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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Redesigning My Bedroom, My Love For Interior Design

Oh hey guys! Today we're talking about one of my favourite topics, interior design! Interior design is something I am obsessed with, many thanks to Pinterest and as I'm getting 'older' and looking for houses, I'm hoping to start doing homeware hauls and a few more grown up things (give me all the rose gold ornaments). Now, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this but when I was younger, I dreamt of being an interior designer. It's all I wanted to do, as well as being a pop star, obviously. If you're anything like me and you love Pinterest, you'll have planned your whole house by now, I know I have, and my wedding. It's dangerously addictive but it's quite hard to implement that into every day life. I have all of these dreams for my bedroom but haven't actually done anything about it yet. I was invited to speak to a top interior designer last week in collaboration with the Affordable Art Fair, which is coming to Bristol on the 9th-11th September and show them my bedroom to see what they recommend to quickly and easily mix it up a bit! Obviously, I'm in the Maldives at the moment (you'll know that if you've been following along on Snapchat/Instagram - emshelx), so unfortunately I can't attend, instead, they helped me virtually and actually, because I can't attend, they've kindly given me tickets to give to my readers, just leave a comment with your email below to be in with a chance of winning! I can't wait to discuss this with you!

I'm absolutely obsessed with the minimal look, you may remember my bedroom if you read my room tour post a while ago. This was so long ago so see this as a nice little recap for new readers too! It's still exactly the same, I love the tranquility of it but sometimes it does seem a bit too plain! I use this room to sleep in and then have a separate room as an office so this really is my happy, calm, tranquil place. If you read my blog post about what job I do, you'll know I really need a calm place to just chill once in a  while! The kind of rooms I adore on pinterest get the mixture of tranquility and minimalism just right, without feeling too plain.

My bedroom is in the countryside and I love the natural light, I think it works really well with the white walls and I love nothing more than waking up to this view. When I eventually buy somewhere, I'll be knocking down as many walls as possible and using as much natural light. I'm all about big open spaces and beautiful light. I live between my apartment and my home-home, which you're seeing here on these photos. Nothing beats the quietness of this bedroom, I honestly feel so at peace when I sleep here and always have the best nights sleep too.

I was lucky enough to speak to stylist Rebecca Nee along with advice from Affordable Art Fair Director Sam Gare as I'm not going to be attend the fair this year (everything clashes in my life and typically I'm away). I found their advice really interesting! Rebecca said:

“Adding artwork to a bedroom can really change the feel of the whole room so it’s important to think about what you use the room for before you start looking for the perfect piece. If it is purely for sleep then a nice tranquil artwork would work best if you also use your room as a social or maybe work space then a brighter piece add interest. 

The positioning of the art within your room is very important. You have a large window and two doors to compete with as well as a full length mirror - obstacles found in most bedrooms. This leaves the space above and to the side of the bed and puts certain restrictions on the size of the piece. A bed in any room is often the focal point with the headboard drawing the eye to the blank wall above it making it the prime location for a statement piece. 

When choosing the height to hang a piece be mindful of any furniture or doors on the same wall. Hang artwork at the same height as, or vastly different from large pieces of furniture such as wardrobes or shelves to make any changes in levels more pleasing on the eye.”

Taking Rebecca's advice onboard, as I do just use this room for sleeping, I will look into getting some pretty, natural, simple artwork, for example, I'd love something  to do with travel so I can map my travels or even some nice pretty quotes to hang up above my bed. I love the image below, which will be available at the fair.
Artwork Credit:
Scattered Petals by Sandy Dooley

I'm not particularly fond of my bed anymore, it's one I've had for a long time (IKEA) and I'm definitely looking into getting a new one. I'd love something 'princess like' with a beautiful headboard, possibly grey and really grand. I fell in love with the bed when I stayed in Edinburgh recently, I'd like a bedroom like that ideally. I've seen some similar grand headboards in Next so may look into that as my next purchase (I do feel all grown up!). I'm trying to save my money for a house for next year when Matt and I move in together, so maybe the bed will be in that house instead! However, I don't think you have to be a homeowner to buy nice bits for your house, for example, I take pride in my bedroom in my family home and have always wanted it to look beautiful, I spend way too much money buying little bits and bobs for it to say I only live there a few times a week! 

Sam Gare, the Affordable Art Fair Bristol Director gave me some more advice when I chatted to them about buying some art for my bedroom. 

"As a personal and unique addition to your home, art can help you to express yourself and make a statement with your space. You'll want your new artwork to look its best so thinking about where you will hang your work is an important part of your purchase. If the work is very personal and just for you, then maybe the bedroom is most suited, or if it’s a piece you want to make a statement with or share with your friends and family than your living space is the ideal location."

In our family home, we don't really have any art work, just photos but whatever I do buy, I'd like it to be sentimental to me. If you are interested in interior, like myself, you can find out more details about the Affordable Art Fair in Bristol online here - it's actually the The UK's friendliest art fair apparently too! The fair has nearly 50 galleries and almost 500 artists from across the world in attendance, the fair is the ideal place to fall in love with art and select a new piece for your home. So if you are at the same stage as I am, maybe you might want to pop along. So many of my friends are buying houses at the moment which is all really exciting, or even if you're looking to just spruce up your current home.

I love the mirror slanted on my wall as a feature and want to buy some more this year to open my room up further. 

Little touches like this make my room remind me of childhood and make me smile every time I see my room. I'm a big lover of fairy lights to continue to tranquil feel in my bedroom. I tend to use pretty things like Jo Malone candles to decorate my room too, one of my biggest loves, as you'll know if you read my post about the best things to buy from Jo Malone.

I have an arch way in my bedroom, leading into my wardrobe room and my bathroom. The wardrobe room needs some serious organisation and I have so much of it to give away this year but I love my bathroom, it's simple and really clean and minimal. I like the addition of my rug too as I guess a little piece of floor artwork! 

I love using my bathroom to store my favourite beauty products too. 

The affordable art fair will host a selection of workshops for adults and kids so you can all get creative in presentations and classes hosted by industry experts if that's your thing!  It's also perfect for those wanting to invest in accessible, affordable art through its Own Arts programme which lets to pay for your art in monthly instalments Visit them online here to buy your tickets - wish I was going to finally look at art things for my new home next year! 

*COMPETITION* - Don't forget, you can win tickets to the fair, just comment below with your email to be in with the chance of winning tickets! 

 Have you heard of the affordable art fair before? Do you like the sound of it? Are you into interior? 

This is a collaboration with The Affordable Art Fair.

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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