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Friday 21 October 2022

How To Apply False Eye Lashes? False Lash Application Tips And Ardell Lash Review

Ad - I've worn and loved false lashes for years and I've tried so many different types and brands over the years. An amazing one-stop shop for buying lashes is Boots and when I say I have tried most of the lashes on their shelves, I wouldn't be lying. Open this blog post up for false lash tips and tricks.  

My fashion and make up style has changed over the years, especially where lashes are concerned. I've gone from the longest lashes you can think of, to the thickest lashes and finally to a more minimal 'tweakment' and no-make-up-make-up-look. I guess trends change and I love looking back and seeing how things have shifted. I remember a friend saying to me years ago 'false lashes are all well and good until they're hanging off at the end of the night' and ever since, I made it my mission to ensure lashes stick on all day and all night long. I think in 2022, or at least me personally, I like the minimal look. 

I would switch it up for a major event like a party, or of course, Halloween. But for day to day or date night / holidays, I love the barely there look. Growing up, I was the girl who sat and applied falsies on my friends, we would all sit in a row and I'd use my little hacks to ensure they looked picture perfect and ready for the night ahead. I wanted to share my top tips for false eye lash application {and how to ensure they stay on for hours}. My first top tip is to make sure you have a good glue! I’d recommend trying Duo, the world’s most trusted eyelash adhesive!

Take your time browsing lashes, you can see a selection of my favourites above from Ardell,. Ardell is by far one of the best lash brands as their lashes look real and they are super lightweight. They're perfect for a naturally enhanced look.  

How to find false eye lashes that suit your eye shape:

- I think, the thicker the false lashes, the smaller they can make your eyes look so if you have small eyes or are looking for a bright and awake look, maybe stay clear of the thick dark lashes 

- Longer lashes can give more depth to your eyes

 - According to research online, false lashes should be 3mm-5mm longer than your natural lashes 

- False lashes should also be as close in diameter as possible to the diameter of your natural lashes 

- Look at what your eye shape is, round circular eyes naturally appear more open so, actually, you could avoid open eye lashes as they may make you look more stunned 

- Almond is apparently the most common eye shape. If you have almond eyes, then lucky you, because they are the most versatile for lashes so go wild depending on what vibe you're after! 

- Long lashes aren't the only way, you can enhance your lashes by going for thickness not just length 

- If you have a prominent brow bone and your lashes almost touches it, experts say you should go for individual lashes so you can enhance the right part

 - Cat eye shaped eyes look great with corner lashes! If you have this beautiful eye shape, it's recommended you go for a fluttery, light lash or even go half lashes

 - Avoid cheap, heavy lashes, they will cause you discomfort and make your eyes look smaller

 - Ultimately, you need to decide what you want from your lashes: is it ultimate glam? Barely there?

 - Remember you can enhance lashes with make up too, from

Before, no lashes

Top false lash application tips: 

- Measure the lashes first against your own 

- When trimming them trim from the outer edge 

 - Always trim to fit your eye shape, they're not one size fits all, I don't think people actually realise you can trim them to fit!  

- You don't always have to apply the entire lash set, you can trim it so it's more of a half set  

- You can choose where to apply the lashes, maybe you just apply them on the corners of the eye for example  

- When it comes to glue, you must apply it when it comes out white and leave it for at least a minute or so until it is clear and tacky to touch, you will get the best application then  

- I recommend using tweezers for perfect application - Gently flex the lashes when you are putting them on your eyes 

 - If you want to blend the lashes in more, I always recommend adding a liquid liner over the top  

- I often like to go over them with mascara so they blend in even more with my natural lashes but if you want more use out of your lashes, avoid mascara  

- You can use an eye lash curler to ensure all lashes are curled together too  

- Lashes should last you a fair few wears so make sure you keep the box for afterwards  

I used the Ardell Naked Lashes and they really added extra length, curl and a nice fluttery day-time look. I love the barely there look. I went for a really au-natural look and could have added white liner to the lash line to open up the eyes further.  

I used the Ardell Naked Lashes and they really added extra length, curl and a nice fluttery day-time look. I love the barely there look. I went for a really au-natural look and could have added white liner to the lash line to open up the eyes further.

Lots of love, Em x

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