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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Tuesday Afternoon - Hello! Well , I came onto my laptop after 6th form thinking I'll quickly update my iphone and then go on a  run because the weather is amazing! (clearly all my summer themed posts have jinxed it!) 

But then I just needed to post this quick post about the shoes of the summer. I've found some gorgeousss pairs of shoes for you all, whether you like flats, sandals, wedges or heels - I hope that some of these images inspire your footwear for the summer season; which has apparently started today in England!

If you like having your nails done/fancy doing them yourselves, scroll to the bottom for some lovely summer designs.

p.s, I don't know why I called this a quick post! I've found soo many shoes aha!

Kurt Geiger does it again when it comes to glittery wedges. In real life they're literally so sparkly they're unreal!

and again with these metallic chunky wedges, they come in a variety of colours

 Kurt Geiger has also produced these super chunky wedges this summer. I absolutely love the colours. As well as that, they've created some petite pretty sandals, they come in so many colours!

My favourite has to be the shoes to the right handside, wow. I think I may have to treat myself. I love the colours KG has used this summer.

These are really different but I like them

 There's nothing better than tanned legs with some white pretty pumps.

Wow how incredible are these? I think it's the wood underneath that makes them especially summery.

I absolutely adore these, they're so cute. But also, silver makes your tan stand out more.

W.o.wwwwwwwwww. speechless. Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Kurt Geiger with their jelly sandals - £25.00 and below with their 'Molly' sandals.


Micheal Kors, I need you in my life!

 I think these are some of my faves, ^ so simple but they look soo nice with black trousers and black nails - I always paint my nails black sooo!

I absolutely ADORE these. How cute and sparkly!

I got this pair above, exactly the same from primark for £5!!!!

What about the pedicture to go with the shoes?
Minx is revolutionary, if you haven't had it done already, get it done. I'm loving the gold minx (nail foils which last forever!) for this summer! They look so pretty against tanned skin.

How about adding some studs to lighten up that dark design?

Tribal and summery

I can't get enough of metallic nails

If you haven't heard of swarovski crystal toes then where have you been?! Aha , only joking but seriously, I haven't had them done yet but I've seen them advertised everywhere. Look how nice they look in silver! I think they'd irritate me though! But with a nice pair of sandals they'd look beautiful.

White toes is definately something to try when you've got a tan. Generally white makes you look more tanned anyway. I like to use Nails Inc white nail varnish and Barry M. Barry M is cheaper and thicker whereas Nails inc is more expensive but I'd say it's a better quality. They look so pretty white though.

Why not try doing a few different colours? Surprisingly, this looks really good.




  1. NEED some Kurt Geiger wedges in my life! xx

  2. Hi Ems! Thanks for following! I have also followed as well! BTW, love the shoes and nails!!!


    1. thankyou for following back! me too, sooo beautiful! keep in touch:)x x

  3. Great post, got me really excited for summer!
    Love the Kurt Geiger wedges, definitely a must have!

    Drea xo

    1. Hehe ive achieved what I want then, to beat these winter blues! xx

  4. I'm pretty sure I-- not want-- NEED every single shoe you posted. SO gorgeous. I'm definitely going through a wedges phase! <3

    I read your about me and I'm a broadcast journalism/ media studies major too! Can't wait to read more of your posts. (:

    1. Heyy, wow just got really excited when I read that you do broadcast journalism and media studies! where at? oo we need to talk! I love these shoes and wedges are amazing as you can actually walk in them ahaha! xxx

  5. OMG..! That was amazing.. Need all ov them..
    U r amazing..

    Check out my blog

  6. All of the nails and shoes are gorgeous!!

  7. I'm drooling over all those heels! I love a glitter wedge :)


  8. Like this blog :)

  9. Love those metallic chunky wedges! and every shoe with a big heel :P

  10. I love the White wedges with the silver bottoms!!
    Please check out the Topshop giveaway on my blog

    Follow and I'll follow back x

  11. Wow so many pairs of shoes !! I don't know how you found them all but they are all so pretty. I especially love the ones with chunky colors together. And I like the pink pants and blue wedges combination!!

    1. It took a while!! I really love them, perfect for spring and summer, eee:) Im following you, thanks for stopping by! xxx

  12. Wow, what a selection of shoes, they're all amazing ! I prefer wedges or stilettos and I don't wear flats, they're all so beautiful especially those Zanottis !
    And the pedicures are so original and beautiful, love the studded ones !
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    1. Thankyou for taking the time to comment and stop by, I love them all! I prefer wedges now because I can actually walk in them! The pedicures are beautiful, yeh the studded ones are extremely cool! I will check them out! Thankyou very much:) xx

  13. What a post - lots of photos! :) Lots of pretty shoes! :)
    And you are prety too!



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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