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Monday, 16 September 2013

When In Greece: Marbella Beach Hotel Corfu

Deciding to go on holiday two weeks before heading back to Uni freaked me out a little bit. It was hardly planned, we just packed up our stuff and went, I put an Out Of Office on my emails and decided to actually switch off for a week. I was nervous because I knew how much catching up I'd have to do when I got back, but sometimes, you've got to get away and when paradise is only 3 and a half hours away, it's pretty hard to resist...

Mum booked us in at The Marbella Beach Hotel in Corfu. This 5* hotel deserves a rave review, above is the view from one of our balconies, lets just say, heaven and utopia are just two of the words I could use to describe this place. This photo isn't even edited. How can somewhere be so idyllic?

Nestled up a steep hill, which my brother liked to piggy back my Grandma up, was our beautiful hotel. The hilly set up made it perfect for me and my Mum, who went running every morning.

We arrived to 30 degree heat which is always nice at the start of September. I'd recommend September as a great time to go on holiday, there were hardly any people in the hotel, we basically had it to ourselves but there was still a nice atmosphere plus the heat isn't unbearable.
The hotel had a number of pools but we didn't leave this infinity pool all week. What beats sea views whilst swimming in a salt water pool? Nothing.

Our private beach was a 30 second walk down some beautifully Greek steps (not too steep this time). The jetty became my best friend over the week, diving off there into the open sea was complete heaven.

This private beach was at it's most beautiful on a morning. Nothing beats running past this every morning and I doubt anything will ever top this.

Morning swims were on the agenda all week, even if this did simply consist of one length then a cheeky live preview of the sun rising up from the sea.

Being the food lover that I am, I ate like a Queen in Greece. The Marbella Beach Hotel was All Inclusive which usually means that the food will be pretty shoddy. If I'm going to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of All Inclusive hotels but this exceeded all my expectations and gave just as good if not better food than some restaurants abroad do. We ate at the beautiful beach bar or a restaurant over looking the sea every single day.

I of course visited all the Greek shops and picked up some gorgeous bits and bobs. I'm in love with my pretty little ankle bracelet. 2.50 Euros is a bargain for something so beautiful.
Earrings: Topshop / Sandals: Accessorize / Skirt: Topshop / Top: Ebay Seller

As an all inclusive guest, you get the opportunity to eat at the on site Italian restaurant during your stay and wow, this is something that I more than enjoyed. 

This delicious pasta bake, with melted feta rather than mozzarella, absolutely defeated me. Who says All Inclusives skimp on food, it was such high-quality,melt-in-the-mouth food.

I always have room for desert.

My Grandad approved of the Greek dancers in the hotel. 

Our hotel rooms were pretty spectacular even if I do say so myself. I'm perched on the balcony of the presidential suite here and it was every bit presidential. My bikini is from an Ebay seller and my chunky thighs are priceless I'm afraid. 

Grandad managed to get his own terrace with a private jacuzzi on it. I think I was supposed to be in that room but I let it slip. He enjoyed being a king for the week.

Waking up to this every morning was pretty extraordinary.

The decor of the rooms was beautiful, almost as good as the sea view.  I'd recommend that you ask for a sea view if you visit the Marbella Beach Hotel, just look how perfect it was. I've noted down some serious bedroom inspiration after visiting this hotel.
Follow the yellow brick road and within 30 seconds you're at the hotels private beach.

I was just a little fish in a massive ocean.

Again un-edited, dinner away from the Italian was just as spectacular, with panoramic views across the ocean. Seriously no editing needed, this really was 5* dining. Eating here every night was perfection.
Be careful whilst admiring the beautiful basil plants in Greece, you are likely to get attacked by wasps. 

The food got nicer as the week went on, who could believe that this is an All Inclusive?

The sea got clearer,,,

And I got fatter. No, just kidding.

Dress: Zara teamed with my frizzy holiday hair.

A date at the beach's private fish restaurant would have been pretty adorable.

For breakfast we enjoyed salmon and champagne.

More pizza for lunch, of course.

We chilled in our private ocean (September really is the month to go away). My brother was loving life, seriously.

