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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Him & Her!

So Valentines day is nearly here, only 12 days to go! I guess it's probably time to start thinking about gifts, I personally don't think Valentines day is really about big gifts as such, for me, it's about cute personalised items and things which are personal to you and your favourite person. But, lucky for you, I LOVE writing gift guides (and I just love Valentines day) so you're in the right place, also, don't worry if you think you've left it too late, you haven't, most of these are things that you can buy online. Without further ado, here's my Valentines day gift guide...

Gift guide for her:

- Moschino Bag - Now this is super expensive but I saw it and simply couldn't resist adding it to the list, the cutest and most gorgeous bag for the season of love - plus it's got a detachable purse with it! What's not to love?

- Love Bracelet - Selfridges - Another expensive one, I promise everything else is affordable, but I couldn't resist adding this to the list either. I think this bracelet from Selfridges is seriously really special, you could go on a trip to Paris for the same price (£125) but I just think it's really dainty and special. 

- You Make Me Happy Card - I think this is such a nice card for Valentines day because it gets away from everything being pink/red and gets down to the main reason why you love/like someone: because they make you happy. I love big slogan cards like this one (but then again, I also love really soppy cards too). I also love this 'Every Day I Love You' card from ASOS - tell him/her that it's not just Valentines day that I love you, it's every day - soppy huh, love it.

- Baby Heart Ring/Elephant Necklace/Love Ring/Infinity Ring - LVNDR - This is a bit of a cheeky plug as you'll know if you've read my blog post sharing my big announcement but I really couldn't not include some of the items from LVNDR on this gift guide. All items are priced from just £1.99 and I just think that everything is so cute and dainty (even if I do say so myself) and perfect for Valentines day. Plus, everything comes hand wrapped for free and you can even add a cute little lavender heart onto your package to make it super special. I've got my eye on the elephant necklace - it's so special and dainty, I'd love one with a few lavender hearts attached to it!

- Lush Valentines Goodies - All girls LOVE Lush, I'm sure of it. Everything smells incredible, my general rule with Lush is that if it's pink, it WILL smell incredible. Personally, I'd never buy the gift sets as they tend to be more expensive, but, if you want to just get her a pink gift box, I'm sure she will be more than happy, it's still a great gift. Here are my favourite Lush items of all time if you're needing some inspiration: the Sex bomb bathbomb, Cream Candy bubble bar, The Comforter bubble bar, Melting Marshmallow moment bath melt, Honey I Washed the Kids soap and Dream Cream moisturiser (amazing, my life is weird without this moisturiser in it - such an incredible product).  As you can tell, I love a lot of things from Lush (and that's only half the stuff I love). I don't think you can go wrong with a few smelly Lush treats, plus, who doesn't want a lovely smelling girlfriend?

- Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates - There's a reason that I chose these chocolates out of all the other chocolates that you can buy, Charbonnel et Walker are the originals when it comes to beautiful truffles and they're not actually that expensive. I love the tiny little love heart shaped boxes with chocolates inside (here) which are only £4.49 and you cannot beat their original pink champagne truffles here. I've tried them all and they seriously do taste incredible. I would love a Valentines evening indoors, with candles, Moet and these chocolates - perfection - a date idea for you there boys! 

- Korres Rose and Shine Gift Set - I recently reviewed an incredible sleepover set from Korres here and then realised that Korres make the most incredible sets, perfect for Valentines day. I absolutely love the Flower Power gift set, only £11.50 and it includes so many incredible products (plus everything is beautifully natural too). She will be so impressed if you buy her such a good skin/body care set by such an epic brand.

- Pink Notepad - My boyfriend bought me a gorgeous notebook for my birthday and I cherish it so much, if your girlfriend is someone who loves writing things down or just likes to doodle, treat her to this beautiful 'gems of insight' notebook. I just love it because it's pretty and pink.

- Diptyque Candle - Girls love candles, particularly Diptyque, expensive, but delicious, I love this limited edition one from Selfridges - one day I will fill my house with these candles.

- Hotel Chocolat Heart - I always pop into Hotel Chocolat to buy cute gifts, they sell the most adorable heart lollypops and boxes of chocolates, naturally you've gotta buy her a cute heart shaped lolly.

