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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fake Bake The Face Self-Tanning Lotion Review

Fake Bake The Face review
If you're a regular reader of EmTalks you'll know two things about me, I love fake tan and I love having a naturally glowing face. When I heard about Fake Bake's new 'The Face' self-tanning face lotion, I jumped with joy. Now don't get put off because it's an anti-aging lotion, there's no better time to start the anti-aging process than now, the sooner you start the better, if you start when you're younger, you will help to prevent ageing. Now we've got that cleared up, it's time to tell you about my new favourite facial tanner...
fake bake fake tan
When I recently visited Pastille Salon in Leeds I had a chat with one of the owners and asked her what facial tan she had on, it wasn't this one but ever since seeing how glowing it left her complexion, I decided I needed to find myself a good facial tanner. Like all fake tan lovers, we all start somewhere and the first ever fake tan I bought was Fake Bake. I first came across Fake Bake at Clothes Show Live, it was heavily discounted and everyone knew that Fake Bake was one of the best tans available so I bought it all. I then found Fake Bake in Superdrug, it was pricey considering I was very young and didn't really have a wage, but as mentioned in my fake tanning tips post, orange isn't a good look, so I've always been okay with paying a high price not to be orange. After this, I moved onto my beloved Xen-Tan and haven't moved away from it since, as mentioned in my He-Shi review last week, I've only even contemplated trying other tans recently after my Xen-Tan collection ran out.

Fake Bake The Face

The Face promises to stimulate skin’s cells to produce collagen (everyone talks about collagen and we know that it's a good thing), this means we should have plumped, hydrated skin after applying this.  Now I obviously can't say that this has stopped me getting wrinkles, I wouldn't know yet until I'm older but what I do know is when I wake up in the morning, my skin is plumper and smoother and there is no tan stuck in my pores. I love having a tanned face but I find that if I apply a tan on my face which isn't developed purely for face use, it tends to stick in my pores, makes me break out and it doesn't make me look glowing or smooth at all, quite the opposite actually. This however, really does work.

One of the reasons I wear foundation is because I can't stand having a pale face, my face is quite pale and I find that foundation just makes it look less pasty. As well as this, I love having a glow underneath my foundation, I find that if I put a fake tan on underneath my foundation,  the fake tan shines through and gives a really nice glow throughout the day, it makes me look a lot more natural and dewy. When my foundation gradually falls off throughout the day, it doesn't look that bad because the tan shines through.

This comes complete with latex gloves which did really scare me at first, it comes out quite dark but this is just a colour guide, once you put it on your face (you only need a tiny bit) you'll see that it spreads really evenly and doesn't look too dark. I have been applying this instead of my night time moisturiser, just twice a week and it hasn't made me break out at all, as mentioned, it's made my skin smooth and it really has moisturised my skin. I wake up and my face is pretty dark but as soon as I wash my face in the morning, this darkness goes and I am just left with a natural, fresh glow - the perfect olive colour really.

the face, anti-aging self-tanning lotion

I did notice after applying a few layers daily that I did need to exfoliate just above my lip after wearing this for about a week, it just went a little bit scaly but only above my lip and that's the same with all tans to be honest, it just needed exfoliating. I just applied a little bit of facial exfoliator and then had a day away from applying it and then started fresh the following evening.

I truly find that this looks better the day after you wash it off, I do love the natural colour on the morning after application (once washed off) it is very fresh but throughout the day, it tends to get even nicer and then on the second morning, I find I wake up looking like I have a full face of natural make up on, my skin is glowing, vibrant and fresh faced - I would happily go foundation free and just wear this instead, I absolutely love it.

So the colour: as you can see, it's very dark but as mentioned, it doesn't actually go this dark when on your face, this is just a colour guide, so once you wash it off, you're left with a natural nice colour. My hand does look quite orange but that's just poor editing of this photo, I'm not wearing this tan on my hand so please ignore that!

It will be launching exclusively to Marks and Spencers from March 31st to mid-May (so I better stock up) and this will retail at £22.00. All in all I am more than impressed with this facial tan and really do feel like I need an unlimited supply, I can't see this leaving my bathroom shelf anytime soon, hello good, bright, clear, glowing skin! I've found it online to buy here and here as well if you want to try it. 

If don't forget to read my new easy fake tanning tips guide if you're wanting to tan.

*I was sent this product by Fake Bake to try and as always, my reviews are 100% honest, you'll have seen me mention this in lots of posts because I truly do love it.

Have you ever used Fake Bake? Do you use facial tanners? Do you like the sound of this? Do you have any top tanning tips?

Lots of love, Em x

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  1. This sounds so great! I usually hate wearing fake tan on my face as it seems to go orange all the time. I've been looking for a decent one for ages, so maybe this one will work for me. Great review :) x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. Yeah I find that but this is such a nice colour, it's amazing! xxx

  2. Well you've pretty much got me sold on this! I want want want!!!
    It's def worked its way onto my wish list!!
    Fab post hun!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    1. Awww woohoo I can't wait to see what you think about it xxx

  3. It's so true about having the fake tan under foundation making you looking glowy!

    I love the Clarins face tanner, it's amazing x


    1. Ah i'm so glad it's not just me that thinks like this! xxx

  4. I'm always torn between using fake tan - i'm pale but my tan lasts a long long time, but i love having some colour to my skin. This product sounds fabulous, and great for the skin too
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk
    Please nominate my blog for Best Lifestyle Blog and Newcomer here !

    1. Eeeek - yeah mine lasts ages depending on how well I moisturise! I completely agree, it makes me feel more alive! I've never really come across a face tan that's good for the skin too so this is perfect! xxx

  5. I don't really mind being pale but seeing so many people wearing fake tans makes me want to try, even if it's just once. I might try this on for my face, as it seems quite nice and discrete :)

    Ana Leote

    1. Yeah i'm the same, I go off tan then see someone with an amazing tan and nearly crrrry and get so jealous! xxx

  6. Oh this sounds really wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I will definitely take a look at your fake tanning tips, too!

    1. Any time, ooo hope it helps thank you lovely xxx

  7. Sounds like an amazing product. Thanks for sharing.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  8. I really should start investing in a proper false tan designed for my face, I normally just slap on whatever I use on my body and it does the job but never looks as good as a proper face tanner. I must check this out!! I imagine it'll last quite a while too as I only use a little bit on my face.


    Hannah xx

    1. Aha, don't worry though, I used to do that allll the time! Yeah it lasts for sooo long xxx

  9. Im not really a massive fan of Fake Bake! I have recently been loving Lauren’s Way, Darker than Dark glam tan! I have written a full review over on my blog - think you will really like it!


    1. Really?! Aw that's a shame but I guess everyone is different! Laurens Way is faaaaabulous I just don't really like her as a person so it kind of puts me off a bit! x


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