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Monday, 14 April 2014

April Wish list!

April is here already (how quick is time going!) and I am seriously in the mood for Spring. I absolutely adore Spring as you may have guessed! You may have seen that I've added a continual wish list onto my blog on the top bar, so you can see what I'm admiring all day every day on there as it updates automatically,but, I'll obviously still do my monthly wish lists, they're my favourite kind of posts. I love having a look at what everyone else is lusting over and I love compiling my wish list every month! Anyway, I think this one is my best wish list yet, whilst in Vietnam (you can catch up on my travels here), I literally read so many magazines and wrote down all the products that I liked - oops, sorry bank balance... without further ado, let's see what I'm lusting over!

- Riverisland Palm Tree Crop Top - I am absolutely obsessed with this top from Riverisland, so obsessed that I'm going to order it online right now. The only reason I haven't bought it yet is because it's been out of stock in my size in every store that I've been to! I want to wear this with my gorgeous new white trousers which you may have seen me showing off on my Instagram last night (@emshelx). 

- ASOS Skinny Ripped Jeans - I have seen so many people wearing amazing ripped jeans at the moment and I have my eyes on these ones from ASOS. They truly are amazing and super skinny just the way I like them. I want these so that I can put them with my gorgeous new shirt from Topshop (you can see that on my Instagram too!) 

- Vichy Dermablend Foundation - My all time favourite foundation! You can read my full review of it here, it's just run out and I'm finding it difficult to live without it so I must re-buy! 

- Magnolia Body by Stella McCartney, Harrods - I recently went shopping in London with Jack and we were looking around Harrods and I basically fell in love with absolutely everything from the Stella McCartney section in Harrods, everything is truly amazing and I found it hard to just put one thing on my wish list. I think Stella McCartney is fast becoming my favourite new lust brand, when I got home I checked out the
Stella McCartney section at and now have a lust-list as long as my arm. 

- Office Leather Flats - Ahhh I keep going into Office and dreaming of owning these flats. I really want some pretty shiny brogues and they have the perfect selection, I love these ones too - as seen on Michelle Keegan which makes me want them even more!  

- Radiance Lift Foundation - Eve Lom - This is another thing that I found whilst reading Elle magazine, it looks absolutely incredible, I love anything that makes me look radiant and I don't actually own anything from Eve Lom yet which is crazy so I think I need to try the brand pronto. 

- BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 The True Romantic - I've seen this featured in quite a lot of Spring make up articles in magazines and BareMinerals is another brand which I am yet to try. Everyone swears by it though so I think I may have to buy some. As most of you know, I'm trying really hard to only use natural, kind to skin products (read about my new skincare routine here) and I know that BareMinerals are great for your skin so I'm gonna have to invest - plus, these are the perfect colours for Spring.

- Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eye Shadow in Rose Illusion - I really want some products from Givenchy and this eye shadow looks so beautiful, perfect for Spring - I'm obsessed with all things rose this month. 

- Guerlain Meteorites Blossom Collection: Meteorites Pearls in Clair - I have read so many good reviews of the Guerlain Meteorites and I'm dying to get my hands on some to create a pretty, natural Spring look. I may have to order these this afternoon, I found them for £36 on FeelUnique here so I think that's the best price I'll get them for. 

- Cushions for my bedroom - For some reason the photo of this isn't on my collage (oops sorry), I always like to add something interiory to my wishlist because I have a weakness for interior design (see my Pinterest) but I saw some beautiful cushions and fabrics at Rodgers of York the other day. As most of you will know from my Twitter, I went to the new John Lewis in York and treated myself to lots of new Nars products yesterday but then I also came across some amazing fabrics at Rodgers (my Grandparents dragged me in) and now I've decided to revamp my bedroom once I've got rid of all the clothes from my blog sale!  

- Dior Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer - I love Dior make up and this primer sounds amazing, I love anything that gives me a radiant, light boosting look. 

