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Friday 5 July 2024

Jo Malone Paddington Bear Orange Marmalade Cologne Collection Review

Jo Malone Limited Edition Orange Marmalade range
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I have loved Jo Malone for so long and I couldn't even begin to tell you which of their fragrances I enjoy the most (although in my top 3 is definitely Tuberose Angelica). Well now, I have fallen in love with them that little bit more. Renowned for their luxurious fragrances and sophisticated scents, they have made my day with their latest whimsical and charming collection: the Orange Marmalade and Paddington Bear Series.  This limited edition release is a heartwarming nod to the beloved British icon, Paddington Bear, and will definitely capture the imaginations and senses of both fragrance aficionados and fans of the lovable little bear (of which I am one of many).  I was recently lucky enough and ridiculously excited to be invited to a Marmalade party hosted by Jo Malone to launch this beautiful limited edition series and I'm here to tell you more about it. If you're looking for a review of the Jo Malone Paddington Bear collaboration, you're in the right place.

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Jo Malone Orange Marmalade range

If you didn't already know, and I am sure you do, Paddington Bear, a much cherished character from Michael Bond's children's books is famous for his love of marmalade.  The collaboration between Jo Malone and Paddington Bear is a natural fit blending the bear's signature treat with Jo Malone's expertise in crafting the most unforgettable fragrances.  One of the reasons I love scents so much is that they can evoke such deep memories of different times in our lives.  For me, this one will undoubtedly evoke the essence of childhood memories and happy times with my nanna and the charm of British storytelling and of course of our late Queen Elizabeth.

What is in the Jo Malone Limited Edition Orange Marmalade Collection?

The Fragrance: Orange Marmalade 

At the heart of the Jo Malone London and Paddington Bear wonderful collection is the the Orange Marmalade scent. Inspired by Paddington Bear's favourite food, this fragrance is just divine - a really mix of sweet, citrusy notes.  It opens with the bright, zesty aroma of orange and is so well balanced with the subtle sweetness of sugar and hint of bitterness that mimics orange peel - such a clever combination. I'd describe it as an uplifting yet comforting scent a bit like Orange Bitters marmalade style! Orange Bitters is one of my favourite Christmas scents from Jo Malone but the Orange Marmalade is the perfect Summer citrus scent. 
A Marvellous Citrusy Duo:

A Marvellous Citrusy Duo brings together the Lime and Basil Candle and the Orange Marmalade Cologne.

A Marvellous Fruity Duo:

This combines the Pear and Fresia Candle with the Orange Marmalade Cologne.

A Marvellous Woody Duo:

A Marvellous Woody Duo combines the Orange Marmalade Cologne and the wonderful Pomegranate Noir Candle. 

The Marvellous Cologne Collection:

The bumper Marvellous Cologne Collection brings together a collection of beauties including Orange Marmalade Cologne, Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, Myrrh & Tonka Body & Hand Wash, English Pear & Freesia Body & Hand Lotion, Pomegranate Noir Candle and a Lime & Mandarin Diffuser.

  Whether it's Orange Marmalade Cologne, the Citrus Duo combining the candle and scent or the Marvellous Cologne Intense Collection every item is crafted with Jo Malone's signature elegance and attention to detail. The packaging is just enchanting featuring really classy illustrations of Paddington Bear and his adventures and I just know these items will be perfect for collectors and fans of all ages.
Jo Malone Orange Marmalade Cologne
Jo Malone Orange Marmalade

I feel so lucky to have been part of the launch of this heartwarming addition to the Jo Malone repertoire. The limited edition Jo Malone Paddington Bear series is going to be a hit I'm sure among fans of both the fragrance house and the beloved bear.  Whether you're looking for a new signature scent, a unique gift, of a touch of nostalgia in your own home the Jo Malone Orange Marmalade fragrance collection is going to be the perfect choice. This is so nostalgic and special and brilliantly British. 

Lots of love, Em x
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