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Sunday, 16 February 2014

London Fashion Week 2014: Day 2. LFW!

I spent this time last year seriously upset because I wasn't allowed time off work to go to London Fashion Week, even though I don't work there anymore, I didn't really think about London Fashion Week this year because I've been so busy but a few weeks ago, The Body Shop invited me to their backstage lounge and I knew that I had to go this time. I didn't want to go by myself and all of my girlie friends already had plans, so I called upon a friend of mine, Oli White (Oli White TV) to come and be my plus one for the day. Find out all about what I got up to here! (It was pretty exciting).

There's going to be a mixture of iphone and camera photos as I was frantically taking photos on both all  day so I apologise in advance for that. I made the decision to just attend Fashion Week on the Saturday, I managed to cram all the events into one day rather than having to book a hotel, I like fitting a lot into my days so I got the 7am train from Leeds and naturally did some blogging on the train. I didn't get my train home until 10pm so I really did have a full day of fashion.

I met Oli at Kings Cross and we headed straight to our first event of the day, the Aspinal of London and Glamour Magazine breakfast/brunch event. If you've seen my February wishlist, you'll see that I have an Aspinal item on there that needs to be in my life soon! 

We sipped smoothies at the Marylebone hotel and I gazed at the dreamy bags and purses. They gave away a bag to the 'best dressed' person of the day and the girl who won did look incredible, very fashion week.

I wore this skirt from Boohoo, coat from Topshop, jumper from Boohoo, shirt from H&M, sunglasses from Ray Ban and jewellery from LVNDR

Boohoo kindly sent me my skirt and jumper to wear for the occasion, I wanted to wear something bright because the weather has been pretty dull at the moment and I love the kind of happiness of this skirt. I did want to wear the skirt with the matching top and go for a co-ordinate look but unfortunately I forgot to order the top in time. Looking back, I do wish that I wore something a little bit more figure flattering, I look quite big in quite a lot of the photos and I'm actually only a 5ft3 size 6, but I guess wearing chunky, unfitted clothes does tend to make you look bigger. I love the Topshop coat but with it being a boyfriend fitted jacket, again, it isn't very figure flattering. Another thing is that I was absolutely boiling all day, my biggest tip for fashion week next year would be to wear something cool, it was absolutely freezing in Leeds on Saturday morning so I really layered up, this was a huge mistake because I felt like I was going to pass out at some of the events as they're so warm - note to self, do not wear a jumper next year!

I took LVNDR jewellery on an outing to the front row with me!

I got my hair dyed a bit lighter this week, thanks to my lovely hair dresser Jade at XS hair. I love my new colour, I'm much happier now that it's a bit brighter, here's to long, fresh hair! I got my eye brows defined and some cluster lashes put on by the lovely girls at Pastille Salon (somewhere that you must try out if you're ever in Yorkshire) - it's situated by Granary Wharf in the city centre and it's the most beautiful salon I've ever seen, it's very well priced too. I can't wait to go back.

We ate some delicious canapes at the Aspinal event, including these yummy breakfast wraps: avocado, bacon and egg all rolled into one.

Claudia Mahoney, the executive fashion and beauty director at Glamour magazine spoke to Angela Scanlon about street style at the Aspinal event.

Oli introduced me to his friends, Ashley James and Wallis Day at the Aspinal event, two beautiful and lovely girls who both looked incredible.

Next we moved to Somerset house, the atmosphere was buzzing and then it started raining pretty heavily so we all ran to the Shopcade party bus.

A lot of you may have seen me put up an Instagram (emshelx) photo of my invitation to the Shopcade Party bus!

There wasn't much room on the bus, but they were doing manicures and filming upstairs and down stairs there was a bar, a band and lots of other fashion bloggers. Oli did a vlog throughout the day so make sure you check it out on his channel here to see everything about the day.

Next we headed to Freemasons hall where some of the main shows were taking place. We managed to by pass all the queues as the lovely Sofie from The Body Shop came and found me outside.

We went to The Body Shop's media lounge for the rest of the afternoon and indulged on popcorn, frozen yogurt and unlimited coco coconut water.

I needed a make over urgently, my face looked horrible as I'd had the same make up on since 6am but luckily the Body Shop were on hand to help.

I got my lips filled in with BodyShop lip pencil in Clover Pink - something which I'll be purchasing soon as I am absolutely head over heels in love with this colour. Ah!

The Body Shop kindly seated me on the front row for every show that I went to see, as they sponsored the make up for the shows so they had a few front row seats, I felt incredibly privileged and honoured to be on the front row. I was seated next to Sammi from Beauty Crush at most of the shows and it was so lovely to meet her, she's such a naturally stunning, beautiful girl and it was a pleasure to share my first LFW front row experience with her.  Oli above, enjoying his front row experience.

Me and Sammi: me looking extremely hot - seriously never wearing a jumper to fashion week again!

My favourite show was the Zeynep Kartal show, the sequins were just incredible, I loved everything. 

I spotted Ashley and Wallis also on the front row but on the opposite side.

 This dress was truly divine

Next I went backstage with The Body Shop to see the Belle Sauvage make up looks.

