks amazing so far! I was wondering whether you went through a programme like STA for the travel and accommodation etc and how you've met new people - want to travel myself :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

    1. I am having the best time! No I didn't, I did it by myself but my accomodation has lots of people in it - STA are apparently amazing for organising things! xxx

  6. Wow Montreal looks so pretty and it looks like you have had an amazing time there!! xx

  7. Gorgeous views, and that food looks sooooo good!

    Bramble & Thorn

  8. Wow, it looks like you are having such an amazing time. What an amazing experience, I hope to one day get the chance to travel and experience all of these things in different countries. These views are absolutely breath-taking and the one with your friends sat on the wall reminded me of something from the TV show friends.I hope you keep enjoying, loving reading these posts xxx

    1. I really am thank you so much! Ah you must do it - the views are so so good, aw haha it actually is like that! Thank you so much - many more coming :) X

  9. looks like you're having lots of fun, Oh my that sandwich looks good!

  10. The view is breathtaking. I love the city at night, so beautiful. X

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  11. That view is insane, something out of my dreams!

    Love these posts!


    1. It's so beautiful! Aw thank you - lots more coming your way!xx



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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