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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

My Gym Tips - What I Do At The Gym

Hello hello, so today, I thought I’d write up an updated what I do at the gym blog post, as well as embed some of my fitness videos so you guys can follow along with me either at the gym or at home. I think we all know by now just how much I adore working out and going to the gym. It’s one of those things that I’ve learnt to love, once you stop seeing exercise as a chore, and appreciate it as a way to nourish your body and make your body healthier and stronger, you’ll enjoy it a lot more, it’s all about mindset. So many people ‘hate the gym’ but I honestly think its because they haven’t found the right gym/workout/environment for them. Today I thought I’d give some workout tips, whether you’re a total beginner or a fitness fanatic. Get ready.
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Some words of wisdom:

Find what works for you - Everyone is different, your friends may love spinning and you may hate it. I trialled a few gyms before I found ‘the one’. For me, a good gym is all about firstly, finding somewhere convenient, because convenience is key and if your gym is miles away from you, you’re not gonna go are you? So that’s important! Is it classes, running outdoors or standing in the gym that works? Or a mixture of all of them? Definitely try something new though and don’t rule anything out.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone - You might think classes arent for you, but actually, are you just remaining comfortable? I love running outside but I definitely don’t push myself like I do in a class. I’m actually taking part at Les Mills Live on 2nd July and I’d LOVE you to come, I’ve got a discount code so you can come join me at the live Les Mills session on the 2nd July. Use the discount code which is for 50% off on the Sunday: EMTALKS50 - hopefully see you there!

I actually fell in love with Les Mills classes at my gym, they pump all the energy through my muscles and make my feel so toned. I go to the GRIT class but Les Mills do a variety of classes, I just enjoy the HIIT ones as I feel like they’re intense and over quickly and I always feel epic afterwards. Les Mills Live isn’t just a class though, it’s a huge fitness festival where there are around 35 classes each day. It has amazing music and a line-up of the most epic Les Mills workouts so you can try them all with thousands of other people. It’s gonna be so good and I hope to see some of you there!

les mills

Be Inspired -
Don’t compare yourself to others, as everyone's body is different. As long as you recognise this, you can still be inspired. My idea of the dream body may be entirely different to your idea of the dream body, just focus on your own goals. If Beyonce gets you through that final minute on the treadmill then so be it.

Don’t expect changes overnight -
Just like a pizza doesn’t show on your belly the next day, doing one run isn’t going to give you changes. Consistency is key with working out. I was once told that you need to work out consistently to 12 weeks to see a difference.

Monitor your progress in the right ways -
I’m sure you’ve all read my blog post by now about why I never use the scales, but to monitor your progress, I suggest taking a photo of yourself. You’ll see the difference a lot better visually.

My gym - I go to David Lloyd gym and have never been more content, not only do they do the best classes (cycle and Les Mills Body Pump classes are my absolutely favourites as they challenge me every time) but it feels like an incredible health club and spa, a community, an office, a brunch club. David Lloyd isn’t just a membership, it’s a lifestyle club equipped with everything you need, including state of the art, amazing spa which is epic post-hiit and definitely carries me through. One of the best things I did was join this gym. Find what works for you.

My gym routine - 
Watch the video below to visualise exactly what I do at the gym. I mix my workouts up all the time but here are some examples.

HIIT - I do HIIT training every session, whether that’s on a bike, on the stepper or on the treadmill. My gym have curved treadmills and they are amazing for fat burning. HIIT is over quickly but it seriously burns. I’m not an expert or a scientist but there’s a lot of research online to suggest HIIT burns fat, quicker. Look up The Body Coach for more info on HIIT as he’s trained in it and knows his stuff. I will run for 20 seconds as fast as I can and then have 20 seconds breathing, then back on it for another 10 minutes. You can do this on any piece of cardio equipment. I always make sure I do at least 20 mins of cardio per work out.

The floor area - I then move onto the matts and do weights using a mixture of kettle bells, dumbbells and more. See video below for example of some exercises to tone the legs, in the gym I would add weights to these. They’re great though because you an do these at home if you wish.

Circuits - I love making up my own circuits, my gym is amazing because there’s so much fun equipment. If I’m not box jumping I’ll be running around the track, if I’m not running around the track I’ll be using the battle ropes. See an example below. Head to the fitness section on my Youtube here for more videos which may give you some good ideas.

Mix it up - I think it’s key to mix your workouts up every single time, so use a different piece of cardio, mix up the circuit or do a different class.

Monitor - I always write down how far I ran and in what time after every gym session, or, how many reps I did. Aim to up it, even a little bit, every session so you’re making progress. For example, if you ran 10km in 20 minutes next time try run a little bit further in a shorter space of time. I'm currently using a Fitbit (more on that soon) which is great for this.

So there we have it, I really hope to sweat with some of you at Les Mills Live, on Sunday 2nd July, one of my absolute favourite gym classes. Make sure you sign up here. I really hope this post gave you a little insight into what I do at the gym!

What do you do at the gym? Do you like working out?

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*I worked with Les Mills on this but as always, it's 100% my honest opinion

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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