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Friday, 6 September 2013

The Best Things In Life

Sometimes I find that people take life a little too seriously, don't get me wrong, a lot of the time we need to take life seriously, when it comes to bills, exam results, arguments etc, they're pretty big serious issues to deal with and we all have to be serious at some point in our life so that's why I've decided that every few weeks I'll do an easy going, light hearted blog post. Something pretty and easy to read. The first one is going to be my favorite things in life, the simple pleasures... Sometimes we need a break and that's why I'm heading off to Greece to relax for a little while (and to eat lots of olives). I want you all to forget about any worries that you may have and think about the simple things in life that make you happy whilst reading this blog post. Have you ever looked at the sky and thought, wow, nature is pretty cool? Yeah it's one of those kind of posts. I've scheduled some posts for y'all whilst I'm at sea but for now I thought I'd leave you with this...
I heart:

Rain hitting against my window, they should give people this as relaxation therapy, it's so therapeutic.

Nachos, with everything on top, who cares about calories anyway?

Taking my make up off and scraping my hair back from my face and tying it in the ugliest bun

Pyjama days

Sitting on top of the hill near my house and watching the sun set.

Hot chocolate.

The country side, it's nice to see grass when I've been at Uni for so long. I am such a country girl.

Jay Gatsby. 

The Great Gatsby; no words can express my love for English Literature, or this book.

Fuji Hiro - Leeds, the best yaki soba you will ever eat. I've been here 4 times in a week before, yep, it's really that good.

Seeing the world: board a flight, hop in a car, jump on a boat, see how beautiful the world we live in is. It's pretty cool that we're able to do this when you think about it.

Spring rolls. Those tiny crispy ones from Chinese take aways. We buy a bag of 15 to share and I eat them all.

Wearing your boyfriends jumper (and it drowning you and me loving every minute of trying to pull off the over sized indie look).

Smiling. No one should ever try and stop you from smiling. It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile.

Abersoch. This place is heaven on Earth.

Ice skating, I fancy myself as a bit of a pro.

Chocolate, particularly dairy milk melted on top of strawberries

Green tea. I have an unhealthy obsession.

Paris. I would happily pack up my life and move there tomorrow.

Grandparents. I dont tell them enough how much I love them.

Ice creams from an old school ice cream van

My boyfriend. He's a good one.

freshly squeezed orange juice

Pasta arribiata. I'm surprised I haven't turned into this spicy red sauce by now, I've tried and tested thousands of this dish.

Aspinal Of London

Being so comfortable around a person that you don't have to be constantly talking all the time, you could sit in complete silence together.

Romance (I am a hopeless romantic, easily the soppiest person that you will ever meet).

The British sea side

Ear muffs

Walking through crispy leaves in autumn with your wellies on, I used to love doing this with my Dad.

Frinedship bracelets

Breathing cold air out in winter

Theme parks - because it's good to release your inner kid and spend a full day screaming

That unbreakable brotherly sisterly bond



Mini golf

Being active in general, we're lucky to be able to use our limbs

Road trips

Someone having the ability to make you smile, by doing nothing. 

Obviously there are a lot of things that I love, but I just felt like writing a simple, light hearted list full of little things, sometimes, it's the little things that really count.

Do you agree with anything on this list? I'd love you to leave me a comment about what your favorite things in life are, what do you think are the best things in life?
My Grandad has always told me that every day you wake up is a blessing to be alive.

Ciao, love Em x
(not my own photos)

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  1. I agree with basically everything on this list! My mum always says 'Do what makes you happy in life' and that its 'the little things in life that can make you happiest', like listening to the rain as you go to sleep or just smelling the flowers. Spending time with the people I care about is what makes me happiest. A great post!

    1. Aw glad you do! Yes you are soooo right. Thank you, glad you like it :) X

  2. Such a lovely positive post! This has put me in such a good mood, thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Love your blog so much, and this has given me such a happy, Friday feeling! xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

  4. Such a great post and so true! I know we all have our problems but some times you just need to stop sweating the small stuff and enjoy life... that said I'm slightly envious on this raining day to hear of you heading off on your hols!! Can I come?!


    1. Aw thank you very much :) glad you think it's true! yeah I couldn't agree more! x

  5. I agree with practically everything on this list! It's not often we take the time to do the things we enjoy!

    Christina | Passion Obsession - Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

  6. Everything on your list is so true! Although things may seem a little :( , there are tons of things to be happy about!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  7. You've really just made me want to shut down my computer, pack my bag, and leave the office!
    FYI - I always agree with nachos and hot chocolate :o)

    Lots of love,

    Nahid Aley at

    1. Haha, do it do it do it!!! yes nachos and hot chocolate no matter what the weather :) X

  8. Such a gorgeous post!

    I'm heading to Greece in a week or so too, ditto on the olive eating!

    Hmm maybe...

  9. This post really made me smile :) Such a lovely collection of beautiful things! I love nachos, Paris and theme parks. I should definitely go back to Alton Towers soon xx

    1. Aw thank you, so glad it did :) Yeah I need to go back too! x

  10. I love this post so much, it's made me smile!

    With the addition of the fact that I love Jay Gatsby!


  11. I was just talking about how I need to loose weight until I saw those delicious nachos :)

  12. Oh I loved this post Em! I'm like you when it comes to being a country girl.. it was so strange going to university in a city. I really missed grass and trees and just seeing green things haha! Have a lovely time in Greece (sooo jealous!) x

    1. Aw thank you so much. I love being a country girl :) I know, I was the same! Greenery is so good!!! x

  13. Such a great post, made me feeling sentimental... :) Love your blog!

  14. This was a superd post. LOVE LOVE LOVE and INSPIRED!
    Following you now! Great blog. Hope you follow back too :D
    Red Alice

    1. Aw thank you, so glad you like it. of course! x

  15. Can relate to this post soo much! Love this!
    I heart:
    - Snuggling on the sofa with the boyf
    - Laying in bed silent listening to the rain and thunderstorms
    - Bubble baths surrounded by candles
    - Smell of fresh croissants in the morning
    - Home
    - Conversation with my best friend which dont require words
    - Lazy duvet days, no make up, in pjs, just mooching
    - Music
    - Cooking - definitely my escape
    to name afew :)

    J x

    1. aw I loveee this list too.

      The smell of fresh croissants is amamamaazing! x

  16. The more I scrolled down the post the more I smiled, I agree with SO many things on the list. From the nachos (with every addition imaginable added to them) to the no-makeup with the ugly bun look. I've PERFECTED the ugly bun to a science.

    1. awwww yay so glad it made you smile, eeeek!!! xx

  17. Wow, I agree with everything on this list, such an eye opener! Xx

  18. Amazing post!

  19. Such a heart warming post a nice boost to read and relate too! I love green tea tbh most of your list I relate to and love also very nice cant wait to see more of these :) I hope you enjoy Greece sounds like the perfect get away for pure relaxation :D xx

  20. Great post Em! I just love nachos, lazy days and messy buns.


  21. Very beautiful photos ;) Amazing inspirations ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  22. Your grandpa is right :) I agree with most things on your list, loved this post hun! xxx

    1. Grandpas are always right! thank you fisi :) x

  23. This is such a lovely post and I completely agree with you... and your Grandpa! People don't really make you realise about the little things in life enough, but I think they're the best moments :)

    Holly xx

  24. Really enjoyed this post, such a lovely idea! :) xx



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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