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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Easter Detox Guide

Hello everyone :) I've decided to write another fitness and health post for two reasons - firstly because I had a really great response to my 'what I do at the gym' post and secondly because I need to take my mind off all that yummy Easter choccie and get my mind on to fit and healthy thoughts for Summer - writing something on the subject for you helps me too! I'm calling this an after Easter detox post but really, it’s not a detox, it’s a way of life. After my fitness posts, I got a lot of emails from people asking me what I eat so I think this is an ideal time to show you/talk you through what meals I eat.  Obviously some of you really will not care what I eat at all, but I just hope that this helps some of you out. I hope that this will provide you with some healthy inspiration. I'm not saying I'm an expert but this stuff has really helped me so let's hope it helps at least one other person out too. So without further ado, let’s kiss goodbye to the chocolate eggs and say hello to our hot summer bodies… 

My fridge ^

Disclaimer: I am not saying this is correct, this is just what I do and how I eat and it's worked for me.

The body I put food into 

For me, at present my body is far from perfect, I have set myself a few goals and I can't wait to get back into my fitness and healthy eating, Easter really has knocked me off track, but above is where I want to get back to - sorry to those of you who have read my other fitness posts and therefore have already seen these photos!


Breakfast sets your body up for the rest of the day, you've probably heard this a lot but it's true...after eating a good breakfast I always feel more energised, particularly when i'm commuting from Leeds to London on long days! So much research has shown that people who eat breakfast are generally slimmer and there is evidence that there’s a correlation between over-weight people and people who skip breakfast. NEVER skip breakfast. I will never skip breakfast, it’s my fuel throughout the day. I eat such a big breakfast that I rarely have a big lunch because I’m so full!

So here is what I generally have for breakfast:

-       Cereals with semi-skimmed milk (try soya if you want it to be even healthier). I don’t have unhealthy cereals, I usually stick to Weetabix or something similar and healthy. I love museli too. Make sure which ever cereal you choose that it is one that is low in sugar - many are sugar loaded so beware.
total greek yoghurt

-       Yoghurts – I always have a yoghurt in the morning, it’s a bit of a routine. I generally just eat Onken or Muller light, anything healthy. I tried this Total yoghurt for the first time last week and HAD to take a photo of it because it tastes so dreamy, I need an endless supply. Seriously amazing and so good for you so I think I'll switch to this in the future. The raspberry and pomegranate just gives it an extra kick. Greek yoghurt is known as a bit of a super food!

-       Porridge – I have porridge pretty much every morning as my cereal, I put a drop of honey on top and a few walnuts (walnuts are full of fibre, protein and essential fats so it doesn’t harm to just put a few on the top) I also add a generous helping of fruit to my porridge, usually chopped banana but when I can afford to (student problems) strawberries, raspberries and blueberries too.

-       Toast – I have toast every morning too, two slices or four slices if I don’t have time for cereal too.  I always have wholemeal bread, as I mentioned in my after Christmas detox post, I cut out all white things from my diet and I’ve seen such a change in my body – it’s really helped me to become more toned. I generally get the Hovis seeded loaf as seeds are really good for you but I can't stand them alone so having them in my bread means that I'm eating them without realising. A common misconception is that you should avoid carbs altogether when dieting but as long as you stick to wholegrains and good carbs like brown rice and sweet potato etc you'll be fine...moderation is key. 

-       Eggs – I love eggs, they can be very beneficial for you but you’re not meant to have them too many times a week because the yolks are high in colestoral.  I love poached eggs, scrambled eggs and dippy eggs (but never fried!) so I eat them 2 - 3 times a week.

