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Monday, 13 February 2012

The trend; Dip Dyed Hair

Monday evening - After a long day of rushing around for Valentines day pressies for my beautiful boyfriend.. it's a long story but basically I ordered him something lovely online and I didn't answer the door in time this morning so the post man has taken it back to the depot and it wont be with me for 48 hours! WHICH IS HEARTBREAKING, TRULY. So I rushed to Tesco before work to grab loads of cute items for him, I will upload pictures tomorrow for yaalll!

Anyway, after work I decided I'm going to do a post about Dip Dyed Hair. It seems to be taking over the pages of magazines, tv awards and the streets!

If you're unfamiliar with the term 'Dip Dye', it pretty much means when someone literally looks as if they have dipped their hair in to a seperate colour to create the illusion of two toned hair. I'm going to upload some pictures so that you don't all think i'm going crazy and I can show you what the heck I am going on about!

Caroline Flack above has it subtly, quite a lot of my friends have it like this and it looks beautiful.
I don't know if i'm as keen on this one, I think the roots are too dark and Ican't get to grips with the 'rooty' look but some people really pull it off.

I really like this, I think it looks subtle and really good.

Some pictures of a few celebrities with it subtly done, it looks great when it's done correctly.
Here is the dip dye taken to an extreme, I'd love to do it to my hair but I wouldn't ever have the confidence!
Nikki Minaj really pulls it off! I think a bright colour on the end of pink hair looks really good!
I absolutely love this girls hair, I love the style, the thickness and the colours. This is a really subtle dip dye and I love it so much. I'd love to get my hair that colour, the roots don't look too dark and the blondes go together really well. One day I WILL get my hair like this.
I absolutely love blonde teamed with blue ends. I don't like her fringe but I like the ends of her hair. Obviously this really extreme look only works on super long hair!
This is super cool!
This is my favourite! I Love it! I love her, I love her hair and I love the seperate tones she has in the end. Such beautiful colours and they go with blonde so well, even though they shouldn't!
I adore this, so so so subtle, but so beautiful. I think it's because it isn't just at the ends it kind of blends through and it looks really nice, I think if I had brown hair i'd get this style done, really really nice!

So dip dying, it's really nice on the whole and very fashionable and bang on trend this season!


  1. huh, I've never heard someone call it dip dye hair before. I've always heard it as ombre hair.

    1. When i've researched it on the internet it says Ombre but everyone I know calls it Dip dye! oh well! two names I suppose! xx

  2. thanks for coming by. love your blog, follow back for sure, gorgeous!

    love your style!


  3. I wish i could pull off dip dyed hair but i guess my hair is still pretty short for this kind of style..

    1. I think the girl with the short blonde bob looks amazing though but maybe that's because the dip dye is so subtle. It's incredible! x

  4. i have been thinkin many times ,almost everyday of wanting to ombre or dip dye my hair..i just didnt have enough courage to just go ahead and have it done..its gonna be a big change and im not sure if i can pull it off ...hopefully one day i will take the your post!..thanks for following me..followed back

  5. I love this trend!! Would you like to follow each other?
    Happy Valentines Day!

    1. Hey! yes of course, happy valentines day to you too. I am following you now :) x

  6. i love the dip-dye trend but I'm too scared to dye my hair haha I am now following you!

    I'm having a giveaway at the moment if you would like to have a look at it? :)

    Amelia xx

    1. Im far too scared as well!!! Maybe one day we should try it aha! oOOO I will check that out! xxx

  7. I love the bright colours!

  8. Thanks for following my blog, you have a great blog, love the dip dying trend too! following back :) x

  9. so nice- love it!
    happy valentines day! :)
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  10. I love it, it looks so pretty and amazing=)

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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