- Tom Ford Lipstick - A bit of a splurge but I think a lipstick from Tom Ford for someone who loves beauty, particularly designer beauty, would just be an incredible gift. I love lipstick and I love Tom Ford. Tom Ford lipsticks cost quite a lot so they really do make a really special gift - plus, you'll be the coolest boyfriend in the world if you buy her something from Tom Ford. A girl can dream. Shade-wise, I love Wild Ginger and Cherry Lush. 

- Chanel Nail Varnish - Again, like the Tom Ford lipstick, I think a cute wrapped up Chanel nail varnish would make a lovely, special gift for a beauty lover this Valentines day. Girls love nail varnish, but how many of us crave Chanel yet don't actually own many Chanel items? Nail varnish is something which lasts forever too, at £18.00, this is quite cheap for Chanel. Colour-wise, I'd go for 'suspicious' and 'frisson'. 

- Roses/Flowers - Naturally girls love flowers, I know I do anyway. I've been looking around for the best flowers at the best prices, Marks and Spencers do some incredible bouquets at very affordable prices (I found some gorgeous roses for only £3.25 in store and you could just buy three packs and then add them all together as one if you're wanting to make a big bouquet). I find that supermarkets are usually the best when it comes to flowers at affordable prices, Morrisons and Tesco always sell really lovely flowers at really good prices. If you're wanting to order online, Next is amazing for flowers too, I love their dozen red roses bouquet. Moonpig have a special offer on too where for £20 you get 12 red roses and a personalised card. I'd be more than happy with just some flowers this Valentines day, I absolutely adore flowers but they don't have to cost the world, head to your local supermarket!

Other things for her:

- Lingerie/ Pyjamas- Girls love lingerie and if you're daring enough, you can buy her some lovely underwear for the special day. I was recently sent a beautiful bra from Wonderbra which you can buy here, it's bright red and truly delicious. Underwear is a lovely gift because girls just love nice underwear, well I do anyway. I love pyjamas too, so if your girl loves being cosy, maybe treat her to a nice silk dressing gown or some new comfy slippers?

- Trip Away - It doesn't even have to be a big trip away, we're not talking the Bahamas, but you could always go to Paris - if you're a student, you can usually get the Eurostar for £60 return! I'd highly recommend it as it's beautiful and I dream of spending one Valentines day weekend there (read about my trip to Paris here). You could simply go to the seaside, a theme park, a camping trip - anything that's personal and cute for you two. A day at the seaside, eating fish and chips and eating ice cream with my boyfriend would be my dream date/trip away. 

- Perfume - Girls like perfume, you could always get her the scent that she loves or maybe introduce her to a new one? I love this mist selection by Kiehl's or this limited edition Flowerbomb.

- Beauty Gift Set - There are some incredible beauty gift sets flying around, if she loves travelling and loves make up, I love this little brush set from Bobbi Brown, or Boots do some really well priced Soap and Glory gift sets. 

- Make A Scrap Book - Put all of your memories together into an old photo album or book and make something really memorable.

- Fill A Room With Roses - We've all seen it done on the films... now can someone do this in real life please? You could always fill it with red balloons instead I guess.

- Cook For Her - You could always cook her a candle lit meal. Who needs fancy restaurants anyway?

- Go On A Walk And Take A Polaroid Camera With You - Nothing beats a long walk, hand in hand - what a nice way to spend your day, take a Polaroid camera with you too and capture it all in an old fashioned way, say goodbye to technology for the day (I have this Fujifilm polaroid and LOVE it, so romantic). 

Gift Guide For Him:

- His Side / Her Side Pillows - This is something that you could buy for her or him, (I know that I take up all the room in the bed), why not get some cute/humorous pillows to show which is your side?

- Valentines Check Shirt - I fell in love with this cute check shirt from ASOS, at only £20, I couldn't not add this to the gift guide. I love the colour of it, perfect for the month of love.

- The Art of Iphoneography Book - For men who like photography, or their iphones, I came across this little book and thought that it was really quirky and different.

- Ipad Case - If he's got an ipad, why not get him a fancy yet classy case? There are so many nice ones around but the one above caught my eye from ASOS, plus, if you buy something from ASOS, you can treat yourself to something too - go on, I wont tell anyone! 

- Absolut Vodka Set - If he likes good quality vodka, then this cocktail kit is for him. I found this on Selfridges and thought it was perfect for a man who likes to drink sophisticated beverages. 