-       Fruit juice – I try to have either fresh orange juice, real orange juice, not the fresh orange from bottles as I just don’t trust it. If you buy fresh orange, make sure it isn’t from concentrate! My Mum bought me this Kenwood juicer which makes fresh orange juice so fresh and easy, this one is only £9.99 if you're just wanting something cheaper. It's best to consume fruit juice on a morning because it has a tendency to spike your sugar levels which is something you don't want to do too late in the afternoon or evening when your metabolism is slowing down. 
    Em’s super smoothie - I don’t use any recipes when making smoothies, I make my own super smoothie, I’m not saying this is correct but I think it tastes delicious and surely it’s super good for you because it’s full of goodness! I put one banana, half a tub of strawberries, half a tub of raspberries, a handful of blueberries, a bit of Greek yoghurt, a little bit of natural honey, a spoonful of matcha tea, a spoonful of spirulina (Victoria's secret models swear by it) and a big handful of spinach, I blend it all up and gulp it down. Some people's stomachs don't react to fruit well because of the high fructose content and acidity so try it out first and see what works for you but this is a serious health shot (well, it works for me anyway).
      Matcha tea – I’ve been drinking loads of matcha tea ever since discovering the Tea Pigs version in the special healthy LatestInBeauty box.  One cup of matcha is apparently the same as 15 cups of normal green tea?! Green tea/matcha just flushes everything out, it's very good for you as everyone knows plus its full of antioxidants and it will keep you going throughout the day. You can buy the more expensive tea pigs version here but I personally bought this cheaper version from Selfridges! I can't find it anywhere else, it's expensive but so worth it.

So to summarise, I’ll usually either have cereals, toast, a yoghurt and a smoothie or my eggs and some toast and a smoothie to fuel me up for the day ahead.


As mentioned, I’m quite bad at lunch, I fill myself up so much for breakfast that I never really have room for lunch so I tend to eat it quite late, I’d say my standard lunch time is around 2pm rather than what we had at school, 12pm. Usually though because I’m always running around, I’ll just fit it in when I can! So here’s what I eat for lunch generally!

-       Poached eggs – If I haven’t had time for eggs in the morning, I’ll sometimes make myself poached eggs on brown toast for my lunch or some dippy eggs depending on what mood I’m in! Eggs are good for you and they’re so so easy to make and quick too! I tend to have some tinned tomatoes with them to make it more filling and a bit brighter.
     A healthy sandwich – If I’m out and about I’ll grab a sandwich, I usually either get a tuna sandwich (generally quite low in fat), a low fat chicken salad sandwich or a duck wrap (healthy duck, not fatty duck). I do like my crisps so I usually grab some Pop Chips  (my favourite crisps ever) with my meal otherwise it just isn’t filling enough for me, then a banana afterwards.

-       Pasta – I do generally have pasta for dinner but I often have it for lunch too, (I'm obsessed with pasta) with tuna and cheese, a really easy meal, obviously don’t go too heavy on the cheese. I have recently switched to wholemeal pasta too to make it healthier, I often add some spinach into the pan too when having pasta so that I’m always eating lots of spinach. Spinach is loaded with calcium for healthy bones and I read that it's a great food for hair growth too. Again, I have found switching the white starchy pasta for wholemeal has really helped me gain a flatter stomach and reduced bloating.

-       Jacket potato – (or a sweet potato if you want to make it super healthy).  These are a real staple for me and I like to have them with either cottage cheese or tuna for my lunch (or dinner).  I love crispy jacket potatoes, I just wish they didn’t take so long to cook so I could eat them more often.


I love dinner, I love going out for dinner and I love eating. Here’s some of the things I eat for dinner:

-       Chicken Fajitas – Oh gosh I love fajitas, you can make them super healthy if you grill them in the oven too rather than frying, and obviously don’t add loads of guacamole and sour cream as they’re fatty extras. I pile them high with veg, I add peppers, mushrooms, onions and then cook them in the oven.

-       Em’s Chicken Burger – probably my speciality.  I buy some sachets of breadcrumbs from the supermarket, put some chicken breasts into an oven proof plastic bag (you can buy these at supermarkets) and shake all the breadcrumbs over them (you will need a bit of oil to stick).  I then cook them in the oven (opening the bag for the last 10 mins so they crisp up) then make them into healthy chicken burgers, add some tomatoes and lettuce, with sweet potato fries and a healthy brown bread roll. Perfection. Cooking the chicken in a bag makes it taste so succulent. You can make the chicken into healthy chicken nuggets too if you cut the chicken up before cooking then dunk them into some home-made chunky salsa sauce. They shouldn't be healthy but they are. I'm craving them now.

-       Pasta – I always eat pasta for dinner, I always make sure it’s wholemeal pasta and I generally just chuck loads of veg and pasta into a pan and gobble it down. Pasta is fine as long as you eat wholemeal pasta if you eat as much as me, I used to live on white pasta. There are some great one pot pasta recipes online and I'm forever pinning them on my Pinterest.

-       Chicken oven bake – My Mum gave me some really good recipes for simple, succulent tray bakes. I just put chicken into a baking tray with loads of veg and potatoes, drizzle with oil and then cook, this tastes so delicious and only takes about 30 minutes, you can add some sweet chilli sauce or any kind of seasoning you like to get more flavour. 

