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Sunday, 12 February 2012

A time line of my hair, my hair journey.

Early hours sunday morning - Wow cannot believe that I am uploading some of this pictures. Some date back to years ago. So please don't think that I actually still look like this! some days I love my hair and others I hate it more than anything IN THE WORLD. So here I am going to show you a time line sort of thing, of my hair and our trials and triumps. Let me give you some background information. I was bleach blonde until year 5, in year 6 it turned to a horrible dirty/mucky/undescribable blonde colour so I started getting highlights, honey ones. Then I wanted it blonder and blonder and even though I said I would never do it, I eventually got it FULLY bleached. My hair is a natural afro so I got it thinned out a lot and now it's all snapped off I really regret doing so. I have finally got it back into good condition and IT WILL stay that way now. Bye bye straighteners (apart from special occasions) HELLO AFRO.
My journey

Wow, years ago. oh my lord. My grandad looks cute though hehe. Look how crap my extensions look, my hair was far too thick for them. Colour wise, might have looked OKAY if I had some make up on, but then again I am a mere child on this photo and children don't wear make up. I like how thick and naturally long it is though. Wish it was like that now.

This is a year or two later (i think) at the same family annual christmas do. It is bleached kinda but still highlights and no extensions, it looks thinner but still long. Not sure, like my fringe though.
Think this was around the same time. I apologise that my whole flat chest is out. I was about twelve. Maybe a bit older but ew. What am I doing with my life? My fringe looks extremely emo and I dislike it profusley. What Emma. Seriously. It's too long and my highlights look horrid. No. Look at the layers. Too far. STILL GROWING THEM OUT NOW. DO NOT GET LAYERS. DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF.

 This is probably a bit more recent, still highlights as you can see it's pretty dark but I think I like it, that might be because I have make up on. I'm the one with the black and white scarf on btw. I still have extensions in but hardly any as my hair looks really thin. It does look naturally longer though.
This is the same time. Once again, what am I doig? I used to love this hoody until a friend of mine said she lost it in town, one minute it was on her bag apparently then the next it went. Gr, was well annoyed when I heard that as I loved it. Hence why now, I hate to lend my clothes out. Hi Jack Wills knickers. Wow, I was the epitome of cool. Naaaat! Anyway, fringe looks extremely longg!!! I have extensions in but hardly any and my hair is pretty much the same length wwaahooo.. my hair was in brill condition here. What happened! Colour wise, yack. Undescript. No wonder it was in good condition.

 Here it was goldenyyyy and long woooooooo and thick! I want it back like this, not the colour though. P.s I am not kissing her, it was one of those things you did in year ten where you just showed your hair...

This is when I got super long extensions and i really like them actually... I don't like how far over my fringe is but I like the length.
Here I think I started to put bleach in it, I look like a fool here, what am I doing. Hate the colour

 Look how long it is! And there's quite a lot of streaky blonde, not cool. But length wise, love it. (naturally)
 This is extensions but as you can see my real hair isn't far from it. I love this picture me pulling a weird face and it's just summery and lovely. I remember this outfit so well. I love my fringe, alately i've been wearing a middle parting, this picture makes me want to put it back to the side. The colour is gradually getting much blonder, although it was summer so lets blame the sunshine for colouring it...
 Much blonder still ,the highlights kept coming. Oh my lord once again. My sweet 16th, it was Barbie themed and pink and white themed as I am so horribly exhibiting. This shouldn't be allowed on the internet. I apologise.

 One day POW, the blonde came around. out came the bleach! I loved it. It was a shock at first but I haven't gone back since. It looks healthy because i'd only just got it done.

 Then I started using John Freida shampoo which made my hair go amazingly white this is my favourite colour ever, I'd love it to go back like this.
 It went a bit silvery for prom.. not sure if I like it. I like my curls though. Gradually the condition was getting worse at this point...
 White again, loveeeed it.

Ignore the horrid person in this picture with me, (not my grandada hes the best!) but i LOVED my hair when i went to london. I WANT MY FRINGE BACK LIKE THIS. AND THE COLOUR. waaahhh! Maybe it's because it was summer! Fingers crossed this summer will make it more like that!
 Now it isn't AS white, but I think I like it. I like it when I leave the ends to go curly like above, not really curly but dropped curls. But look at my fringe, I don't think I like it. (i'm the one in the leopard print top and black shorts) I look really harsh faced. Meh :(
Today - My hair is long, thick and blonde, not extra blonde but blonde. That my be because I haven't dyed the underneath in 9 months and the top in 9 weeks. This is because i'm trying to grow it. It's working though, really well infact. My hair feels so much better and stronger from not straightening it everyday. I don't have anyone to impress at 6th form anymore so I simply wash it, leave it afro style and tie it up. Woooo hair growth!!!!!

I will upload a picture when I get it dyed on Thursday! SO excited. I need bleach back in my life wooohoo! I've done so well , seriously!


  1. You look good with the (white)blonde hair!

    now following you!

  2. Girl you are gorgeous!!! Love the hair! I too had "stages of blonde" throughout the years. I bet you use purple shampoo :) Matrix so silver was always #1 for me

  3. I love your blog! And it seems all the blonde shades suits you well :) Ixx

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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