- I Love You Because... Canvas - I thought this was really sweet, particularly if you're a couple who share a home, you could actually share it, and write cute little notes on it every morning: I love you because, well I just do.

- Personalised Luggage Tag - I think this is such a thoughtful gift for someone who likes to travel, or maybe you're going on holiday together soon. I think buying your guy a personalised luggage tag is really personal and it's like you'll always be with him in spirit on his travels.

- New Balance Trainers - Being a typical girl, I chose these because they are red, however, I love the colour so much - I'm tempted to buy some for myself (uhoh). I know that my boyfriend would appreciate these, New Balance are the in thing at the moment and these ones are just beautiful, I love everything about them.

- I Love Your Face Mug - If you're just getting little things, this 'I Love Your Face Mug' from Not On The Highstreet really caught my eye. How adorable.

- Hot Spices Set, Worlds Hottest Chilli Powders - If he likes to cook, why not buy him this cute little hot spices set. It's only £5.00 and it might prompt him to practise his culinary skills on you too. Chilli for dinner anyone? Also, buy him this to see just how hot he can handle it, these are the worlds hottest chilli powders after all!

- Red Back Pack - Again, I chose this because it's red, but how gorgeous is this backpack? Perfect for someone who loves travelling, I think it's such a gorgeous bag.

- The Complete Worst Case Scenario Handbook - I was going to buy my boyfriend this for Christmas as I think it's a really quirky gift, I love the name and the description of this book from ASOS.

Other things for him?

- Aftershave - Just like girls, men like to smell nice too. There are so many gorgeous fragrances around, my favourites are Bleu De Chanel,  Marc Jacobs Bang and Black Orchid by Tom Ford.

- Boxers - We love lingerie, do men love boxers? I guess so. I find buying boxers is quite an easy but nice gift for boys, I love these luxury Ralph Lauren ones from ASOS.

- Bake for him (chocolate heart shaped brownies, obviously.)

- Cook him steak (most men love meat right?)

- Take him to a manly spa, so that you can both relax together, get a couples massage! How adorable. Me and Jack visited Champney's not so long ago, he had his first massage and loved it, even though he's not really a spa type of person, I've converted him!

- Let him drive a few exciting cars (you can buy loads of experience days online). My brother drove 5 super cars and absolutely loved it.

Please note, NONE of this was sponsored in anyway, I chose all of these gifts and ideas by myself as I genuinely love them all. 
If you're still looking for some Valentines day inspiration, you can read my inspiration post here. I hope you all have a lovely Valentines day, single or taken - don't worry, Valentines day can be spent with your friends, family or you could always have a girlie night instead. My dream Valentines day, as mentioned earlier, would be a cute day at the seaside, eating fish and chips, ice cream and walking across the pier. You can't beat fresh air, homely food and the person that you love. 

What are your plans this Valentines day? Do you have any really good Valentines gift ideas? 

Lots of love, Em x
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  1. Lovely gift ideas - those heart shaped brownies look so nice, yum!! :)

  2. The bag is gorgeous and all the food made me hungry!

    B xx

  3. Love the gift ideas :)

  4. Great post and gift ideas!

    Greetings from London,

  5. Great post, love the trip away idea! Also 'cook him steak', hahaha, it's funny because my boyfriend would probably find that so romantic xD

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, your hair looks gorgeous! So glad it's growing out, slowly but surely you can do it! It took mine like 4 years to grow from my shoulders to where it is now so patience is the key! :D


    1. I think a trip away is such a lovely idea, but even lovelier if its somewhere cute rather than somewhere extravagant, again, it's what works for you two/whats personal to you!:) Eeeek mine would love it too, it's all about the steak! You've inspired me so i really wish a year would hurry up so it would get longer ahah xxx

  6. Your posts are always so detailed, love reading them :) This has actually really helped me as my boyfriend is so hard to buy for! xx

    1. Aw wow thank you so much - so glad that you like them! aw im glad its helped:) boys are soo hard to buy for in general! xxx

  7. I still don't know what to give my boyfriend.. I want it to be personal but still need to think about it... this is helpful, like always, you;ve got great ideas to share! :)

    Xx Andra

    1. Yeah, it takes a lot of thought when its personal! x aw thank you x

  8. Some really nice ideas :)

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  10. These are great gift suggestions! The food pics have got me salivating ha,

    C x | Gymbags & Gladrags


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