-       Chicken curry – I like making healthy chicken baltis, yes you can get healthy curries! I get a sachet of balti sauce from the supermarket and I put my chicken, green peppers, spinach and tinned tomatoes into an oven bag and then leave to cook for 50 minutes. Serve it with some brown rice and hey presto, the most beautiful and nutritious curry.

-       Steak – I love steak and if I could afford it, I’d eat fillet steak every night. I have steak with crunchy sweet potato fries and asparagus when I can afford to!

    Noodles - I often make myself a healthy stir fry with lots of veg and sesame seeds! You can't beat a simple stir fry.

chicken and chorizo salad

   Chicken and Chorizo salad - Whilst chorizo isn't too healthy, I really enjoy making chicken and chorizo salad with lots of spinach! It's my Mum's speciality. 


I love snacking. I really do. Snacking is my weakness, so here are a few healthier things that I snack on…

-Popchips – healthier crisps
-Snackajacks – healthy rice cakes
- Cereals, I often just grab a bowl of cereal if I’m hungry
- Yoghurt, I love yoghurt as a snack and sometimes add fruit to it as well
- Fruit! I make myself a big bowl of fruit to snack on, bananas always fill me up too.
- I love cottage cheese and I have often pile loads onto crackers and then eat away

A recap of easy healthy eating tips:

-Get rid of whites, try switch everything to wholemeal, it’s made such a difference for me. Brown pasta, brown bread and brown rice!
- Water water water! Hydrate yourself, you lose more weight if you drink water as it flushes out the badness, also it’s great for your skin and hair.
- Never skip breakfast – you wouldn’t run a car without petrol would you?
- Exercise is your friend – It makes you look and feel great so why wouldn’t you want to exercise? 
- It's so easy to make sure you only use low-fat butter, low-fat milk and get rid of fizzy drinks! Little lifestyle changes like that really do help. I can't remember the last time I had a fizzy drink and I always have low-fat butter and semi-skimmed milk.
- There are no instant body fixes, everyone has a different vision of what their perfect body/healthy life looks like but please don't fall for these liquid diets and diets in general which promise to make you lose weight, it isn't natural to lose so much weight so quickly and these diets which tell you to starve yourself make me so angry, no-one should starve themselves, food is good for you and your body needs it.

Trust me, once you start eating healthy and exercising, you’ll notice that you become addicted, you'll feel bad for not exercising and not eating healthily, it becomes a way of life and so it should be, why wouldn't you want to be healthy and well? Obviously you're allowed a cheat day, I always eat chocolate and I'd say I have a take away at least once a month - if you don't have a cheat day your body will constantly be craving all the bad things, relax and have a little bit of what you love as a treat to yourself. 

I really hope that has helped get you back in healthy mode after Easter! I know that I’m starting healthiness again as of today. 

If you missed my other fitness and health posts, you can find them here:

What do you like to eat to keep you feeling healthy? What's your favourite superfood? Are you trying to be healthy after a crazy Easter? Can you recommend any recipes for me to try?

Lots of love, Em x

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  1. Em dont have low fat foods!!!! They're full of nasty hidden sugars, when it comes to dairy always go full fat and have less, essential vitamins like A, D, E and K can only be absorbed by the body with fats, so having things like skimmed milk and 'light' butter means your body won't absorb them all properly.

    Great post, totally going to try out that smoothie in the morning!

    Kirsty xxx

  2. That's very interesting, evidence about butter/full fat things changes all the time... I've just written a post about things which work for me, everything on this post has really helped for me and in my house we only ever buy in semi-skimmed and healthier butter which works for me - that's just my choice. I know that the body needs fat, but, I just have never been a person who eats or drinks full fat milk or butter, I get my fat in other ways. I get those vitamins through other foods too. I wrote this to help people out and show them what helps me, little lifestyle changes like switching coke to water and full fat milk to semi skimmed milk obviously makes differences - well it has for me anyway!

    Thanks for your comment and like I said, everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you.