At night I was guilty of answering a few emails...

Top: Zara / Skirt: Asos / Tan: Thanks Greece

Towards the end of the week we had a dull afternoon or two, but the sea still looked perfect.

We caught the bus into Corfu town to explore the local sites. It reminded me of my time in Barcelona, cute little bars and restaurants, busy street stalls. I did find the shop owners horrendously rude in Corfu Town, with one woman actually shooing me out of her shop and chanting/shouting abuse at me in Greek, this made me feel really uncomfortable for the rest of the night so I was happy to get back to the hotel where all of the staff were so kind.
Top: H&M / Skirt: Ebay Seller / Bag: Zara / Watch: Daniel Wellington

Greece is full of beautiful hidden streets, we visited the old village in Benitez and found a minuscule China town.

Obsessed with my new watch from Daniel Wellington.

My time in Greece was simply perfect. No words can express how idyllic the setting was and I would highly recommend that people visit the Marbella Beach Hotel if planning a holiday, particularly in low season September, where you'll get cheaper deals, less people but still enough sunshine so that you can bare your legs. I'm already saving up to go back next year, who knew that paradise existed a mere three hour flight away?

Have you been on holiday anywhere nice this year? Have you ever been to Greece? What would your dream holiday be? Lots of love, Em x
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  1. beautiful pictures, you look amazing. Place & food, all divine.

    Happy Locks

  2. Wow this place is amazing ! The views ! And the food looks delicious !

  3. WOW so much blue and prettiness! I want to go to Greece so bad, the food looks so yummmm

    Emma -

  4. That's so cool that you went last minute!
    It looks like you had such a lovely time, Greece is the next place on my list to go it looks so beautiful.

    Hannah x

    1. iknow haha, last minute is the way forward! x

  5. Such a beautiful post! The scenery looks gorgeous and the food looks delicious :). Never been to Greece before but I've added it on my wishlist haha x

    A beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog by Izzi

    1. aw sooo glad you liked it yay:)

      woohoo let me know if you go x

  6. Omg these photos are amazing!! So beautiful. Can I leave right now??
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  7. Wow, this looks absolutely amazing! And don't get me started on the food, looks delicious! Glad you enjoyed! x
    Sweet Dreams

  8. wow, this looks absolutely divine! nad teh food - delicious xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  9. that sea water looks so clear, great pictures x

    1. it was perfectly clear! almost like a dream it was so perfect x

  10. aw beautiful photos! I didn't get a holiday this year, so I'm alittle jelous! lol x

    1. maybe you should book a last minute deal:) haha x

  11. i want to go to greece so badly! lovely pictures xx

    1. aw thank you! i want to try santorini next:) x

  12. I love Greece never been to Corfu but been to Crete a few times and and the Mainland once and I love the buildings and the water the settings are amazing. I can see you took that amazing camera of yours the pictures are Amazing

    Carrieanne x



    1. awww ive never been to mainland id like to go and see how it is! thank you, i love my camera so much! x

  13. Wow this is perfect! Beautiful pictures and you look lovely, I really want to go there now! :)

  14. Hey Em, looks lush! I have tagged you in the autumn tag on my blog!

    1. aw wow excitingggg i will check that out this evening thanks beaut xxx

  15. This looks incredible! So jealous of your amazing tan!

  16. Oh my it looks beautiful! Hope you had a really nice time! Would love to go there:-)

    Sarah xx

  17. beautiful. i really need to visit greece.

  18. WOW Em your pictures are amazing!, jealous of your tan! and the food looks yummy.
    Feel free to take me with you next time :)


    1. thank you so much! I know, incredible hehe! of course, bloggers on tour xx

  19. This looks gorgeous, and the pictures are stunning!


  20. Such a lovely post! The pictures are amazing and makes me really want to visit Greece now :)

  21. looks like you had an absolutely amazing time, I went to Kefalonia earlier this year and it was beautiful. Love everything about Greece, the people, the food, the beaches... everything!
    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  22. This place definitely does look like paradise! After seeing this post me and my boyfriend can't stop searching for the best deal on it this year, do you have any recommendations on finding the best price? xx


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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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