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Monday, 29 September 2014

KIKO Daring Game Fall Collection Review

Kiko Daring Game Fall Collection
When this new collection landed on my doorstep I just knew I had to write about it, pronto. I’m so in the mood for everything Autumn now, I love ‘fall’ make up collections. As much as I love all things Summer, I have to admit I'm actually an Autumn girl at heart. I just love the crunchy leaves, bonfire night – you name it, I love everything about this chilly season so I was really excited to see this new collection which came out in August. KIKO is a beauty brand that’s already taken the blogging world by storm, everyone raves about it – I was quite slow when it came to finding my favourite product from the brand but I think this collection may have just made me fall in love with KIKO...

Kiko Daring Game Fall Collection
So the ‘Daring Game’ collection, it’s inspired by smart, quick witted, sophisticated women (think James Bond girls). Before we even get onto the products, I think the packaging alone is perfection. Each item is inspired by the casino and everything reflects the roulette table, cards and dice, clever huh? Who knew so much thought went into make up packaging, I do appreciate this a lot. The great thing about this packaging is that it isn’t tacky, it could have gone one way or the other, but it still manages to look really nice in my make up bag.

kiko daring game face brush
Daring Game Face Brush - £15.90 – It’s safe to say that this is a new staple in my make up bag. This brush is just so amazing. It’s specifically designed to follow the natural lines of the cheek bone to help define and sculpt – I find it really easy to contour my cheek bones with this. It is very chunky and I think it makes a nice face brush too, in an ideal world I’d like to have two of these, one for bronzer and one for all over face powder. The two levels of bristles on this brush make it really unique, it means that you can use both bronzer and highlighter at the same time in one stroke. You’re meant to use the darker bristles for the bronzer and the lighter ones for the highlighter. Personally I prefer to put them on separately but I guess this is quite innovative and perfect for girls on the go. 

kiko poker nail lacquer

kiko poker nail lacquer
Poker Nail Lacquer – £6.90 – KIKO are famous for their nail varnishes, everyone talks about them and now I finally own some hooray. These are gel-effect varnishes (I love gel effect, it means that I don’t have to pay for gel at the salon but I get the same look, only they don’t stay on as long). The colours are vibrant and not dull at all, Autumn nail shades usually tend to be quite dull but these are gorgeous, ultra-glossy and smooth. 

kiko mystery smoky eye pencil

Mystery Smoky Eye Pencil - £6.90 - I absolutely love the colour of this pencil and it gives such a gorgeous intense colour.

All-In Eye Marker and Kajal kiko

All-In Eye Marker and Kajal kiko
All-In Eye Marker and Kajal - £9.90 – I was so confused when I opened this, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. This is completely unique and is a super easy to use eyeliner for definition and intensity. It’s such a crazy shaped tip which apparently makes it easier to apply – it’s like an actual felt tip pen, it’s pretty crazy. The other side is kind of like a huge crayon. I kind of wish this was a little smaller, it is kind of like a bit of a weapon and it can get a bit messy! But it’s cool, I’ll give it that but it wont be travelling anywhere with me! 

kiko colour-up long lasting shadow
Colour-Up Long Lasting Eye Shadow – Definitely one of my favourite bits from the collection -  I love sheer shimmery colours for the inside of my tear-duct. The gold in particular is the most perfect, under-stated colour. It’s long wearing, creamy but it doesn’t go oily and weird, it feels super soft on my lids too. Once the colour is on it doesn’t budge at all even though it looks creamy and looks like it should. It’s really easy to apply too, one stroke and you’re done. 

Ace Of Diamond Lipstick Kiko
Ace Of Diamond Lipstick - £7.90 – You can see me wearing this on my August favourites video, it's such a lovely creamy lipstick. I think this lipstick could potentially bleed so a lip liner is probably needed with it to make it stay longer and to prevent it from bleeding/spilling around the mouth. Colour-wise, this is such a beautiful plump red colour. I love dark reds, particularly for Autumn. It is super long lasting too whilst feeling thin on the lips, no-one wants a heavy feeling, drying lipstick in chilly weather!

Golden Game sculpting bronzer Kiko
Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer – £15.90 -  This is probably the product I’ve been using the most out of the range (I’m wearing it on my cheeks on my Augustfavourites video if you want to see what it looks like).  It’s a multi-tasking palette which comes complete with two matte bronzers – one is a nice dark bronze/more golden whilst the other is quite pearly – I’d say more of a highlighter. It kind of reminds me of my favourite Too Faced bronzing palette. This is great to sculpt the entire face easily with just one palette. I think sometimes the problem is, we just don’t have the time to contour, sculpt, bronze and highlight – I know I don’t anyway. This is all in one tiny palette which makes it so easy and do-able, plus you can throw this in your bag. It’s really nice sturdy packaging too, usually my bronzers smash everywhere

Ace of Diamond Lip Pencil Kiko
Ace of Diamond Lip Pencil - £5.90 – To compliment the lipstick is this amazing lip pencil, it’s super pigmented and such a delicious colour. It’s so easy to apply and it makes my lips look so much fuller. I’m quickly becoming a massive lip liner addict and I really want to keep adding to my collection! 

The great thing about this range is everything is so soft and gentle (apart from the crazy black eye liner). Whilst everything is soft on application, this doesn’t spoil the stayability of the products, they all have very good staying powder, not to mention the colours are all amazing for Autumn. I absolutely adore this range but I’d say my favourite is definitely the jumbo eye shadow stick in gold, the lipliner and the face brush. I’d like to see some Christmassy jumbo sticks next please!

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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