How incredible are her lips? I love the white eye shadow ft doll like shiny lip look.

Oli went and got his make up done by The Body Shop - not properly though, he just tried some BB cream.

Soon after it was time for the Kiev Fashion Days show.

Everyone on the front row always looked incredible.

Again, thanks to The Body Shop I had one of the best front row seats in the house.

I love the white on white look that the model on the left is wearing.

Look at those shoes!

I absolutely loved this outfit too.

We thought we should have our own fashion shoot to show off our new make overs, this time, I took my jumper off (it was far too hot).

Oli introduced me to Stevie Ruffle.

I love this lip colour! Necklace by LVNDR.

Sammi looking beautiful with Rose Gallagher from Mixed Gems beauty.

Obsessed with my nude nails done by the girls at Pastille beauty, Leeds - inspired by Kendall Jenner.

Sheena from The Body Shop joined in on the photos too, her make up looked incredible.

A hilarious highlight of the day was when me and Sammi realised that we both had identical watches on. Blogger problems.

It was time for the Belle Sauvage show.

I love the fierce, lipstick prints.

After an incredible day with The Body Shop at Fashion Scout, where I saw many shows and went backstage a number of times, it was time to head to House Of Holland backstage thanks to Babyliss.

I interviewed Henry Holland when he was at the Trinity Leeds shopping centre opening day, so it was exciting to be backstage at his show. Here he is with Kelly Osbourne discussing his collection.

MAC did the make up for this show.

There were TV cameras everywhere.

I got the chance to speak to the hair stylist at the House of Holland show who showed me all of the tools that he used to create the models looks, I love the sound of the Babyliss hair tong/curler that they used and will definitely look into it when my hair grows a bit more.

So there we have it! Here's just a tiny little piece of my incredibly hectic day, I have a vlog to follow which should be up tomorrow which captures the atmosphere a little bit better. My feet were in agony by the end of the day but kindly, UGG Australia sent me some new boots to keep my feet warm and comfortable. I have a feeling that I'll be wearing these a lot when I go to cold Canada! You can check out tall UGG boots here, yummy!

A massive thank you to The Body Shop, you were fantastic hosts and truly gave me an incredible experience at my first London Fashion Week, it was a dream come true to be on the front row not once, but at every show and I cannot thank Sheena enough for making my dreams a reality. It was also lovely to spend the day with Oli, thank you for accompanying me - again, do make sure you check out his vlog of the day on his channel here which should be up today! This year seemed different to the last as last year a lot more brands put on blogger lounges, but I still had an epic day! I left LFW weighed down with goodie bags and very tired but it was one of the most incredible days of my life. I also got to catch up with one of my best friends, Scarlett London and obviously, met some incredible people throughout the day, including Sammi, Wallis, Ashley and so many more.

Thanks to everyone who made my time at LFW so great! I'm back again this Tuesday so let's see what else I get up to!

Have you ever been to London Fashion Week? Do you think any of the looks above are nice? 

Lots of love, Em x

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  1. This is amazing - what a great opportunity! Lovely pictures, love the outfit you wore! :)

    1. Thank youuuu! it was incredible truly :) xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Aww thank you so much - so glad you like it :) x

  3. this looks like the most amazing day! so glad you had a good time and you looked stunning!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  4. I saw you at the glamour and aspinal event loved your outfit I regretted wearing my coat in the end

    1. Aw you should have come and said hello! Eek me too, toooo hot! x

  5. You look fantastic and Oli is looking very dapper! Looks like an amazing day xx

    Emma from

    1. aw thank you - aha it was amazing thank you! x

  6. Looks absolutely amazing! I would have loved to go. Next year I will definitely take the time off work to go. You looked fab, I loved the skirt! xx

    1. Do it next year! It's fabulous:) Thank you! x x x

  7. This is so cool! Looks like you had an amazing time!
    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Travel & Life in Italy
    Milan City Guide for MFW

  8. wow looks like an amazing experience! love the skirt your wearing xx

    1. Thank you so much Becca! Yes it really was! x x x

  9. Oli and Sammi are two of my favorite youtubers, so jealous! Look like your having an amazing time <3

  10. WOW! It looks like you had the most amazing time ever, your outfit is gorgeous too!! I saw you briefly walk past me while i waiting for the Fashion International show so sadly didnt get to say hi :( You looked lovely though :) xx

    1. I really did thank you! Ahhh you should have said hey - thank you lovely:) xx

  11. I was at Fashion Week last September and it was amazing but soooooooo tiring! I'm flying back to England for the final day tomorrow, so I'm excited! Which shows are you seeing tomorrow? :)

    1. Ahhh it really is so tiring! sorry i just caught this late! x x x

  12. I saw you around FashionScout and so wanted to say hi but I was rushed off my feet interning :( you looked absolutely gorgeous I love your coat! Sounds like you had an amazing day! xo

    1. Oh my goshhh! as if you didnt say hi! I wish you did, would have been lovely to meet you. Wowww interning for who?! how exciting eek! thank you lovely:) x x x

  13. Wow it looks like you had an amazing time, love your outfit! Xx x

  14. You look absolutely stunning! I love that lip colour on you and your outfit, Great post!



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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