    Yeah the smoothie is amazing! xxx

  3. I eat a basically vegan diet, lots of soya and almond milks + yogurts in the mornings, homemade granola and fresh berries. I usually have rye bread if i want toast with coconut oil and avocado. roasted and steamed veg is my fave i love making veggie chips with cayenne and rosemary - delicious !
    my body and system feels cleaner eliminating animal products, and i don't crave any meat or chocolate really as i get the nutrients from lentils etc ! blogilates has been my staple exercise and i love to do yoga and other moves - i'm hoping to get into running soon
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

    1. Aw that's so good to hear! I LOVEEEE granola and fresh berries! Ahh! I want to try some avocado too! Ah this is sooo good to read I'm gonna take some of this on board, thank you! xxx

  4. I do love a good healthy eating post. I'm just like you after an Easter holiday I have come back and indulged and I seem to have forgotten about the gym, but now it's time to up the game for Summer! Fab post Em xx


    1. Me too, love reading them! Eeekk it's fine we can start working on our Summer bodies now! Thank you lovely x

  5. I love all your fitness posts Em. Keep up the good job! xx

  6. I love reading these types of post. It's great to see that you have such a large breakfast! I sometimes do that too as I find that I'm quite hungry in the mornings and I may as well fill up to keep me going throughout the day. Brilliant meal ideas too, Em! It's nice that they're all realistic options that you can buy/cook. I often see posts like these filled with ingredients and names that I've not even heard of.
    I definitely need to get back into healthy eating & exercise again, I've been slacking a bit. Snacking is my worst enemy but I try to snack on cereal or beetroot crisps. Ordered my first set of kale crisps too to try out, apparently they're pretty good for you.

    1. Aw thank you so much - yeah I loveeee breakfast sooo much! It's my favourite meal ever! Thank you so much for your kind comments they really made me smile eek! Yesss I need to try kale! xxx

  7. Great post
    L x

  8. I would kill to have your figure Em you look amazing! Like you I have set myself a few goals ready for summer. I'm happy with my body now but want to tone up my stomach and core. Easter knocked me off track too.. Especially the amount of alcohol I consumed whilst catching up with home friends when we all got back from uni! I'll definitely take these tips on board! :) will let you know how I get on. xx

    1. Aw thank you so much, that's so kind of you! Eek yay, hahaha alcohol is my weaknesssss! I love wine so so much! So try not to drink it when I come home from Uni but it's soooo nice to have a glass! Uni problems ey! Yay do let me know lovely xxx

  9. Your body is insane! Deff my summer inspiration! I recently jumped on the health bandwagon and im trying my best to easter detox. Great post! So glad i found your blog! Ps love love love your bikini.
    Dani xo

    1. Aw wow thank you so much! That's sooo kind! I can't wait to get back on it! Aw thank you so much lovely xxx

  10. This is such a great post! Your list of breakfast foods sounds amazing. I really wish I still had time in the mornings for big breakfasts. I usually just have a protein shake as my job requires me to take my lunch at exactly midday. Also that chicken and chorizo salad looks fab! Definitely going to try that one this week :) x

    Katy |

    1. Aw thank you so much! Aha, can you tell I loveee breakfast!?!? That's still fine, at least you're having something!!! xxx

  11. I love this post hun, I would say my diet and yours are nearly the same!
    But I'll definitely be checking your blog out more now :)
    New fan -

    Lots of love

  12. You have to add to your "snack list"- here are a list that you may love!!!!

  13. Thanks for all these tips! I'm bookmarking this now! I'm getting married in 4 weeks and after a little too much indulgence over the Easter period, I'm eager to get back to healthy foods so I can look and feel good. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

  14. Ooh I wish I had time for such a large breakfast before work - it looks amaaazing!! I do swear by breakfast though and always have porridge/skimmed milk and honey :D
    I'll have a banana mid morning and I have my dinner at 12, usually a tonne of fruit, (blueberries, grapes, clementines, an apple) and some houmous with carrot sticks.
    I'll often come home to homemade stews/vegetable soups or just have a (large!) salad with tuna or egg either before or after my gym session :)
    So umm...I'm bad with carbs.
    Seriously, one slice of bread and no matter how little butter or how brown it is I will look preggers! Insane :(

    My biggest treat though...oh em gee, peanut butter on a ryvita in the microwave!! My mum thinks it's weird and dry but omg I can't get enough haha!!

    Your body looks amazing Em, you should be very proud, you're so right about it being addictive too and I can't imagine ever going back to my old ways!
    Holly Mixtures

  15. Some good tips, thank you Em :)
    Also, I've managed to find a cheaper matcha tea if anyone is interested :



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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