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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Blackhouse, The Grill On The Square Review

Hello everyone. Food is the main focus today, and yes, I am a major foodie. I've vowed to start writing about more restaurants that I go to, because for a 19 year old girl, I do feel that i've visited some top quality restaurants, so i'm probably not your ordinary 19 year old girl, people are forever coming up to me at work asking me for restaurant recommendations, and I do fancy myself as a bit of a food critic. We all need to eat, so why not share my experiences with you? and who doesn't love a date night or even a simple family meal at a nice eatery? For girls, food probably is just like beauty - if the packaging looks good, you want it in your make up bag, so if you like designer beauty products, here is your perfect designer restaurant, let me introduce you to Leeds' Blackhouse, The Grill On The Square...

 A restaurant which offers bread and olives to start always has a big place in my heart. The warmest-freshest bread with the scrummiest olives. I love that no-one else likes olives, it means that I get to eat them all. More for me.

Vino, check.
To start, we had a sharing platter (£14.75) I've got to say, it's probably the best chicken that i've ever eaten. The calamari was to die for and I couldn't get enough of the BBQ sauce, more places need to start doing starters like this.
Mmm tenticles. 
Jack went for the Hereford fillet steak from the Best of British specials menu. What makes this steak so special? (Yes, a steak can be special) Well known for their wonderful temperament, these cattle avoid stress which in turn helps deliver consistent quality and impeccable taste, apparently the finest beef cattle in nearly every continent. Jack agreed and I quote, 'the best steak i've ever had'. If you're really feeling steaky, go for the Wagu steak, this is special because the cattle is brought up on a beer diet. Cool huh? Who knew that cows lived such cool lives. If you're a vegetarian, now's probably the time to leave... (Sorry)

Me being me, and much to Jack's amusement, went for chicken, on a broth. I'm such a girl when it comes to meat. But, the broth was perfect for me, pasta, fresh vegetables and glorious chicken. What more could a girl who's trying hard to get a Summer body want? 

I did get home cooked chips too though. The waiter was so cute, he even brought me a seperate plate for them, because we decided that they looked a bit bare in their little basket all alone.

The interior of the restaurant is gorgeous, it's got intimate lighting and big plush chairs. Me and Jack sat near the window, so we could look out onto the sunny balcony.

Me loving life, very au natural with not much time to put any make up on. Bad beauty blogger.
The food was soon gone.
 There's always room for desert.

Sticky toffee pudding for Jack and Rhubarb for me. Perfect and refreshing after eating so much.

Head to Blackhouse for luxury, intimacy, incredible food and top quality service.  I'd like to say a huge thank you to our waiter, who literally served our every needs, he recommended the best dishes, the sweetest wine and basically just topped off our evening.
If it's sunny, head down to Blackhouse for cocktails on the balcony, they've got a great selection of cocktails. If you don't have an evening free, they do a great lunch time menu where most courses are around £12.00 with a glass of bubbly, you can't go wrong. Blackhouse is seriously good.

Blackhouse UK - Have a look if there's one close to you.
What's your favourite restaurant? Have you ever been anywhere like this before?
Lots of love, Em x

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  1. YUM! Everything looks delicious!x


  2. Lovely review, this place sounds yummy and the photos of the food, restaurant and yourself are gorge! xx

  3. Great review. Everything looks so mouthwatering!

    That Sassy Girl
    That Sassy Girl on Bloglovin

  4. this sounds and looks amazing! Especially that pudding!


  5. Lovely post :) The food looks really gorgeous xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  6. This food looks amazing :O great photography too I am so hungry now! ;-)


  7. I'm a massive food junkie too, I can't get enough of these pictures mm!
    Is this near greek street? xxx

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  9. It looks like such a lovely place. I don't eat meat by my goodness, that all looked SO SO SO good! You wouldn't be able to stop me with all those olives haha. I love olives and bread. Oh and Em, you look so beautiful, so jealous.
    Are you not planning on going for a cosmo award this year lovely? I reallyyyy want to vote for you but have no idea which category to go for as it fits into so many, especially with these more frequent lifestyle posts that you're doing recently, which I really love by the way!
    I'm trying to follow in your footsteps this year being a newbie for the Next Newcomer award. It's all so exciting isn't it?! Haha, maybe I'm getting a little too exciting that it's just voting at the minute but it's so nice celebrating all our favourite blogs! Anyway, do pop over and let me know if you do have a preference, otherwise I'll be voting for you in like a whole load of the categories- maybe you'll win them all! Wowieeee.
    I'm waffling on so I'll sh now, but speak soon sweetie!
    Laura xx


    1. I'm not a big meat lover but when I do! mmm this is the place. I am going for new beauty blog, which you know now since my last post hehe! xxxx

  10. nice blog !

  11. I love Blackhouse the food is gorgeous and the staff are very helpful. Not been for a while though and now seeing these pictures i want to go soon.

    Carrieanne x


    1. The staff really made it worth while xxx

  12. Hi I love your blog your posts are amazing !!! go check and subscribe !

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  13. This place looks amazing! Love your blog btw. Pretty new to the blogosphere and would love it if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think :)
    Love L



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