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Thursday, 29 March 2012


Here is my first ever YouTube video, watch the before and after effects of it.

Thursday Afternoon - FINALLY BROKEN UP FOR EASTER. Words cannot explain how happy I am. I need lie ins! Craving them! Tonight I'm having a special girls night with my faveee girlies to make cocktails and talk everything girlie. Then tomorrow it's travel agents time! We're booking a holiday, we're thinking Greece or Cyprusssss, yipeeeeeeee.

I think I have used EVERY fake tan under the sun (ironic hahaaa) because I am ridiculouslyyyy against sun beds. I know that if I ever started to use them, I WOULD get addicted. So many people get skin cancer, the obvious way to prevent it is, don't use sunbeds, but people still do. People will never learn! So here is my review of a tan that I have been dying to use for months, finallly i've got my hands on it.

If you haven't heard of it before, or have done and have wondered why it's meant to be so good and is used by celebrities all over the world, read what they have to say about it below for some background information.

It's all about; XEN-TAN


Getting it right is about more than just colour. It's about feeling fantastic on the inside too.Thanks to Xen-Tan's unique moisture-rich formula, now even the fairest skin can enjoy a natural-looking tan. Easy to apply, and with a gorgeous fresh fragrance, it goes on smoothly and fades evenly, for a flawless finish every time. Leaving you looking radiant and feeling amazing.

So how does it achieve such beautiful, olive results?Thanks to a unique time-release ingredient, we've been able to include even more DHA (the active tanning ingredient) in our products than ever before. So you can enjoy longer lasting, more natural, and beautifully even results that complement your skin tone and fade evenly too.

Who are Xen-Tan?Founded in the USA, Xen-Tan is the brainchild of a group of dedicated self-tanners who were unhappy with the dry skin, orange finish, bad odours and mess that often came with fake tanning products. So they developed a range that was easy to use, smelled fantastic, left their skin nourished and guaranteed the most flawless, healthy-looking tan every time. ''

Usually, reading something like this you think, yeah right everyone says that. So I was so excited to test it and see what it's really like! With the sun being out recently we want to look golden and not pale so I think that this post is very relevant for this incredible March weather!

I actually found that this tanning mitt wasn't like all the other tanning mitts ive used. The inside and the outside is brown, so it didn't go all green and minging like the others i've used. AND it didn't soak through my hands!
It's only £3.99 which is good to say it's such a good mitt!

I like the box, it's golden, like you want your skin to be. Unlike all the other fake tan boxes which are usually random colours like white and blue.

 What they say; 'delicious scents'
Obviously I couldn't wait to see if this is a fact! 
I got so excited when I saw that it was vanilla scented! I'm sick of using fake tans and then everyone saying to me, oh you smell like fake tan. Urm, thanks. Usually I think fake tans smell sweaty! err!
 The bottle, I do think it would be better if it wasn't white as it's hard to keep fake tan from making it look grubby but it is shiny so it's wipe-able, this is just a minor flaw, hardly anything anyone else would worry about! 

It's a mist because although i've used all fake tans, I do prefer mist/spray tan type ones. They're generally a lot more even and go on easier. My mum hates them because they go all over my bedroom, surprisingly, this one didnt! The spray doesn't come out really fast and it's not like loads comes out at a time so it didn't damage my white bedroom at all!
I followed the exact instructions, and was very happy to see that it's actually instant! This is good because usually they take hours to develop. After only 3 hours, which is better than the 8 hours most fake tans advise, you can swim, shower and it has fully developed.

First impression - I was sooo happy. It lived up to it's expectations from taking the lid off the bottle, loved the smell and found the bottle so easy to use. I've used spray tan 'cans' before and the tops always leak and it's a very messy job. This bottle is like a sun cream/spray bottle, it's really sturdy and easy to press and it DOES NOT LEAK! Extemely impressed with the ease of the product (AND THE SMELL)

Here you can see just how gentle the 'spritz's' of it are, they only come out in tiny circles and don't stain your arm if you leave it for a minute without rubbing it in. The liquid itself is smooth and not too watery, but it blends very easily. If you put too much on it doesn't insist on not blending in like most tans.
Here you can see the instant difference from about two sprays.See that the colour isn't orange at all.

The smell - Oh my goosssh. I wish I could post smells over the internet, unfortunately you're just going to have to imagine the most incredible vanilla scent, I wanted to eat myself! I still smell like that now, and this is hours after the application. Perfume and fake tan? Don't mind if I do!

The photo above is from two layers, as you can see, it's really dark now!
This is as soon as i've rubbed my two layers in. As you can see, it is smooth. It does make my hairs stand out because the tan catches on them as it's wet. It dries almost instantly.
On my hip, you can see the instant tanning line after just two layers. 
Usually, fake tans go horrible on my hands, but nope, this is pretty even.So far so good. I literally just sprayed the mist on my hands in a 'spray tanning' motion and gave it a quick rub.

The morning after. Me VS. My brother.
As you can see, it is olive and natural, extremely golden.

Today, I have never had so many compliments about my fake tan ever, so many people said they loved it.

I love it because it's so deep but it isn't obviously fake.
I had to get up early this morning so will add a photograph of me after showering it off tonight to show you what it looks like.

The website says that you get 6-7 full body and face applications out if the bottle, this would be incredible, I will let you all know if this happens. Although this tan is £28.99 (around) I would reccommend it highly.
 Out of all the tans i've used, i've had the most compliments, it's NOT orange, it smells delicious, its quick and easy to do.

I usually hate fake tanning, it's too much of a chore.I know I have to do it, but it takes so long. This bottle made it quick and easy. I literally applied it in about 6 minutes. I will do my legs this weekend and show you all before and after photos of them as well.

Another plus point, I put my pajamas on pretty much straight after the application, and wasn't sticky or wet.
Then, I got into bed (my bed covers are crisp and white) and I woke up this morning, not one mark of fake tan. I'm not sure how or why! Usually, my fake tan changes my bed to a disgusting orange colour. This one didn't. 

Is this a miracle?
I think so.
Seriously, amazingggg. If anyone has any questions about it let me know. I will be uploading a video to Youtube about the application of this incredible product as I'm so happy with it :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pretty Pastels

Wednesday -Pretty Pastels

Tonight after work I have a few exciting product reviews which are going to be posted. One includes the revolutionary Xen-Tan, cannot wait to tell you all about it! Another will be the Clarins mascara which i've been eager to review for a while and finally I got it today!
Can't wait to review loads of new stuff for you all to try out!

Easter is getting nearer every day and there are so many gorgeous pastel colours around that I thought i'd do a pastel inspirational post. I hope that these images inspire you :)

I break up tomorrow for Easter, two weeks off! Hoooraay, this means LOTS of product reviews for you guys and lots of Easter posting!

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