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Friday, 12 September 2014

Get Naked With Herbal Essences & Win £2000!

herbal essences naked hair
Hello! So before I give you another Canada update (there's a good one coming up, I promise!), there's a new launch from Herbal Essences and I need to talk to you about it! So here we go, let's get naked, oh and you can win some prizes too!
As most of you will know, I didn't really used to be bothered about what I put on my skin, it was only after a really bad break out that I learnt how good natural products are. Most of you will also know just how much I care about my hair after an awful time with bleach and hair extensions, I have written numerous blog posts with hair growth tips and hair strengthening tips but I've never really ever thought about looking for natural, paraben free products for my hair so this is why I was excited to try the new Clearly Naked range by Herbal Essences.

Their new campaign video aims to tell you the truth about dating...

The range consists of a shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo. The 'get naked' concept is what excites me most, nope, it isn't sexual, they're referring to natural beauty. They basically want to encourage girls to #GetNaked and take a natural approach to beauty and personally, I don't think you can go wrong with a natural look.
herbal essences clearly naked
So about the products...the 'Clearly Naked Collection' is a range of hair care and styling products without parabens or dyes (hello nice hair!), designed to deliver soft and luscious hair. They have been created specifically to cleanse and condition without weighing hair down - I know a lot of people wash their hair every single day (I don't do this because I was told that it strips the natural minerals out of the hair) so actually it seems like these are safe and good enough to use on a daily basis. These products are full of good things and nothing else, the lightweight formulations are designed to thoroughly cleanse while making you smell yummy too (fresh mint, grapefruit and white tea) - after all Herbal Essences are known for their great smelling shampoos! It wouldn't be Herbal Essences without an amazing scent!

The naked range caters for pretty much everyone, they have a volume range, a shine range and my favourite, the hydration range (sleep in the conditioner over-night and I promise your hair will feel so nourished).

I wanted to show you my 'naked hair', lots of people ask if I curl it but this is my natural hair after washing it and leaving it to dry naturally.

So now you know about the products and the campaign, the main question, do I like the products and should you buy them? Well yes, firstly yes to natural amazing hair - goodbye to damaging products, secondly, it's light and therefore doesn't weigh my hair down at all, my hair feels so fresh. My usually quite course hair is more manageable and very shiny but not greasy shiny.  They smell fresh and clean too which is always a bonus - I am a little bit obsessed with nice smelling shampoos and these smell just as incredible as Herbal Essences other ranges.

I did really notice a difference in the health and happiness of my hair after washing it with products which aren't filled with chemicals and nasty things. Let's hope this speeds up my hair growth process!

Now it's competition time, so how do you win?! Herbal Essences want you to submit your 'Naked Hair Selfies' to encourage a positive and relaxed approach to beauty - just show off your natural, un-styled hair; by tweeting the tag @_HerbalEssences with your naked hair selfie and the hashtag #GetNaked - don't forget to nominate your friends too! You could win £2,000 of shopping vouchers... tempting or what? 

I honestly do think naked (au natural) is so beautiful, for me, people look better when they're relaxed, happy and just embracing being themselves. Do you like to leave your hair naked? Will you be trying these products? 

Lots of love, Em x

*I worked with Herbal Essences on this post but as always, this is my honest opinion!

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  1. Your hair looks so much like mine naturally, we definitely have similar hair. Need to try this range! Xx


    1. Aw haha, that means you MUST try this as my hair loves it! xxx

  2. I like so much Herbal Essence products:)
    Have a nice weekend dear,

  3. My hair is always naked haha, I just constantly have it naturally straight! It's a good competition though and I love Herbal Essences :)
    alicekatex ♥

    1. Haha mine is recently and i've seen so many amazing benefits from just leaving it alone! It feels so much thicker and amazing! - Herbal Essences is just amazing! x

  4. my "naked hair" is so frizzy :( I like the idea of this shampoo, there's so many shampoos with too many bad and damaging things in them x


    1. Haha mine used to be but if you use the right products it seems to tame that frizzy!!! I completely agree, it's so bad! x

  5. Such a great campaign. My hair can be horrible as it has been bleached quite a bit and is naturally very curly. I have tried Tigi products but Herbal Essences tend to do so much more for my hair!

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

    1. Ahh mine is the same but I feel like finally it's getting back to strength! Curly hair is super dry or mine is anyway, Umberto Giannini's Curl Friends range is good for that! xxx

  6. Definitely want to try this, I'm always excited to see a shampoo that doesn't have any silicones or any other nasty things inside!

    Nicola xx

    1. Yes i'm the same! Far too many of them are really nasty! xxx

  7. I'm trying the volume one of this line and I love it. I'm thinking when it comes down to our hash winters in Canada, I'd love to try the moisture conditioner

    1. I need to try their volume stuff, I imagine it's incredible! I'll be stocking up on this so much in Winter!

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