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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Last Minute Father's Day With Hugo Boss and Why Women Should Watch The World Cup!

Hello, so a bit of a different one from me today but I haven't actually done a Father's Day gift guide this year (oopsy daisy) so I thought this would be something nice to write before the big day (it's tomorrow!). Also, as most of you are aware, it's currently the World Cup and for most girls, this isn't the most exciting thing, however, there's a certain gentleman who will be featuring on this blog post and I know lots of girls like him so that might perk you up a little bit. I personally like football, I always have and I love the World Cup in particular, it's great to see everyone in such high spirits supporting their team. I understand that for most girls though this just really isn't the case, so, let's make the World Cup a positive thing for those of us who hate football and instead, use it as an excuse to have some 'me time', go and pamper yourselves whilst the football is on! Or, if you're forced to watch it, you could always just watch those gorgeous hunks running around the pitch. Whatever way you choose to approach the World Cup and Father's day this Summer, hopefully this cheeky light-hearted post with Boss (and some Brazilian beauty inspiration) might help...

Not my photograph, taken from weheartit.

Hopefully I've got your attention now...

When a beautiful bottle of eau de toilette from Hugo Boss arrived at my door I knew that I had to tie it into a last minute Father's day gift guide or a World Cup style post. BOSS Bottled Unlimited contains carefully selected ingredients to create a fresh and modern take on a classic masculine scent. It has invigorating freshness, enduring energy and aromatic masculinity and apparently, provides a motivational boost. Just how we like our boys to smell, fresh, masculine and modern I guess. Inspired by vibrant green notes this aftershave has been created with a striking blend of refreshing mint and evergreen citrus, combined with juicy pineapple and enduring masculine. Kind of how I imagine those tropical beaches in Brazil to smell. It's passed the brother test, he thinks it smells great and so do I.

hugo boss unlimited eau de toilette

As most of you know, I am extremely motivational and the above sounds perfect, a motivational fragrance, who'd have thought? Just what I look for in a guy I guess, strong, energetic, motivational! - Can we have a female fragrance please?

This bottle is available only for a limited time period, and I've been told that it is the fragrance for the man looking for a scent that is confident and energizing. You could always take your boyfriends attention away from The World Cup by buying him a bottle or also, it's of course a perfect gift for Father’s Day, go on, tell him you think he is successful in everything he does. 

This is available for just £31.00 here and you can also pick it up in Boots or Debenhams

So this is where the lovely Joe Hart comes into it... every time he plays a football match the girls of Twitter seem to discuss their love for him. I can kind of see why...

joe hart

He's the England goalkeeper and also, the global ambassador of the new Limited Edition BOSS Bottled Unlimited fragrance (fine by me as he's very nice to look at). 

I've been asked to get a male friend/boyfriend or Dad to take the challenge and post this to my Instagram and blog. Unfortunately, all of my male friends are busy and my boyfriend is miles away so I will be doing the challenge on myself! Or possibly on my Grandad tomorrow morning so make sure you check back tomorrow to see how I do it... 

Now you can watch Joe's attempt... 

And now, I'd like to invite you to take part in the challenge (and competition!) using the hashtag #SuccessBeyondtheGame - comment on here or tweet me! (@emshelx

- The winning time on my blog will win an unsigned fragrance
- The winning time overall will win a signed Joe Hart fragrance

So what are you waiting for? Let's see if you've got #SuccessBeyondtheGame!

And finally? A few reasons why I think you (females!) should watch The World Cup!

(photo taken from weheartit)

1. It's an excuse to see fabulous women everywhere. I mean literally, the media is full of beautiful women at the moment and whilst it's not great for my self-esteem, (no-one can be that perfect surely!). I am seeing gorgeous women everywhere and it's inspired me to start taking more care of my body. I want to be bronzed, toned and smooth! 

2. It's Fun and sociable! - Usually when The World Cup is on I have nice garden parties, it's a great opportunity to catch up with friends and have a laugh, you'll all be supporting the same team after all! Here's me at the 2012 olympics watching the football final (Brazil were in it!) with some of my friends. It was so much fun. 

photo from weheartit

3. It gives us an excuse to try out some new beauty products - I know for a fact that I now want to try out the yellow eye trend and I have painted my nails yellow and green! If anything, The World Cup has broadened my beauty horizons, I'm planning to step away from the smokey eye and say hello to a bright new palette. Plus, it gives me an excuse to make my self nice and bronzed! 

My current nails ^

photo from weheartit

4. There's Quite A Lot Of Eye Candy Involved In The World Cup -  Exhibit A. Look above. Do a quick Google search of footballers, need I say anymore? Some topless, 100% of them wearing shorts. It's a dream come true for most of us.

So there we have it, a quick, easy, light-hearted post: something you should buy your Dad for Father's Day, something you could give to your boyfriend, a competition for you to enter and a few reasons why you should get behind your team this year.

What's your opinion on the World Cup? Do you like the look of this aftershave? Do you like football? Do you like the idea of Brazilian themed beauty? 

*This was a sponsored post but as always, I am 100% honest and completely love this fragrance for a man, I would give it to my boyfriend and I blooming love the world cup!

Lots of love, Em x

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  2. hahaha love this post! luv a man in a suit ;)

    Emma from

  3. Great post.. especially loving the pics of the semi-naked men ;) haha!! And how amazing does J-Lo look? It's making me up my gym regime for sure!! xx

    1. Well I was hoping that may get a few people's attention;) Haha I know it's sooooo amazing, she is perfect! xxx

  4. I agree, it is a great excuse to go spend some pamper time alone ! I don't have any boys in my house so I don't have to watch it - except from hearing the neighbours cheering. I love your yellow nail polish, perfect brazil shade
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

    1. Yes!!! It really is, have an evening where you literally pamper yourself from head to toe! Ah that's sooo good! Thank you lovely xx

  5. Great post!
    thank you for sharing!

  6. Ahh Joe Hart so hot! I never watch football and I have watched every game so far and in the same pajamas all day!!! Like to beauty spin on it hehe.

    Lovely post! This reminded me of Ariana Huffington's wellness and wellbeing saying that same week. We all do need to love ourselves abit more!

    May xx

    1. He's so gorgeous isn't he! Haha I loveee that, pajamas make anything worth watching, can't beat being cosy in my pajamas watching telly!!! xx Aww yes! We do! x

  7. I actually really enjoy watching the world cup for the football! The atmosphere when watching england in particular is incredible!
    alicekatex ♥

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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