- Cetaphil Cleanser - I read about this recently in a magazine and apparently it's gentle and good for daily make up removal (better than pesky face wipes then!) It was originally formulated for dematologists and it's perfect for sensitive skin so hopefully wont make me break out (plus it's cheap too!). 

- Flawless Radiance Primer - Eve Lom -  Another bit from Eve Lom and another primer, eek! As you can see, I'm wanting to get a new radiance primer so I'll have to have a look at them all and decide which is going to be the best for me! (Watch this space). 

- Save The Bees Palette by Chantecaille - Oh my gosh, this gorgeous gorgeous palette is just perfect for Spring, I need it in my life and cannot wait to get my hands on it, it's described as a refreshing eye and cheek palette (multi-use is always a winner!). I read about this in Elle magazine as well and this is probably the thing I'd like to get my hands on most from my wishlist. I love the 'Honey', golden highlighter for cheeks and eyes in the palette and 'Beehive' the flattering grey beige for the eyes, not to mention the gorgeous coral cheek colour. I'm bad with bright colours and I really do feel like this is the ultimate palette for me, it boosts radiance and it's got beautiful, neutral shades perfect for every day Spring wear. 

- Deborah Lippmann Spring Collection - Blue Orchid - I'm loving pastel nails at the moment and came across the Deborah Lippmann varnishes recently, I'm loving blue orchid so much! 

Armani Light Master Primer - Oh my gosh another primer, serious issues! I really want to try some Armani products and this is on my hitlist as well as some Armani foundations! 

Below is my snazzy new addition to the blog, you can now scroll through some of the products and shop them online right from there. Easy (your bank balance won't thank me!) 

I hope you've liked my April wish list, I really do think it's the best yet, but I am quite biased because I love Spring so so much! 

Lots of love, Em x

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  1. I am desperate for those skinny jeans from ASOS as well! So much love for them!
    Jude x

    The Wee Blondie

  2. great wishlist, that palm tree crop top is gorgeous!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  3. I love everything you've chosen!! I've been loving crop tops lately and the riverisland one looks amazing!!! And the ripped jeans look fab!!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  4. The detail on 'Save The Bees' looks absolutely amazing!

  5. Interesting read, i hope your wish list comes true! :)
    New follower here!

    Stay tuned to my page for future updates!

  6. Love the list! I love the palm print top from Riverisland but I really don't suit the cut. BareMinerals is a fab brand and perfect foundation for warm weather! The minerals are so light xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. It's so amazing isn't it - I'm not sure if I suit it but I'd like to try it! x

  7. The Dior Primer is at the top of my wish list too! Can't wait for payday!
    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  8. what a lovely wishlist :) x

  9. I think you'll really like the cetaphil! I use the lotion. It's my holy grail

  10. I rEALLY LOVE Guerlain Meteorites! Nothing better!

    SORTEO en el blog!

    1. They're so beautiful, I need to get my hands on them! x

  11. You have some really great products on here! I especially love the shoes! :)
    Lilly xx

    1. Aw thank you - they're so gorgeous aren't they! x

  12. Amazing wishlist I just love the Save the Bees palette! so pretty xx
    Real Techniques Core Collection Giveaway

    1. Aw thank you - it's so good isn't it eek! x

  13. I want the asos ridley jeans too, although I've ordered a couple of pairs and found their sizings a bit funny :(

    B xx

    1. Eeek maybe i wont get them then if the sizing is bad! boo! x

  14. I love the river island crop top, it's so pretty!! I haven't seen it in any stores either, I've been searching for it. Might have to order it, if it isn't out of stock online too! xx

  15. The cetaphil cleanser is amazing - but it really just is a simple, no frills cleanser, don't really expect much else from it! A godsend for those of us with really sensitive skin! Their moisturising lotion is fab too x

  16. Nice wishlist!
    I love the selection!

  17. I'll have what your having ;) great wish list :) (I love the scroll thing I've been trying to get something similar on my blog for ages) x

    1. Aaha woohoo! Yeah oh my god it's cool isn't it! x


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